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  1. Slash was unreal at those last 2 shows in Argentina 93 imo. DoubleTalkin Jive was a monster, November Rain, You Could Be Mine, Godfather solo. Axl was also razor sharp at these shows.
  2. Illusion era was untouchable if any era could be. Prior to 1988/89 or 1990 they sounded a little rough around the edges live to me. The more fleshed out and rehearsed setlists certainly helped along with Matt's precision style drumming. I actually prefer the current lineup to the Illusion era because Slash isn't whacked out more often than not on dope. Sorry, but he sounds better today than then, even though he was beginning to really come into his own in 91-93. This story really shows how influential he had become by performing with Michael Jackson and Guns N Rose's at the same Venue...both artists at the peak of their careers. Michael was good until the end but the Dangerous tour was his peak before he relied entirely on Playback for various reasons. For that reason it is essentially his final "Live" tour as well as GNR's.