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  1. JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) Comic-Con Trailer

    I think it is time to put the DC Extended Universe to rest. Four films and only one of them good. That would be Wonder Woman. Warner Brothers should stick to stand alone films.
  2. RIP Malcolm Young

    Angus said he learned everything from his brother and felt Malcolm was the better of the two. He will be missed.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Franken needs to resign. Fast. Schumer needs to call for it.
  4. Shootings in California

    Except mass shootings happen a lot more frequently in the US, compared to other First World Countries. Why's that?
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If Trump is President, Moore should have no problem winning
  6. Lend-Lease is given way too much credit. The Soviets produced most of their own material. Allies threw money at them because they wanted to avoid direct action against the Germans. That is why at first they focused on the Atlantic, North Africa, Mediterranean, Italy. It wasn't until 1944 when pressure from the Soviets and people at home to end the war, the Allied finally planned the Normandy Invasion. By then, the Soviets were already winning the war. Germany's failed offensives of 1941, 1942 and 1943 cost them dearly. They could no longer mount another offensive. With the exception of some SS Panzer divisions, such as Das Reich, most German units in France were under strength. Lend-Lease may have shortened the war a bit, but between 80 and 90% of all German losses were on the Eastern Front. They were provided trucks but the Soviet industries in the Urals and Siberia provided enough to make the Red Army fully mobilized. They also shortened the war in the Far East with their surprise invasion of Manchuria. I believe Vasilevsky's pincer movement was the largest in history.
  7. These men who ran the Soviet Union were use to loss. Tsarist oppression, The Great War, Revolutions and the Civil War. Collectivization was meant to end famine. The last great famine was in Central Asia in 1946. Again they were recovering from the Nazi invasion and since the Germans burned Ukraine, collective farms in Central Asia had to prioritize the populated cities in the Western Soviet Union.
  8. I don't think it was intentional, but I also don't think they didn't care about the short term effects either. They were going for the long term.
  9. Vietnam remains a Communist country despite introducing market enterprises. It is still state run and the government remains a one party state with control over the media. Vietnam is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Projected to be the 21st largest economy in 2050, not bad considering decades of war and poverty.
  10. Well the famines did happen. Radical changes such as Collectivization, going from having 90% of the land owned by peasants to converting them into collective farms lead to a huge drop in productivity and when food isn't produced, people starved. It was all part of a step by step plan to modernize the Soviet Union. This eventually saved them in World War II.
  11. Just how America and Britain had millions of tragedies of their own. But hey, as long as they are not white or Christian, right? And not Catholic.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    People who hate the government vote for Trump because he is the worse man for the job and they think an ineffective government will be beneficial to them. Shit government will stop spending money, in theory. Even though a lot of them seem to want to throw money at the military.
  13. Also, who thinks Kim is a hero? I think a lot of people just admire the fact he called Trump a 'dotard' and Trump hasn't done shit about it.
  14. I've always heard about how Communism didn't work, but for a time it did. Before 1917, Russia was a nation of millions of illiterate peasants with the average life expectancy of between of 30. By Stalin's death they were a nation of engineers, scientists, industry, the population doubled. This crash modernization came at a cost but it was a huge step up from what it was before. Party corruption brought the Soviet Union down. It devolved into a plutocracy. Yeltsin's economic reforms were radical and they did not help with the situations. Yeltsin today is probably the most despised Russian leader other than Gorbachev. Stalin is actually one of the most beloved. Stalin and Peter the Great. He is despised in Poland and Ukraine though. Under Stalin, despite the tragedies, the people prospered. Russians who lived through the 90's depression remember fondly of the old days and those who grew up in the 90's wish to see those days again and they believe Putin is the man to do it. Putin is by far the most powerful Russian leader since Stalin. He is the richest man in the world, though his salary is modest. He makes even less than the US President. But he steals money from the Russian people and oligarchs alike.
  15. Don't forget our Cosa Nostra pals. The ones who helped kill Kennedy.