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  1. I wear vintage black label Frye boots from the early 1970s and even just walking around get to me sometime, how he manages boots continuously on stage is beyond me.
  2. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Trying to work on mine and upload them and bounce as many possible off my website. Will update shortly.
  3. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Didn't know he was a forum member, but my daughter and I spoke briefly to him. Seemed like a nice guy @RussTCB did we meet in Vegas?
  4. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Is he a pretty tall fellow, 6'6"-6'8" I'd guess?
  5. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Does anyone else have cell service with At&t and and are you experiencing issues around the stadium? I've cut my VPN off and on just to make sure it wasn't me, but been unable to reach the people I'm supposed to meet up with.
  6. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Does anyone know how to embed my periscope stream into my personal website? Is that something that's allowed and doesn't violate any of periscope rules etc?
  7. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Be safe and we will see you there. I'll be easy to find in a Darth Vader ace of spades shirt
  8. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    We are about to take off, can anyone offer some ideas as to the best way to the stadium from the airport besides a ex? Lol.
  9. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    I'm ready for the show since it'll be my first one in almost a year now and should be a great time with my daughter, but bittersweet since it's time for her to go to her moms now on Monday.
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the Vegas shows, but after that it has seemed the anticipation isn't what it was leading up to the Las Vegas shows. I enjoy going to the shows, but for me it's starting to get boring with little to no changes at any of the shows I've seen. I'm going to the Minneapolis show since I have to already be there and the Little Rock show since it's close to home, but I don't think I'd invest the money into going to a show like I did for Vegas without it being some major changes. Give me AFD5 or some new material and I'd be all for making another trip like Vegas.
  11. True. Unless you're from the south you can't understand the humidity here.
  12. 07/30/17 - Minneapolis, MN - US Bank Stadium

    Hope so. I had taken it off my list since they added Little Rock. I've got to take my daughter to Minneapolis on the 31st, so might as well take her to her first GNR show before she goes back to her moms.
  13. Ah, we can just stick with the GNR chant and leave the SEC chants until MSU/Arkansas in November. Let me know what your plans are and we can meet up before the show or something. This is tailgating country so it wouldn't surprise me to see some tents up before the show.
  14. Nah, we can stick with maroon and white @BrownstoneMan87