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Everything posted by lukepowell1988

  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Happy Birthday Old Man
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah thats a good tune too I love the beat. Either is the best diss track ever to be made fucking murders Jay Z. Second has to be Hit Em Up by 2Pac
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    She must be used to the random shit that goes down here by now
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Just applied for a few jobs
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    What a legend he is still going? I fought they locked him up.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    It's so sleazy
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    If it was good enough for Adolf ....
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fear not lads plenty of Irons in the fire
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    On a slightly different subject you all know how much I hate my job right? Well had a meeting today and basically told my boss he is a piss taking joker and i'm going to be leaving as soon as possible. Not sure if I will be here much longer but got loads of cash reserved under the mattress if they boot me. I finally hit fuck it and went on the rampage.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Love Nas mate got all of his records up until Street Disciple. Cant remember the name of it but he did a record of unreleased stuff and B sides " Book Of Rhymes" was my favorite track on there.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yes Len with the Nas avatar! NY state of mind what a tune!!!
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    I love Canadians your like Americans but with personality. Less fat people and can have guns without acting like cunts.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Your so Canadian it hurts.
  15. Songs about GNR

    Reminds me of Axl every time
  16. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    He has a lot of recycled jokes I will give ya that
  17. General Chat / Random Musings

    No coke no weed no cigs vapes drink or gambling its been hard but i'm doing ok
  18. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    Him ripping his crowds is a good Youtube watch
  19. Songs about GNR

    Didn't say it wasn't Just stated the fact Ozzy wrote the lyrics.
  20. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    Billy connolly is great
  21. Songs about GNR

    Ozzy Actually wrote the lyrics
  22. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    Lee Evans I personally think he is fucking hilarious. Mike Reid is my all time fav however.
  23. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Alright Alright I confess I'm the supergrass. I have been grassing you all up for sexual favors from Beta.
  24. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    Fair point but i'm a patriot me.
  25. Songs about GNR

    Frantic is a fucking' tune