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  1. I compared my video of Coma to the one you posted, and it seems like the YouTube video is slower than my video - that's why it sounds tuned down I think.
  2. i assume that it was Atlas. but i really dont know
  3. thank you. could have done a better job, though....
  4. well, almost the whole band was there. so most people hadn't even realised that they played that kind of stuff, because they were busy taking photos etc.
  5. regular "after show" that happened after the show, backstage at the venue. it wasn't a special VIP listening party or something like that
  6. normal concert after show party, where they meet fans and stuff
  7. LOL nah, recorded that with an iPhone 3G.
  8. probably more than 3 and two remixes (if the world and better) there was a song that had a nice piano and drums, kinda like the blues.
  9. yes. no, there's one of silkworms somewhere
  10. I dont remember that much, as it was 8 years ago. (that song is amazing, though.)
  11. you wanna hear the story of that? they played a cd of unreleased stuff at the after show party in vienna in 2010. i recorded bits of it in bad quality. a few years later, i wrote about this (one song had the wooho, wooho, another one had a street of dreams-like piano played in a higher octave..stuff like that) here and send this clip to MSL to see what he thinks about that. well, nice to hear it again now, haha.
  12. Holy fuck. Amazing.
  13. I would love to hear those?!