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  1. Best SCOM of NITL tour?

    Agreed. Instant skip for me since 2010...
  2. Yeah that sounds a bit like a scrapping the barrel topic...
  3. Can you stop being so unpredictable and witty in your posts?
  4. Nice! Snakepit mark II was truly the high point of Slash's post GNR output: Serial Killer, Shine, Life's Sweet Drug, Just Like anything...Really killer tracks. M(y)les better than most of what came after. Sadly overlooked output -which is kind of understandable considering how dark these times were for Slash.
  5. Diane and Roberta

    Fuck the haters, the big band jam during Move to the City was one of the best part of the UYI concerts.
  6. I don't know what is worse: so called journalists making lists ranking musicians or grown up adults arguing on this ranking and getting angry because their own personal "favorite" is absent.
  7. I reuploaded it, if you guys want the link.
  8. Tried again but I get an error saying that you can't receive messages. Weird. Maybe try to PM me? It might work if I answer you...
  9. Tried to PM you but your inbox is full.
  10. Send me a PM. Guys, send me a PM.
  11. Guys, if you want the link, send me a PM.
  12. (a "like" was mandatory because Alison Brie anyway)