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  1. New Nightrain Membership Items

    I hope they start selling GNR water. That would be a fitting tribute to the REAL top-hatted guitarist.
  2. Rips of the whole Blu Ray with the 6 channels are easy to find "out there".
  3. Hoping for a deluxe edition with a full instrumental version of the album... I kid, I kid...(or do I? )
  4. No Tommy Bolin? No Brian May? No Zappa? No Ritchie Blackmore? No Steve Howe? No ? I know top 10s are pointless and subjective, but man...
  5. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    Just give me the 24 multitrack master of Estranged and I will never #complain again.
  6. One in a Million You're Crazy Patience Move to the City Nice Boys Mama Kin Use to Love Her/Dead Flowers Reckless Life
  7. I prefer the *ehem bullshit* from Tokyo.
  8. Finaly got my hands on the Blu Ray. Despite the higher bit rate, the videos look bad. Jungle is absolutely washed out.
  9. New Nightrain Membership Items

    So you're the one?
  10. It's an interesting listen but the Original lyrics are clearly better suited to the song. The Alternative lyrics do sound like they're squeezed in.