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  1. Damn he's playing Chuck Berry
  2. You can tell he's trying hard
  3. Why was Tokyo 1992 Chosen for the DVD?

    Paradise City was epic in Tokyo, imo. Solid performance. Also tell me that's not the best Rocket Queen you've ever heard.
  4. It's been ages since that happened. He totally butchers this song, even the whistle is blown in the wrong time making it totally pointless. I think he has given up as a GNR vocalist and this is more like a hobby to him that also serves as a cash cow. Same goes for Slash and Duff, they have their own side projects to be creative, and Axl has ACDC now, I suppose. I hope he releases a good album with them.
  5. Anyone who pays a thousand bucks for this is either loaded as fuck, or a complete idiot.
  6. lmao wtf, how is Ashba water a thing? so edgy I almost cut myself reading it
  7. You're probably legit the only person who wants this, and I say this as someone who enjoys CD. Although I admit I would like to hear the stories behind Pitman's towel solos. Don't forget to include Ashba for maximum cringe potential.
  8. My wallet wouldn't be ok with the kind of money they're asking, I mean I would still go but it would hurt. I can see Nick Cave for €47, and Judas Priest + Iron Maiden for a hundred.
  9. I guess it boils down to taste and tolerance. I still think he under-delivers and exploits his fans by asking for outrageous amounts of money. They've played this show so many times, one would expect them to have it down to a t.