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  1. oh come on, they took down the "Estranged rock in rio 91 w/ subtitle" video, how dumb is that, this is fvck up
  2. Slash and Steven in The Dirt

    I felt sad for Vince a couple of times in the movie, his daughter and when he was the only one sober, and Ozzy.. there is no match, the dude was hardcore, high level
  3. Estranged, this song is just perfect in so many ways, eargasm and I use Reckless Life/Out Ta Get Me when I want a boost of motivation
  4. Im sorry but my little solider begins to waking up when I read stuff like that, he is sleepy since 2008
  5. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    why did I click, I want my 20sec back
  6. Happy Birthday Melissa Reese

    Happy Birthday woo.. Melissa Reese