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  1. Hollywood Rose, now on vinyl

    Probably the same digital source, badly pressed on vinyl.
  2. I think it's the first time I've ever read your "real GNR" routine, thanks.
  3. I love the artwork. Feels very genuine and fitting for an archival type of release.
  4. Alright, you got me there...
  5. This. Not sure we need videos and each and every tidbit of "history". What's next? "The time when Axl said *cough bullshit* during Patience" ? "The time when Slash's hat fell when he ran" ?
  6. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Not to mention that Paul is now using taped vocals.
  7. Cherone is a better fit than Myles, that's for sure. But without Scott, that's not VR.
  8. It is. Slash is amazing on it, and even if Axl oversings a bit (he does that quite often on the album), it works perfectly.
  9. Hanoi Rocks were great. A sad case of "what could have been"...
  10. That's amazing. Michael Monroe is awesome. A rocker at heart.
  11. In the grand scheme of things, nobody cares about tour charts. What matters is your album output, and that's what they should focus on.
  12. I love the Crüe but your Vince impersonation was sadly on point (and has been since at least 1989).