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  1. Can't wait until they ask him what did he think of the success of both the albums and the tour, for him to reply "yeah that made me HAPPEAAAH".
  2. I thought My Antidote to be better then the first two singles. Not really sold yet, though.
  3. Is she sponsored by various chocolate bars and snacks? Because I get the impression that she insists on showing one of these quite often. Is that the new mandatory equivalent of a Jack Daniels bottle for a wannabe rock star?
  4. #BetterThanTheOldOne, which is not saying much.
  5. Fly GNAIR

    That's #rad
  6. Probably just a render but I wonder if the LP jacket actually features a big booklet/book with pictures and lyrics as it is looking like.
  7. I hope it will be sold in a faux-leather cabinet, complete with an embossed dolphin face and wrapped in a banana yellow towel.
  8. *Yawn* I'm trying to decide between Richard and Axl interviews as the less informative ones. At least with Duff we know that there will be #Punk T Shirts to sell, and with Ashba water to drink and eyeliner to wear.
  9. I suppose you're responding/reacting to my post, among others. Where did I stay that they forgot that song? I stated that referencing your own songs when you are just at your third album is a bit surprising and lazy, considering how creative we know Slash was, and suppose he still is. Calling that self reference is to me trying too hard to defend what is probably just more a sign of laziness. But that's my opinion, don't go all defensive like that. Oh and please...Standing in the Sun referenced in Driving in the Rain? That's pure genius!