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  1. The thought of a new Guns album makes me wetter than a spastics chin

  2. If your looking for a Grade A pervert i'm ya man
  3. Board Games

    Very Sophisticated there Jan!
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Congrats if you ever need an over weight bold bloke to do your admin .....
  5. The Movie? It's in Production maybe even post production
  6. A live album would be a huge cop out
  7. Maybe Axl is just letting him use the studio for a new Slash solo album ... Playing the ultimate troll on us
  8. it's been done a few times The time he turned up pissed as a fart looking for a reunion. And then when they met for dinner before the actual reunion
  9. The mighty Gibbo has spoken
  10. Management freaked out and pulled the plug i'm guessing
  11. It's depressing how it has come to this .. The band has us begging for new music i'm waving $100 bills in Axl's face yet nothing comes of it
  12. If you started driving now ....
  13. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    What private vids?
  14. I'm at the point where I don't care who is playing on the tracks I just want to hear those tracks. If I had a choice its always Buckethead/Fink for me
  15. The studio is going to 100% be sound proof and miles away from hearing distance. Still can guarantee you a few crazies will turn up
  16. But what if the facts have been written by a liar??? Head spinner!!!
  17. ( In David Attenborough Voice ) And watch as the forum goes wild at the possibility of yet another 20 year wait for a mediocre Guns N Roses Album
  18. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I really don't see why they give a shit I mean if anything its promoting there music. Leaking songs yeah I get why they would be pissy about it but it ain't like people haven't heard Jungle before is it
  19. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    My Atlas says Manchester Is Fucked.
  20. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I have AN Atlas does that count?
  21. Just started Stranger Things first episode was great

    Annnnd we are out of the top 4
  23. All I will say there is when did the last Atheist blow themselves up in the name of Science ?
  24. And this is why i'm not a fan of any religion
  25. The Boxing Thread

    Told you lot he will be out in six!