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  1. Iron Maiden's never given their fans a 15 year new music drought like GN'R did though. Besides, the real GN'R fans know Locomotive, Rocket Queen and Coma are dark horse favorites. When you remove the duplicates, and cover songs from the Slash/Axl era albums, you have like what 40 original songs?
  2. Your "best of the locker" CDs

    Axl should have released this album back in 2000, and passed it on like a kidney stone, and be done with it -- sink, or swim. Then the band should've moved on to release more music. The Blues & State Of Grace would've done well as singles. I can picture The Blues playing alongside Sting, Matchbox 20, and Sheryl Crow adult contemporary stations. And State Of Grace playing on alternative metal stations (Korn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson.) Maybe the album would've not been an Appetite for Destruction killer like Axl's eluded to wanting to do, but it wouldn't have been a critical disaster like Van Halen III either. It would've done well to hook in older fans who've moved on, and interest younger folks that don't know anything about GN'R. Come to think of it, the album was likely strategized in such a way. Axl's a meticulous bloke. No wonder the dude was so bitter, and dodgy later on. He was ready to release the damn thing 8 years before it came out. And by that time, Slash/Duff got in their rebuke (Contraband) and the world had moved on from industrial rock. Anyway... 1. State Of Grace 2. Hard School 3. Atlas 4. Perhaps 5. Eye On You Everything else on the CDs: There's a lot of instrumentals to go through. I can't recall them all. Zodiac, Quick Song and Oklahoma I remember being good. From what I gather, there were instrumentally superior rock songs that are better than the ones that ended up on record. The Chinese (Double Guitars) is excellent. As are the rest of the Freese demos. Riad sounds much tighter, bassier, and the drums are killer. The Blues, Catcher and Madagascar are superior to their 2008 counterparts. I think everything else benefitted massively from Buckethead's contributions (especially Prostitute, IRS, and TWAT.)
  3. What I love about this song: - The John Lennon like delivery in the first few verses - The cynical, offbeat (for Axl) lyrics - The awesomely awesome guitar riff that starts before the rasp-rap begins, holy smokes. - The huge scream.
  4. Atlas, Perhaps and Hard School smokes half of CD. I was one of many naysayers that said CD was all the best songs. Turns out Axl had a couple of aces up the ol' sleeve.
  5. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    Fuck John Bolton, and the Neo cons.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Democrats are wolves in sheep's clothing. Republicans are sheep in wolves clothing. Republicans are full of shit, and are generally pro war. But the Democrats are the arbiters of hell on earth (see: Tranny kids story hour.) Trump's a charismatic pseudo idiot that gets it. (Rothschilds, Soros, et al.)
  7. Axl, you fucking did a killer job expanding the GNR brand with these different songs. I don't know why they weren't released sooner. Perhaps label politics played a part? Would've been better to get the record outta your system in 1999 and move on with subsequent albums. Atlas is a more mature ballad, Hard School is a solid throwback, Perhaps is catchy, and Zodiac is killer. What the hell Geffen?