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Status Updates posted by Cosmo

  1. I talk to the wind... The wind does not hear me.

    1. Georgy Zhukov

      Georgy Zhukov

      Gorgeous song. 

    2. Cosmo


      Amazing song. One of the most soothing songs every recorded.

  2. Wolfmother TOP 11 on general US charts in 24 hours of album release! Say whaaaattt?!?!

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    2. The Matinator

      The Matinator

      You didn't like keep moving? I mean it wasn't there most solid record but its got a lot of great tracks on it.

    3. Cosmo


      I liked a few songs like title track, Vicarious, Ghetto, Meridian, Black Swan and Everyday Drone but it's a 17-track album with like... At least 5 utter fillers. I always skip songs like Let It Go, She's A Motorhead, Standing In The Corner, Of The Earth and It Occured To Me. He could have kept it a small, 10 or 11 track album with sweeter tracklist. 

    4. Cosmo


      I like it, I just think it's an average good album.  Considering WM is my favorite band, that's kinda bad :P

  3. If I'm extra cranky it's cuz I've been in the freaking hospital since New Year's Eve with freaking Galbladder stones that fucked up my pancreas... SHIT.

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    2. alfierose


      Aww that's nasty. Really hope you feel better soon.

    3. Cosmo


      Thanks, alfie!

    4. Nulla Lex Ink.

      Nulla Lex Ink.

      Gosh, that's rough to hear. Sorry you've had to go through this. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for you :)

  4. Elder - Lore. Listen to it.

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    2. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      I'd rather listen to the Elder

    3. highvoltage


      can i suggest "scale the summit - the migration" in response? :P

    4. Cosmo


      will listen!

  5. New Star Trek trailer out. Seems cool but I'm worried about the director...

    1. Georgy Zhukov

      Georgy Zhukov

      Can't be any worse than the last film.

    2. AtariLegend


      It looks like it's a trailer for Guardians of Galaxy 2. Does not look like Star Trek at all. Obviously JJ's legacy. Hope he hasn't pulled the same stunt with Star Wars.

    3. PITBOSS
  6. See the magic shining in your eyes that you're looking for tooonighttt

  7. She will be VICTORIOUSSS

    1. The Matinator

      The Matinator

      Aw yeah, can't wait for the record

    2. Cosmo


      My favorite band, man... And this new single rocks. Fuckk... So hyped!

  8. Kadavar concert was awesome!!

  9. Caught in a band crisis... Fuck!!

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    2. Cosmo


      Everybody wants to play sets mostly consisting of covers and we're sick of it.

    3. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      stick to your guns man, fuck covers, it's all well and fun and good but you don't wanna be a fuckin' tribute act, do ya? :)

    4. Cosmo


      that's what I've been saying!!!!

  10. Wow man, Brian Johnson just liked my band's instagram photo... Fuck....

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    2. Powerage5


      I didn't know Brian is on Instagram - what's his username?

    3. Cosmo



    4. ZoSoRose
  11. Happy B-day Andrew Stockdale!

  12. New WM record seems like it will be amazing <3

  13. Mah band's on apple music now! Thanks Tay Tay <3

  14. IDK who's gonna be on the next WM anymore, I only know that Josh Freese on drums and Brennan O'Brien on production means a good thing!

  15. I saw Age of Adeline yesterday. Must be really tough being George Clooney.

  16. Wolfmother IV Leak <3
  17. Great gig yesterday, now it's time to focus on EP #2, change of setlist, great stuff to come. Radical change of sound.

  18. Slash gig yesterday. I think I've hit my share of GnR-related gigs for a while now... Can't say anything bad about the show but didn't enjoy it half as much as the last one, two years ago.

    1. Ragnar


      So new is better than the old one?

    2. ZoSoRose


      DJ Ashba ft. Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators ft. NuGNR- COMING SOON

  19. New avy in honor of my pal :)

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    2. Cosmo


      He passed away a few months ago cause of diabetes

    3. alfierose
    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      That's too sad. I'm sorry, Cosmo. :(

  20. Man, On my way to Sydney! Passed through Dubai and am now in Singapore! Freakin' 28h trip! 7h to go! Feeling chewed and spit up!

  21. Never thought I'd enjoy Rock or Bust so much. :)

  22. Well I'm going to Interstellar's Huge Wave Planet to wait for CD2

    1. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      You will then come back to Earth and find out that Axl's grandson has not released CD II yet.

    2. ZoSoRose


      Even if you were on that planet for a month and returned, there would still be no CD II

  23. Please watch my band's first lyric video! It's really cool, you won't regret it!

    1. alfierose


      That's nicely done, looks good :-)

    2. Cosmo
    3. Sixes
  24. Had to put my dog down today. 7 years old. Diabetes. Liver failure. So sad. A friendship like that should last for much longer. Dogs should live more. Love you, Cosmo. Forever.

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    2. tomfriend


      Sorry to hear that bud. Short as his life was I'm willing to bet you made sure it was a happy one, and in the end that's what counts.

    3. magisme


      Sorry to hear, man.

    4. Lio


      Sorry for your loss, Cosmonaut.

  25. Today is a sad, sad day for Brazil :(

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    2. AdriftatSea


      I have friends in Aracaju and in Rio. I'm sorry for you.

    3. tinyrobot


      I never thought Guns N' Roses could have right-wing fans, LOL.

    4. AdriftatSea


      I have no idea what her politics are. If Cosmonaut lives there and he's unhappy with it, then I'm sad for him.