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Status Updates posted by Bobbo

  1. Did the guy who wrote the Power Rangers theme song kind of plagiarize "Locomotive" (the intro) or am I just overly tired this morning?

    1. Bobbo


      I'm dead serious about this btw. Lol. Is the intro to Locomotive kind of ripped off or am I nuts?

    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Shut the fuck up, Bobbo. LOL. You might be onto something.

    3. Strange Broue

      Strange Broue

      I think it's safe to assume that intro is played on some form since the mid 70's...

      it's just power chords and simple drum beats, man

  2. I REALLY hope this bump on my nose is sebaceous hyperplasia and not basal cell carcinoma. Please pray/hope for me buds :-/

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    2. Bobbo


      Thank God everything's ok. Just an inflamed gland and nothing to worry about. Thanks for all the well wishes everybody. Truly means a lot :)

    3. alfierose


      I'm glad it turned out okay. :-)

    4. magisme


      I knew it. You crazy.

  3. Shameless (US) is the best show you're probably not watching.

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    2. Facekicker
    3. Estranged Reality

      Estranged Reality

      it's good. last season was way better though. it's kind of dragging its feet right now... but it's enjoyable.

    4. Johnny Drama

      Johnny Drama

      Just watch the proper UK version until the point where it jumped the shark.

  4. What happened to you??

  5. I try to not dwell too much into my personal life on here, but please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers. Poor guys got a damaged heart and multiple myeloma, and needless to say, he's the best dad anyone could ever ask for. Went to the hospital earlier for strong tightness in his chest. Awaiting results...

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    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      hope it goes alright man..

    3. T.wa.T


      Positive thoughts for you and your family.

    4. Roush


      Hey man, got your back. Hang tight and let us know what's up

  6. I'm late to the party, but the supporter sections are ace. Damn_Smooth is killing it in there :lol:

  7. Geek moment, but just heard "pretty tied up" on regular fm radio on the way home from work tonight. Almost swerved as I thought I was just losing my mind. Lmfao.

  8. Life seems to be throwing me one big holy grail of a cosmic fuck you to close out the summer

  9. All this newfound video game talk encouraged me to venture out to my local flea market for a new copy of Ocarina of Time only to find out that flea market shut down three months ago. Fml. Hate online shopping.

    1. PITBOSS


      online shopping killed the flea market? unfortunate

  10. Does anyone else think the Prostitute outro kind of sounds like the underwater levels from Super Mario 64? It's peacefully, and oddly nostalgic.

    1. Bobbo


      And it's the only thing that I like about that song

    2. Jakey Styley
    3. Nulla Lex Ink.

      Nulla Lex Ink.

      It's funny, cause I could see Axl dressed up as Mario. Or Mario dressed up as 2014 Axl.

      Quick, someone make an 8-bit Axl!

  11. "I'm turning this over to my attorney". You honestly can't even make this shit up :lol: :lol:

  12. Coming here and giving you anything less than 5 stars is just too cruely unfair. Cheers brother.

  13. Hanging on by a thread. One thing after another this week...

    1. Broskirose


      which thread?

    2. bran


      hang in there things will get better.

  14. Liking your posts man. Although I might not agree with every point you make, we need more level headed posters like you to keep this place even remotely sane.

  15. I reallly, REALLY, can't afford to be sick right now...:-/

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Health is always first. I hope you feel better bro!

    3. ColdHeartBreaker


      Your health comes first

    4. Bobbo


      Thanks everybody. Just have a lot of shit going on this week and this is a MAJOR inconvenience. Lol

  16. M.ister S.uperiority compL.ex needs to go.

    1. Padme


      And he is gone... at least for now

    2. Facekicker


      Well it is lunch hour

  17. ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF "Days Of Our Axl"...

    1. Chuloputas


      it's sad to see axl getting old and worse

    2. ITG


      Oh great, another rerun.

  18. Hope everybody has a great holiday season. Here's hoping for a great 2014!

  19. UYI Documentary>new nu album

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    2. saber_


      Shooting heroin is what real guitarists do!

    3. Cosmo


      Full classic vault > new album. One documentary doesn't stand a chance, IMO.

    4. Bobbo


      The UYI tour was a notorious time in GNR history, and I would love to view what actually went down on that tour for myself. Axl himself said (more or less) the leftover material is pretty much in the same vain of CD. An album I found to contain more duds than gems. I rather have something I'm more than confident that'll be interesting compared to having to dive into a cesspool just to fetch a fifty dollar bill.

  20. I'd barter my first born child to be rid of this God awful hangover.

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    2. Facekicker


      Sprite my friend, endorsed by Scientists to cure the hangover

    3. Broskirose
    4. Powerage5


      Had this experience two weeks ago. I rarely get hangovers...and this one was like it was making up for all the hangovers I should've had but never got.

  21. Guess attitudes closed as of 10 minutes ago. Please tell me some of those gems have been archived.

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    2. highvoltage


      oh relax bacardi you fucking baby

    3. Coma16


      No one cared about Attitude until it was announced that it was closing. Failed experiment.

    4. Bobbo


      Don't know what ya go tillll its gwonnnneeee

  22. Guess that's that then, huh? Don't worry, nobody's blaming you. You were just naive like we all were at one point...

  23. I feel more sorry for those still believing in another nu album than I do for those facing famine.

  24. Keeping the few people who care left completely in the dark is the most ridiculously stupid thing Axl's ever pulled since...'95-'97...

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    2. Dariablue


      What was the Miser thread that got him banned?

    3. Un42nutzly
    4. saber_


      "Enjoy your little world." -Bumblefoot

  25. What? Did you give up on the dream that never comes? Lol.

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    2. Bobbo


      In fact, to better you chances, wanna change the bet to if appetite for democracy gets a home release? I mean if Axl can't even pull that off...

    3. saber_


      I'll have to think about it. If it's available on Amazon, is that considered a "home release"?

    4. Bobbo


      If it's an official release you can actually purchase (and legally avaiable to purchase in the US) to watch at home, anything goes.