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  1. GN'R should make a movie

    Vince, the luckiest man ever, at the right place at the right time, this dude couldn't sing live, and Im not talking about 20xx era
  2. Warner Bros or who ever managed to get Axl in studio is my favorite dude of the week, my respect!
  3. with all this, Im kinda afraid of Axl's reaction, I hope he is in good mood these days
  4. I want to be naive and going to believe it, Axl got Slash and Duff, they have his back now, less pression, it wont be an "Axl thing" anymore, he isn't alone now. Looks like I didn't learn my lesson about believing in Axl
  5. very interesting to heard the opinion from a vocal coach, someone who actually knows the job, I bet many vocal coachs would love to have Axl between their hands, he is really playing in different league
  6. my favorite version of YCBM is from this show, specialy "While you are breakin' down my back.." part, Axl is 120% into it
  7. as much as I love the band, but torrent it is
  8. For don't damn me, Slash once said in an interview that there is too many words, too difficult here the video
  9. Axl probably pissed off a dude who is now determined to leak what he has, but it's good for us
  10. I was hating on Melissa but the remix is damn great, I would love to heard the whole CD album in remix
  11. it seems that someone who got caught and got prisonner in the vault managed to escape from it with some stuffs
  12. New music from GNR would have a good impact on the music today, I think
  13. Im kinda sad that there isn't Estranged
  14. I just love the way Axl says "The Garden", we can say whatever about him but he was simply intouchable, so much passion, in 6min he showed everything, this perf is going to be my new respond to "why Axl is rose one of the best frontman?", my old one was Perfect Crime in 91 in Indiana
  15. I didn't know that Constantine Maroulis did American Idol, no wonder Adler thinks that he is better than young Axl, or did he say as good as Axl
  16. We need to believe, and I also believe in mermaid since I saw that video on youtube
  17. For sure, with One In A Million as a single, young GNR would probably have fun trolling people with Cornshucker, It Tastes Good.. and so on
  18. Plans after July 2018

    Axl will begin his acting career