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  1. Slash and Gilby

    The man with the new Corvette.
  2. Live Era

    Duff's flub at the beginning of SCOM was either fixed or overdubbed.
  3. Agreed. The band shots from the Munich show in the Estranged video are fantastic and my only reason to watch it. Yesterdays is pretty good in the same vein as the SCOM video.
  4. Live Era

    Obviously I agree with most of what has been posted so far. Pointless overdubbing, some questionable mixing decisions (the crowd is way too high in the mix and there's quite noticeable loops throughout the album, why remove the rythm guitar from RQ?) but what's even worse is the crushed mastering. The album is basically in the red all the time with very noticeable saturation.
  5. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    What you're asking for here is a remix, not a remaster. A remastering job can only change the eq, but to adjust the individual and relative levels and effects in the mix, you need to go back to the multitracks.
  6. I hope he gets better soon.
  7. Mama Said is truly a great album. Early Kravitz kicked ass.
  8. I like the album better with time. It's clearly better than WOF but I'm still debating wether I prefer AL.