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  1. Playing a lot of Hollow Knight lately. Fantastic game, especially for only $15!!!
  2. I always thought GNR merch was way overpriced but then I went to a Radiohead concert... Foo Fighters have the most wallet-friendly prices from big bands I've attended, and maybe that's why the lines are consistently moving all show long. On topic, I'll usually buy 1 tshirt, and a lithograph if i really like it.
  3. Which version of SOYL will it be? I might pick it up for the acoustic MTTC!
  4. Decided to watch this again, first time since the theatre, and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Maybe 20 minutes too long but then rest was entertaining.
  5. I'm really enjoying the ferocity of the Sound City sessions, as well as AFD again after so many years of not really listening to it.
  6. Mass Shooting In Toronto

    The way he was shooting and reloading with such precision leads me to believe that he was very well trained. you don't learn that by plying Call of Duty or watching The Dark Knight....
  7. Mass Shooting In Toronto

    The Canadian media doesn't want us to realize that there's a war going on. This hooray for tolerance! wasn't some mental health case that went bad. He was a trained soldier from a family riddled with criminal activity. But let's focus on having less politicians in Toronto instead...
  8. I never liked this song until I heard this version. Hopefully they play it live eventually.
  9. ^^^ very good points. Also, Slash and Duff very likely blocked the HOB, and other releases, until A4D was finally agreed upon (and then Axl didn't want it released)
  10. Very interesting episode. Sad that threats were made and I'd understand if @axlrosefan4life pressed charges (although i don't think it would be worth it personally). Lol the horder who got cucked into trading HOB for fake general ahahahaha (if it's true)
  11. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Easy pass for me. Still waiting on my prize from early 2016. Catcher (the mod at the time) really disappointed me... How were the slip mats from the previous package?
  12. Great version indeed. Really wish the live versions from 2009-present didn't go on for 12 minutes...
  13. Anyone in the Toronto area going to Scarborough Town this weekend for the GNR pop-up shop ?
  14. @Gambit83 when is episode 70 coming out? Been nearly 2 weeks and looking forward to hearing the story about how all those recent leaks came to surface.