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  1. goal for Portugal yes!!! EDIT oh wrong forum.. sorry
  2. nope, guitar tabs from Shacklers Revenge
  3. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    Not In This Lifetime Blu Ray with the best peformance of each song.. come on it's a nice idea to end Guns N' Roses and Axl retire. for me, please no new music.. end this circle
  4. and this footage is 4:3. The video that exist now is cut in 16:9..
  5. it's just me or looks Axl Rose fatter with hat? in the Slither video he looks in a great shape.. but in the Don't Cry / Yesterdays Video he looks fatter.. Sorry for the word "fat" i don't know a nice word of "more weight" in english. I'm german
  6. Fly GNAIR

    I want a Guns N' Roses amusement park, with roallercoasters like Slash The Ride
  7. Fly GNAIR

    new album
  8. no, film is on 4:3 but it can transfer in 16:9 like Star Wars from 1977 or the Queen Concert.. but original film is analog 4:3
  9. That's why, for me Shadow Of Your Love is a Guns N' Roses record because they sold the song in 1988 on japanese only EP or something.. the same way like Reckless Life, Anything Geos are Guns N' Roses records too because they sold the song under the Guns N' Roses name before even Shadow Of Your Love was released under Hollywood Roses name (the 2004 Demo album "Roots of GN'R) that's why it's stupid to call SOYL a Hollywood Rose Cover...
  10. it's (not) so easy, reckless road by Marc Canter Page 60 (germany version) Don't Cry was played for the first time at the Hollywood Rose Reunion Show at the Water Club
  11. so Don't Cry is a Hollywood Rose Song because it was first played with Hollywood Rose
  12. and Don't Cry was peformed with Hollywood Rose. So Don't Cry is a Hollywood Rose Cover !!!
  13. why is Shadow Of Your Love a Hollywood Rose Cover and Don't Cry not? I don't get it...