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  1. Plans after July 2018

    Axl will begin his acting career
  2. I wouldn't be surprise if I see "GnR fans" near "desperate" in the dictionary
  3. Sorry to dig out but I found this, I was looking for some acapella AFD
  4. After a year, she already became a pillar of Guns N'Roses, Axl-issa
  5. Axl will surprise us with new music, I have faith in the man
  6. I just saw the footage, Axl is damn flexible, I can't do that anymore and Im in mid-thirty
  7. I don't know... you may be right, he is cleary murdering few of his own songs but thats my opinion. Take a look to this youtube channel, the guy has almost all songs from the last show, missing a couple, but when I listen to Yesterday or My Michelle, he can't be satisfied with that, well once again Im not in his head. Like it was already said, being at the show it's not the same for sure but still, and you can't make live bluray with this. We are probably just some walking dollars for him. Im really curious about the future, once the tour is over.
  8. Im sorry @IncitingChaos I didn't answer to your post, but yeah Better, Sorry, TIL are really weak right now, if Axl is as perfectionnist as people says, he must be really pissed off about himself, about his voice. I kinda liked Madagascar, not the best performance for sure but not horrible to me. Slash/Duff should tell him to use his speaking voice more often like he did with TWAT, the dude has a great voice, speaking voice and it fits well on TWAT
  9. Can he now ? Once again I have no idea what the technology and stuff in studio can do. Let's say, same studio vocal he used for recording Madagascar, to me it's one of his best performance
  10. @IncitingChaos Well Im agree with you, even if your setlist is missing some CD song, Axl would never do that I think, anyway it's not the point. I love the dude but I would like to know why. If he tells us that he can't or won't use for any reasons, well fine and I will just move on, but this is annyoing af, I know he said the clean voice was a conscious choice. There is few songs that I can't listen live anymore, cause of the clean voice and it's kind of sad
  11. Ok thank you! I was just wondering, and like you said it's a true shame but won't or can't, I guess the only one who can answer it's Axl I don't know if he would last long, using that voice for a 3h30 show every 2 nights, and if he actually could, I don't know if there is someone in gnr camp with enough guts or power to tell him to use that voice or to rehearse correctly, to get in shape Anyway thanks
  12. Since I know nothing about voice and stuff, is he using his mid range voice during "I Feel Good" ?
  13. Wichita Lineman in proshot, it's going to be great