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  1. What you fail to see, that no matter what, Republicans will never vote for a Democrat. Libertarian maybe, but not Democrat. Trump could be caught on video bangning Ivanka in the oval office while Melania and Kush are crying in the corner observing and they'll still vote for him. Sure, the country will continue to go to shit in 2020. It is not going to fix itself and we can't if we are going to spend billions and billions on war and military industry. Republicans won't care, as long a liberal is not in office.
  2. Sorry for the loss of one of your cultural icons.
  3. It seems John Kelly has been cleaning up the White House but how long will he put up with this asshole? No matter what happens, Republicans will never vote to impeach and remove a Republican no matter how much they hate him. One it is because they are Republican and two because it is Pence. If someone like Mitt Romney would swallow his pride and accept VP, then maybe Republicans would turn on Trump. But they are doing what they can to keep Trump from resigning. Also, the election next year is not looking good for Democrats, 6 Democrat seats are up for grabs in red states. Republicans are at this point are set to gain several seats on the Senate. They will keep hold of the House. That means they will control the 2020 Census which means more Gerrymandering. So for the next decade or so, Democrats are fucked.
  4. I detest anarchy. But I hate Nazis even more. There should be counter-protests against the Nazis but more organized and less violent unless in self defense.
  5. I don't. I think he will make it to 2020 and get re-elected. Never under estimate the power of stupid people. They love $$$
  6. Just to show the ignorant American audiences he was British. You aren't drinking tea between posts?
  7. The Harlem Hellfighters are worth a mentioned. The Germans feared them as they refuse to be taken prisoner and often fight to the death. You mention the Civil War, I've read that European officers would observe the American and Confederates fight and dimiss them as amatuers. The Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars were over in 6 to 9 months. That's what they thought would happen in 1914. Still, lessons could have been learned from Pershing. Frontal attacks are suicidal. See Pickett's Charge.
  8. Watch his approval rating go up when Americans get their jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbs back!
  9. He also didn't appear to learn that frontal assaults were futile and the British and French long abandoned the practice.
  10. 45 is once again posting a tweet about that fake story about Black Jack Pershing executing Muslim prisoners with bullets dipped in pigs blood. It never fucking happened.
  11. Well that explains a whole lot.
  12. Grant, Sherman and Sheridan are probably the most well known of the Union generals. McKlellan and Burnside too but not because of their tactical skills. There's also Meade.
  13. Sherman: Well, Grant, we've had the deviil's own day, haven't we? Grant: Yup. *puffs cigar* Yup, lick 'em tomorrow though. When Lincoln heard complaints of Grants' drinking his response was "Find out what he drinks and send my other generals a case!"
  14. Grant summed it up write here in his memoirs. When he wrote of Lee at Appomattix. Whether or not his intension were noble, he fought for a terrible cause.
  15. So, writings from Lee have been circulating that he opposed to setting up statues honoring those who fought for the Confederacy.