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  1. They really have never looked cooler than in the Sweet Child video. The epitome of coolness.
  2. I hope he would rewrite the lyrics as well.
  3. While they might have recorded most UYI shows, they more than probably have them on videotape and not on actual film. Therefore their resolution is fixed by the recording, and cannot be scanned at higher res like film.
  4. Oh my god he even does the snakedance thing. That's some Ashba Patience solo- scale of facepalming here.
  5. You mean the one released in 1998 by Walmart, with the combined color scheme? I really doubt it. No one knows about this compilation, apart from hardcores.
  6. https://www.theindustryobserver.com.au/guns-n-roses-quietly-remove-racist-homophobic-song-from-deluxe-reissue/
  7. If all the audio material isn't available in High Res on dowload platforms for a fraction of he price, I probably won't bother. The price is ridiculous, and the 2 CD version has no purpose to me.
  8. I gave a quick listen to a few covers of Appetite material with this new singer, and I must say I absolutely agree: the guy has no charisma, no stage presence, his voice doesn't fit the song at all. Horrible choice! Not to mention he looks like he's having a seizure when he sings.
  9. I think it's possible for Puppets but indeed not for the previous two. A shame, really! The exact same content as on the CDs, in higher res formats.
  10. The more I listen to it, the less I can stand the mixing of the drums. Gated reverb = machine drum like sound. Sounds like Chris Slade on The Razor's Edge.
  11. So I downloaded Shadow of Your Love from Qobuz. The track is available as a 16/44.1 FLAC file, which is CD quality. A few preliminary remarks: - This is probably the exact same files that will be on the CD in various configurations of the box set. - This file features the same mastering as the lossy ones available on streaming servces and on download platforms such as iTunes, Google Music and Amazon. - I hope it isn't but this probably is a downsampled version of the High Res files that will be available on the Blu Ray and on the High Res files available on the USB stick. I don't think they would have gone with the trouble of making two different masterings (AC/DC did that for Rock or Bust, with different masters for the vinyl/high res releases and the CD version). So, on to the comparison. I had a few listens and opened the file in Audacity: For reference purposes, below lies the waveform for the version on the LALD single -I KNOW this isn't the same version as the "new" one but considering that the structure of the single is identical, this is useful. A few remarks: - the new version is moderately less dynamic than the old one. Now I don't know if that is really due to the mastering itself, or rather the mix of the new version which is more compressed, and more congested. The drum machine like percussions probably has something to do with that, as well as the (new?) overdubbed guitar licks pasted on top. - Interestingly enough, the older version has way more clipping (the red bars) than the new one. Clipping is when the volume of the audio exceeds the limits of what a CD is capable of perfectly reproducing, inducing audible distortion in the worst cases. That may due to the treble which was used quite heavily on this version. - I prefer the mix of the old one, and honestly the clipping is not audible. The mix of the new one is too congested for my tastes, I don't like the backing vocals or the additional guitar licks which sound out of place.
  12. If I'm not mistaken he's the mastering engineer for the upcoming Toto reissues as well.
  13. Both Kill and Ride (the studio albums) were crushed at the mastering stage for CD. Clearly inferior sounding to earlier releases.