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Status Replies posted by lukepowell1988

  1. Jair Bolsonaro (A.K.A Brazillian D. Trump) is our next president.

    Feels gr8.


    1. lukepowell1988


      Well this is how Democracy works highest vote wins i'm afraid 

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  2. Not sure if this is okay here, but does anyone have the Chinese Democracy demos like Riad N The Bediuions with Buckethead?

  3. whatever happned to the people who said there would never be a reunion?

  4. designed for rhyme crime n!gga, jail time jiggas, them n!ggaz up in hype Vigors lighting n!ggas, silk wally wearin' figuaro chains yeah, jakes beware of black rap millionaires

  5. This is a sound check

    1. lukepowell1988


      thanks for clearing that one up I was worried

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  6. My inside sources tell me that Gracii is the next Mod.

  7. My inside sources tell me that Gracii is the next Mod.

  8. Rewatching 'Shingeki no Kyojin' AKA 'Attack on Titan'. Fucking insane.

    1. lukepowell1988


      My favorite anime to date :)