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  1. The more important question is. Why Estranged is played very early in the set. It is absolutely out of place. The first songs are there to fire up the crowd. I saw the NITL... tour three times and so far this song has brought down the mood after the audience was so hyped up. In my opinion, this belongs in the category "Epic". And I think epic songs should be played towards the end. I also ask myself why the trilogy is played backwards. First Estranged, then November Rain and finally Don't Cry. Estranged does not feel right at the beginning of the concert, especially in summer on a bright day. The song screams for epic proportions. It needs lighting effects
  2. I would like to talk about Duff McKagans color blindness. I read it sometime, somewhere in a magazine
  3. I didn't vote for a song but in my opinion the whole '94 - '99 is very mystic and very creepy. I am sure, Thousands of things were created that would have been epic but never fit together. I still can not understand Axl's vision at the time but thats the most interessting thing on Axl. He is a very complex person. Thats why every unfinished song is interessting.
  4. I'll call the office from n-TV next week. They office is in cologne. German is my native language so i try. Chances are low i dont think we can get a copy
  5. n-tv is in cologne n-tv Nachrichtenfernsehen GmbH Picassoplatz 1 50679 Köln Two sources: n-tv (better Quality) and a video on YouTube (after the Leonardo De Caprio Clip) https://www.n-tv.de/mediathek/videos/unterhaltung/Jetzt-ist-es-offiziell-Guns-N-Roses-sind-wieder-da-article16694816.html
  6. n-tv (RTL Group) has a unknown 1993 show on Pro Shot. Few shots were used for the reunion and coachella announcment. You Could Be Mine and Paradise City were playing
  7. i was 1 year old and i didn't even care about the release.. until 2004 as a 14 years young boy i bought UYI 1 and 2 on CD.. amazing.
  8. 2006

    Rock Am Ring 2006 is the best concert in the post '93 Era. His voice was on point, he was in a great shape, he looks really bad ass during WTTJ. He really looks like modern Rockstar with new style and... new songs.. I really wish Reunion would happend in 2005 and not 2015 (semi-reunion). His voice is absoluty unbelievable.
  9. Lots of old Recordings

    Oklahoma '92 and Chicago '92 were stolen thank to a guy. Without him there would no these 2 awesome pro shots in the fan world.
  10. I know it's Off-Topic but i remember the first WrestleMania. It was so annoying he spoke evrytime before and after match. You saw more this guy than Hulk Hogan Topic: I my opinion there is no new album in 2019. Nothing happend. 2019 is like 2004/2005 or 2008. Nothing happend but full of bla bla bla, ex-manager say bla bla bla or some random YouTuber say bla bla bla, full of threads with topics like "Axls Hairline" or "Slash looses hair" and screenshots like this.
  11. 2019 could be a great year. 2019 has 53 tuesdays
  12. Axl Rose should leave Guns N' Roses and bring Vince Neil to Guns N' Roses
  13. Fuck Chinese. Reunion should happen in 2006. Reunion Studio Album + Tour with his goddamn chainsaw voice
  14. Adriana Smith 1987 vocals Appetite for Destruction (1987) - "Rocket Queen" really?