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  1. I guess I didn't make my point clear, yes, he's free not to answer that question. But the way he does it speaks volumes (too me at least). There was a lot of talking here on the forums about who is really to blame for the deal with Izzy not coming through - who was more "unreasonable" so to speak. I tended to think both parties were guilty... But if that were the case why would Duff talk like this? I mean, he has to resort to excuses like: my wife had to tell me what they said about us on SM, I didn't know. Like hell he didn't at least peek on SM to see how their "last great mystique" about the line up worked out! Like hell he was only focusing on reheasals and not interested on what the money deals/machinations were! Really, he tells that crap just after talking about how he took up bussiness classes to learn about the money part of show biz! That's why I said it puts them in bad light...
  2. This. The way Duff and Slash talked about this issue recently doesn't put them in the best light. It wouldn't be too hard say that they considered a lot of different things and in the end it worked out the way it did. Not saying mcuh, no spilling stuff, no putting anyone down, just a clear statement that this was the best way for a lot of reasons that were important. But "I wouldn't go anywhere near that" and "I don't follow social media" / "When I'm doing my thing [rehearsals] it just that" / "I'm not going into the machinations" etc? Seriously? At least Slash was honest, Duff is lying. There is no way he didn't know the responses on social media to the Izzy issue (from the uncertainty about his presence to the "loot" tweet) and there is no way he was just focusing on rehearsals and not keeping a close watch on (and possibly a decisive power in) the "machinations". BS!
  3. This. How on earth did Duff get to this elevated status? Just because he sucks up to everyone? Mr. Diplomat? Imo, he's spineless, just like Slash called him way back and that's why he manages to get his $
  4. @Blackstar can you post the agreement you have found? I remember reading it in full a few years back and there was the veto part in there. I clearly remeber that because it instantly connected for me with the claims of Doug? Axl? about the need of putting in the name sign over in case one of Duff or Slash would OD or something (and their spouses turning into Yoko Onos, etc.). They clearly were afraid of a stalemate. The version I read had a majority vote but A & S could veto any decision. I can only find 2 pages of the agreement now, the rest seems to have disappeared from the net.
  5. The contract said that both Axl and Slash could veto any decision. So Slash couldn't have been ousted by Axl - even with Duff's support (nor vice versa). That was a stalemate, my guess is that's why Axl formed a new band.
  6. Have you actually looked at the vid? Izzy was NOT unprepared or unprofessional about these shows. The fact that Axl was is just a reminder, because, really, everyone knows it by now right?
  7. And in 1994 Izzy stepped in when Gilby had a broken hand and Slash said the following: Slash: Then right towards the end he turned around and did certain things that were so fucked. Right towards the fifth date, because of his hand Gilby still wasn't sure if he was going to be able to play, and Izzy all of a sudden turned around and stabbed us in the back again, asked for an amazing amount of money to do one show - it's like, 'I can't believe this, go home!' [Kerrang! March 1994] Lol at Axl's "stipulations" and Slash being backstabbed. According to Duff's book they didn't earn money because of all the late start fees, no wonder it hurt to have to pay what they've owed for over 2 years.
  8. Guess who didn't come for rehearsal in those 93 shows... By your 'quotes' it must have been Izzy, lol! So unprepared, so unprofessional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU9zo2fcAh8&feature=youtu.be&t=143 As someone else said earlier - it's just Axl projecting his own guilt on others.
  9. Not much info on the guy, except he's still in contact with Jimmy Asshurst https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207236759098017&set=p.10207236759098017&type=3&theater