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  1. 23 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    Khan is clever in a money making sense but this is an oddly timed announcement.  For one Pacman is lined up to fight the infinitely bigger threat in welterweight champ Keith Thurman this weekend, why would you announce this fight a week before Pacman is about to face the stiffest test he's faced since Floyd Mayweather?  (which is not to say he's fought bums since, its just Keith is a quality opponent, undefeated and the conquerer of Shawn Porter and Danny Garcia).  If Pacman loses it kinda takes the legs out of the Khan fight a bit though Khan don't care, he just wants a legend on his resume I suppose.  And if Pacman beats Thurman, which is also very possible, it will make a Khan fight all the jucier.

    All of this is academic though because, even at 40 Pacman has way too much for Khan I think, though I have Thurman with the edge in a fight vs Pacman, if a very slight edge.  I'm a lot more interested in Pac vs Thurman this sunday than Khan vs anybody.  Its gonna be in Saudi though so he'll get some of that Man City money for his ride off into the sunset.  I'd also bear in mind that Khan saying the fight is done is hardly a reliable announcement, though there's every reason it might be, especially for the Saudi money, which Pac and Khan will both welcome. 

    I can't really blame these boxers for taking the easy route and chasing these Oil Barrons money.


    I heard Fury got offered stupid cash to fight Klitch on a Yacht for there re match when he one the world title? I would of taken it straight away and stuck a good fortune up my hooter.

  2. 2 hours ago, Gracii Guns said:

    At 1am some yoofs threw a big bottle of milk at our living room window before running. The whole house shook. 

    We've lived here for almost three years, and that's the worst of the neighbours we've experienced. 



    You sure thats milk?

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  3. 39 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    The same guy who guys 'alright Dillian Whyte, I'll fight you but only if the WBC put the Diamond belt on the line!' (thinkin' they wouldn't do that in a month of Sundays)

    WBC: Yeah alright, we're up for that.

    Fury:  Fuck off!  I ain't fighting Dillian Whyte


    I love Fury, don't get me wrong (chiefly because I think that this countrys heavyweight aspirations rest in his hands and perhaps only in his hands) but the man talks pure fuckin' shit :lol:

    I just think he is the ultimate wind up merchant really.

  4. 45 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    Turns out it was a load of bollocks, just Fury chattin' breeze again as usual :lol:

    FFS Fury got me excited then had added the date to my phones calendar like a saddo and everything 

  5. 20 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    Brazil won the Copa America I see.  I wonder if we're gonna see a resurgence of the Samba Boys now in international football, they have a history of it after all.  Didn't really get to watch the competition, can't be fucked staying up all hours now, not for footy anyway.

    That Everton kid was fucking class and Jesus should be given more games at Citeh.


    They actually seem to play better without that prick Neymar.

  6. Got shit faced last night in the front garden with a few of the lads been living here 3 years and have only just started talking to my neighbours.


    Took 12 bottles of stella to get me going but once I loosend up turns out is a pretty nice little community.


    My mate then decided to invite the local crackhead over for a tin the bloke stands around shouting the lords prayers turns out dude works for the NHS but thats about all I could get out of him sense wise.


    Dude was wankerd gave him a can and sent him on his way cos I didn't really want him around when my kid was about I get really protective also the wife coming home to find a crackhead in the garden shouting Jesus save us probs wont go down so well.


    He rocked back up later with 6 cans of black label cider blokes a tank but I dount he will remember a thing I spent an hour talking about football with him and taught him Ole's at the wheel and On the piss.with George Best was a good sing a long.


    Also one of the girls who works in my building walked past and probably thinks im a right head case now.

  7. 8 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

    Another missing child found dad. Mother arrested.

    Today NYC had the funeral for the retired police officer who died from complications due to the clean up after 9/ll. Jon Stewart was there too. Hopefully, Congress will approve more money for those who served and are still ill and need medical treatment.

    You will either have to put your daughter in her high chair outside the bathroom or take her with you. lol 

    You lose all your privacy when you become a parent.

    Peppa Pig is my ally.


    I stick that on Make Tyler a snack then leg it and push that turd out like an unwanted abortion.

  8. 5 hours ago, DieselDaisy said:

    Wills and Kate visiting your gaffe Len, Pakistan, apparently? Hope they stock up on the imodium. 

    Yeah but when they visit places there not really visiting are they? There gonna be locked away in a 5 star hotel well away from normality.

  9. 7 hours ago, Axl's Agony Aunt said:

    I'll renew the FPL league if you want. Think you'll be automatically registered if you have a team. 

    Nice one lad!

    7 hours ago, Len Cnut said:

    Argentina vs Brazil Copa America semi

    The idea of that game gives me a semi!


    Join the fantasy league this year bro

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