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  1. The T.V. Show Thread

    Talk about T.V. Shows, latest episodes, what to watch, what to binge on. Like the film thread but with T.V. Currently watching Sherlock, starting season two tomorrow. Then will start watching Breaking Bad.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Terrifying. The way be deep throats Putin and Xi this is totally something he would do. He wants to be like them.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Biden being soft on China is laughable because Xi has takena and mounted on Trump like a cheap whore.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    And who will do it? He has the Justice Department in his pockets and with the Senate Majority they won't convict him.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Yeah and he will get away with it.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So Trump admitted he had asked for testing to be slowed down so the numbers won't be as high. This would lead to more people getting sick and more dying. What a dumb fuck thing to admit to.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This is why everyone should quit smoking. It kills.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I have come across several counterfeit bills over the years. No one was ever killed over it.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    ANTIFA isn't even an organized group. It can't be put on a terrorist list.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    2020 has been a great year for Trump. I am sure he will get re-elected.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I am not putting down people with faith, just delusional people with faith who thinks God has spared them from getting sick.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Those still alive will learn nothing. They will just say God spared them. They are delusional.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Okay, mum.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Lol...BernieSandersfacts....red flag right there.
  16. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Barely campaigned for Hil-Dawg. I take his endorsement as meaningless. Now Warren hasn't endorsed Biden yet. Has she finally proven to be a better progressive than Bernie?
  17. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Tell that to Hil-dog. He supported her at the 59th minute of the 11th hour. It isn't even July and he finally admitted defeat and endorsed Uncle Joe.
  18. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So has Bernie lost all credibility with progressives now that he has endorsed Biden?
  19. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Why does Trump want to avoid bailing out the post office? That would affect rural America who depend on getting their checks. And Rural America votes Republican.
  20. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Tulsi? Why Tulsi? Fat chance she will even be considered. Harris seems to be the best choice. Whitmer being runner up.
  21. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Because she didn't want to endorse a candidate who doesn't do shit about his toxic supporters.
  22. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Besides Warren dropped out months ago, since then it was Bernie vs. Joe. Joe has won especially in primaries Bernie won in 2016.
  23. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Shit like this is how revolutions start. Can't wait. Captain Crozier has tested positive. The government is probably trying to kill him. Bet they wish Covid was around for Epstein.
  24. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think the COVID 19 pandmeic will ensure Trump's re-election. People will not be able to go to the polls in November and Republicans will make efforts to prevent mail in ballots from going out. Trump will win in a landslide with the lowest voter turnout in US history.
  25. Death Pool draft 2020

    I got Mubarak. 9 points.