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  1. Don't care about a new album. Fuck that. Give me that footage from 1991-1994 NOW!!!
  2. Can't wait for the 4K blu-ray!
  3. Perla selling Slash memorabilia

    It's quite risible that they stated that only a "portion" will go towards charity. Define "portion."
  4. Perla selling Slash memorabilia

    Aah, feels so good to not give a fuck anymore. I remember when Slash auctioned stuff at Juliens, I bid $5,000 for that Snakepit 'Ain't Life Grand' painting but ended up selling for $8,000. I really wanted that shit.
  5. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Are they still playing 30 Years to Life? It's such a good song.
  6. Cool, but I'm not holding my breath.