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  1. Just listened by mistake to the 2002 version of Chinese Democracy performed in Pittsburgh. 1000000x better than bullshit version released on CD.

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Chinese Democracy is a piece of shit of record because Axl ruined it with layers and layers of bullshit. Chinese Democracy, the song, performed in 2002 was not incredible, but good.

    3. gunsfanoldie


      Agreed. It was solid enough, and its still a song I think Old Guns would do very very well. Don't know why thats everyone's least favorite from the album. Maybe cause its the one that sounds most like actual Guns N Roses lol?

    4. Strange Broue
  2. Fell in love with a 21 year old. <3

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    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      a 21 yr old what?

    3. Słash


      I believe a 21 yr old Unicorn.

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Hahaha, yeah, a 21 year old Unicorn is what I meant.

  3. Finally listened to 'Fortress' in full for the first time. Incredible album. AB is a great band. I am a fan now.

  4. Best version of 'Coming Home' I have heard! https://youtu.be/8HpgGNpIdZs

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      'Still Loving You':

      Terrific version!
    3. Słash


      Pretty good, but I prefer the new studio version of Still loving you, but this rehearsal version of Coming home is the best one.

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Right? Been listening to that version again and again. Just killer.

  5. When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      I been lookin' for you for 8 months, whenever i shoulda had a gun in my right hand i thought of you, and now i find you in exactly the position that suits me, and I've had plenty of time to shoot with my left.

  6. "Say it with dead flowers at my wedding and I won't forget to put - BITCH! - roses on your grave!" - Axl Rose - Paris, France, 1993

    1. bacardimayne
    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Leave it up to Axl to make an arse of some amazing lyrics

    3. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Exactly. Dumbass shitposter bacardimayne didn't get it.

  7. When people claim Chinese Democracy sold more than 3.5 million copies, you just gotta... https://youtu.be/C65oaIHsdYM

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    2. Rustycage


      Labels care about sales. Labels are the people taht release material. It matters.

    3. classicrawker


      NuGuns fans seem to care enough to make up bogus numbers as if sales equate quality.

    4. Strange Broue

      Strange Broue

      Fuck the labels, they are thiefs and part of the ancient history. Fuck them, fuck them real bad

      Fuck the corporate whores

  8. Finished 'Better Call Saul' today. Decent spin-off. I'll probably be re-watching 'Breaking Bad' with family next week. Blu-rays are on their way.

    1. slash23579


      Is it on Netflix? I want to watch when I'm done with Breaking Bad

    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Not sure. I downloaded the episodes. Let me know what you think about Breaking Bad after you're done. :-)

    3. slash23579


      I actually just finished Breaking Bad, I ended up watching the entire series in one week, which I guess tells you how much I was hooked in it. The last third or so of season 5 was fucking intense.

  9. Finished Breaking Bad last night. Hands down, best TV show ever. 'Ozymandias' made me lose my shit. What a ride!

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      I haven't watched 'The Sopranos' yet, heard nothing but good things, tho. I will be watching 'Better Call Saul' next, then 'Boardwalk Empire'. Still, 'Breaking Bad' has messed with my mind pretty bad. I'm even dreaming about it lol.

    3. BreakDown2014


      Hahaha. Better Call Saul is actually a pretty decent spin-off. I found it highly amusing

    4. Powerage5


      Better Call Saul is great. Much closer in tone to Breaking Bad than I expected, and more consistent right off the bat.

  10. "I got your restraining order right here! RESTRAIN THIS!"

    1. Powerage5


      "I'm wearing a wire, speak into the mic!"

  11. Is 'Breaking Bad' the greatest TV Show, ever? So fucking addictive.

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    2. BreakDown2014


      Should be on anyone's top 5 at least. Brilliant

    3. supercool


      I really enjoy Peter Falk in Columbo. It's the best show as far I'm concerned.

    4. SunnyDRE


      It is great, but I do believe Rome and Arrested Development are the best tv shows I've ever seen.

  12. Somehow I messed up my avatar. What am I supposed to do now?

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    2. magisme


      You look like this guy Mumblefoot I saw. What's happening around here?!?!?!?!

    3. Powerage5


      Might as well just delete your account.

    4. downzy


      Mumblefoot is my dummy account I use to test things. NT asked for some help with his avatar and I gave it a shot with good ol' Mumblefoot. Avatar looks fine to me.

  13. "Forget it, Jake; it's Chinatown."

    1. wkuk04


      Need to watch again!

  14. My Logitech G9x died today. I'm sad. I just bought the G502. It will never be the same, though.

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Yours can be saved then. :-( It is a great mouse, indeed.

    3. highvoltage


      i'm intrigued. will definitely have a crack at a repair now i know it can be done.

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      If the cable is screwed, it's very easy to solve. It took me 1 hour and I didn't have to buy anything special. Just scissors, black tape and patience. :-P

  15. "Trailer Park Boys" must be the worst TV Show I have seen in my life. Absolutely boring.

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    2. Powerage5


      Give it a few more episodes. The first three are some of my least favorites in the whole series.

    3. Padme


      I´m not sueprised since Axl is a huge fan

    4. OmarBradley


      Agree with P5... it takes quite a few episodes to get into it, knowing the characters and their tendencies is what the show's about.

  16. There's no better game than Age of Empires II. So fucking addictive, even after all these years.

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    2. BreakDown2014


      Wololo.Amazing game, if you like it you could try Civilization in case you haven't tried it.

    3. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Hahahaha "wololo." No, I never tried Civilization, I will buy it today!

    4. seagullview


      Playing in your mom's basement? Lol

  17. So, after being annoyed to death by some friends, I'm watching 'Breaking Bad' for the first time.

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    2. supercool


      columbo > any modern tv show

    3. Powerage5


      Take a shitload of meth and watch all 62 episodes in one sitting. 10/10.

    4. Tricia Sieberns

      Tricia Sieberns

      Great show! One of the best death scenes I've ever seen... but I'm not gonna say who or how so I don't spoil it!

  18. "Shut the fuck up. We wait 'til you shut the fuck up. You gonna be quiet, so she can talk?"

    1. downzy


      Problems with the family? :P

  19. Rewatching 'Shingeki no Kyojin' AKA 'Attack on Titan'. Fucking insane.

    1. lukepowell1988


      My favorite anime to date :)

  20. Ninjaediting my posts like crazy. #modpower #notamod #downzybetterthantheoldone

    1. tentonneskeleton


      with great power comes great responsibility

  21. I don't know how, but I forgot crybaby Axl Rose did this interview in 2013: http://goo.gl/gJOEdJ, SO MUCH CRINGE.

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    2. Sixes


      I still don't understand why he shouldn't have been on tour in 1991. Was it because he wasn't fat enough yet?

    3. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      You will never understand that because he's lying. It doesn't make any sense, just like 90% of what he says in that interview.

    4. wkuk04


      Agreed with his views on social media

  22. Axl piano jams were amazing. What happened to you, Mr. Rose?

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    2. WFA


      The soundboard, or is it the audience version? I don't think I've got the MSG soundboard

    3. Amir


      Around 48 mins. He does The Asshole Song and the Keystone Kops theme but not Prostitute.

    4. Amir


      But now I'm wondering what the bit from 49:05-50:30 is? An unreleased song...? Or maybe it's just an instrumental of a song by another band that I can't recognise.

  23. It's been 10 years since edIT released Crying Over Pros For No Reason. Great fuckin' record!

    1. Estranged Reality

      Estranged Reality

      BassLikeHot turned me on to edIT.

    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Ants is still one of the greatest beats I've heard in the last 10 years.