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  1. i have a question. Can i upload acoustic covers with vocal of GN'R songs without copyright strikes?
  2. Funniest lyric

    i laughed when i heard the story for the first time about Slashs Version of the Chorus of Paradise City. "Where the girls are fat and they've got big titties."
  3. There will be no new album anymore. The time is over. That's all bull shit to me. Slash should leave GN'R
  4. can i upload my acoustic cover of Welcome To The Jungle on YouTube without a strike?
  5. i really enjoy the new Greta Van Fleet Album but yea... i will watch some YouTube Clips from Guns N' Roses in October if they play some new stuff
  6. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle ...
  7. Loco-Motive

    No, I only want to hear from Axl: "This is a new song.... We wrote the song on the road during the NITL Tour, one of my favourite song of our brand new whole double record, 2CDs full of epicness, comin' out this christmas, I hope you like it... Give me the god-damn Intro Slash.... "
  8. so, this is topic is not "hot" yet?. People lost interest for a new Guns record.. This topic would be 20+ pages in 2016
  9. Axl has problems with himself. no doubt.
  10. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    it gives the titel "most dangerous band in the world" a new meaning.
  11. I was there in Malibu and I met Slash on the beach.
  12. both nights of Dodger 2016 were filmed. He was pretty good both nights.
  13. The Use Your Illusion Tour was complety filmed by a professional film crew. For examples Chicago and Oklahoma from 1992 were stolen and leaked. Every gig is on film. GN'R planed a movie about the UYI Tour called "Perfect Crime". But Axl you know? Nothin' .... but a good time So Not In This Lifetime... as a home release? I have not so much hope.