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  1. I rather click on a fishy pornsite than gnrcentral
  2. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    no, it would be flood fest on this thread
  3. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    ahh The Seeker, I kind of missed that song
  4. Going to be easy to sing this one live, "here something new.. and different!"
  5. I dont know what to think about this version of Atlas in this CD#1, I prefere the other one that we got last time with Zodiac and Quicksong
  6. Probably like everyone, we are getting close take your bet, the next one will be CD#4 !
  7. The Chairman from the .txt is like Robin Hood? Giving to us, poor fan, all the leaks from the rich greedy hoarders, something like that?
  8. PEGI 16 for this riff, probably PEGI 18 with vocal
  9. I like when ""VIP"" people are at each others throats. (I don't know if I wrote it correctly) Need an angry Axl on this one, Prom Violence is mean
  10. I didnt read all messages, maybe it was already pointed out, but which songs w/ vocal are we missing now? Nothing, Quicksong, and.. ? I want Me & My Elvis with vocal, someone has to reach Axl and ask him to do it, and leak it
  11. I though As It Begins instrumental was great, but this is another level, with vocal this song is going to be nasty.
  12. I feel upset for not hearing what people do, drum up/down, same shit with Atlas, it hurts my feeling not seeing the difference
  13. like in Yesterday clip, and his simple outfit
  14. if someone manages to meet Axl at the end of the show, ask him to put vocal on Soul Monster/Zodiac/Quicksong as soon as possible, and to finish As it Begins
  15. with all we got, if they actually release an album, EP or whatever with these stuffs, it's going to be a blow your mind album
  16. got both songs on repeat and Im still expecting vocals to kick in
  17. I have some weird smell like teen spirit feeling on quicksong
  18. kind of sad that there is no vocal on zodiac and quicksong
  19. Not funny, Im working in slow motion since days because of those leaks, lurking here and there, turning into some kind of a stalker, having work to catch up is not cool, at all I completely forgot how it feels like to listen something new from your favorite band, well "new"
  20. I always thought than Eminem was really similar to Axl, both had fucked up childhood, they had absolutely no filter, speaking what they had in mind in their music, media target (homophobia ect..), they both did a duo with Elton John to shut off haters, they also had some weird/tough years. Eminem once said that he was an "updated Axl Rose", so he probably always had somekind of respect for him, he never dissed Axl, and we know how Eminem loves to diss celebrities
  21. New LA Show Sep 21

    I like to believe for something new, I just can't help it. Same feeling as when you were a kid, you were hoping to meet santa claus every damn xmas