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  1. I didnt get a chance to listen yet but was Dave asked about what happened with his rumored role in the past NITL tour?
  2. "Anything can happen. This is Guns N' Roses" lol
  3. That's what most people thought, and then the multitrack was heard.
  4. Without you is the first line of Prostitute
  5. Finally beat the Watcher Knights in Hollow Knight. Those mofos have been the bain of my (gaming) existence for a while now lol
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I got mad that it went past the 5-hour mark...
  7. All signs are pointing to a song in Avengers 2
  8. The T.V. Show Thread

    Watching Animal Kingdom season 2 at the moment. Great show! Also just started to rewatching The Sopranos. Fantastic show, forgot great season 1 was.
  9. Cornwall... not surprised
  10. A touring member of a touring band
  11. Didnt del share some bootlegs of another band on Facebook just a few days afterwards? Or when he was bragging about stealing a keg? Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing lol