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  1. Well I guess I’m done with GNR for a while. Until the Buenos Aires show (which I’m attending) I won’t check any set lists or videos or anything. I’m the first one to defend Axl and his voice but it’s gone in lots of songs. I’m not trying to be a hater but I’m not liking this version of Axl and GNR either
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    The Who opened for GNR in South America 2017. The Who are one of the biggest Bands of all time. Many people were on the stadium only for Who and left as soon as they finished. But I don’t see AC/DC opening for GNR, the only way I see that happening, is AC/DC playing warmup 1h30 shows and then do a full run on their own
  3. Setlist for 2020

    RHCP had their own screens in Lolla 2014. I think the headliners Bands are the only ones that have their own screens and stage
  4. I’m in too, interested for price, shipping, etc. Customs in Argentina are a real pain in the ass, so maybe I will have it in my hands a year after it ships. Unless Facefirst wants so send me in a secure way the print and I’ll print it myself (I have a laser printer at home so no one else will see the document)
  5. I’m in for an art print too. I’m a graphic designer and I enjoy making and collecting posters and lithos 🙂
  6. another artwork I made, hope you like it and as i said before feel free to use it and share it
  7. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Got a pair of mx1 from taobao. MadebyGu and GodMaker used to make really good 1:1 replicas. You can check on designer reps on reddit, they made a list of trusted sellers
  8. I made this cover real quick, im a graphic designer so I thought 'yeah, why not'. Hope you like it, feel free to use it and share it https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=502161886530