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  1. Pretty sure he said Chris quit.
  2. Taking a break from Zelda and popped in Super Mario Odessey today for the first time. Very fun game!
  3. Saw it last night. Was pretty disappointed. Definitely thought there would be some sort of dark twist but nada. Leaving TFA theatre I was stoked for Episode VIII but now I couldn't really care less for IX.
  4. What time is it scheduled for? I can't imagine it starting at 8pm in Vegas
  5. ffs I just tried to open the Dropbox link on my laptop this morning and it's gone. Anyone hook me up ?
  6. Can someone link me up as well plz ?
  7. Just for the record I don't have it either
  8. Let me know if you figure it out
  9. Thanks for the reply. Makes no sense from their part unless they were planning on releasing them at some point like the old Zeppelin demos or so (lol right)
  10. Looks like I missed it before it was taken down. I guess WFA was right about a 2001 era song leaking. Question for the mods- why are Illusion and AFD demos permitted but the same isnt so for Chinese ?
  11. Did radical Islam strike once again? Or is this another case of someone on prescribed meds ?
  12. Fairly long break. Really thought a 2nd show would have been scheduled. Maybe a secret show is in the works? Or studio time to finish off the second half of Chinese?