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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Is the third pic in that post also Iz? It says "they were stoked when he showed them some old pix"... But it doesn't look like him to me.
  2. I think Duff always bends the way the wind blows... For me it was pretty clear when early after NITL first leg Duff started downplaying Izzy's contributions. It just sounded really weird, after his working with him just before the reunion. And of course after writting in his own book how important Izzy's role was. He was asked whether Izzy was the "unsung hero" of GNR, which he is - no matter if you agree on how big his contributions were to AFD, he's definitely the one guy who is least known for contributing by the general public. Even Steven gets more credit. To which Duff replied that it's not the case, if anything they were all "unsung". Really? Axl and Slash were not appreciated / recognized, etc? That was such a blatant stretching of the truth that it was instantly clear he's shifted gears and now is going backwards. Every other time after that when he gets asked about Izzy, it's the same. The guy who called Duff spineless was absolutely right!
  3. I'm not sure I remember correctly, but wasn't there a story that it was actually Axl who quit the old partnership but since the contract version signed somewhere during the UYI tour covered that case he took the name with him? Wasn't that the whole problem with that contract that angered D & S so much? Axl didn't own the name per se, but in case of him quitting the band (and/or partnership?), he became the owner. And then - correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure I read it somewhere - he formed a new entity with the GNR name and invited Slash and Duff back? And that's the moment when Slash resigned? That is, he didn't join the "new" partnership but remained in the old one. So in principle there were 2 partnerships, one that managed the old licensing, rights, etc. but didn't own the name, and the new (consisting of Axl) that had the name but couldn't manage the "old" licenses, etc. In effect, they could stop each other from making any revenue via selling the rights to use GNR trademarks, catalouge, etc. So if that was the story, the question is was the old partnership revived (=Axl rejoined it), did S&D join the new one or maybe a third was formed, that now owns all the rights to trademarks, etc. of the NITL tour alone? I think revenue splits from this tour can be either added as an amendment to old partnerships or can be handled in a separete document that does not at all depend on the stipulations of the former agreements between A&D&S.
  4. Lol, just watched this and I kinda think Axl and Moby don't fit together