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  1. I’m not surprised the radio edits weren’t included either, but the remixes are a different story. What demo of Used to Love Her? The short piece that was on the Nevin tapes with Cornshucker? I think they should have cleaned up and included all of that but here we are. At least it’s out there. And why is that guy so obsessed with having everything taken down?
  2. Looking through all the old Singles on Discogs I noticed a few things that that may interest some of us WTTJ, SCOM, Paradise City and Patience all have radio edits, WTTJ and SCOM have a few different radio edits. Most of us have probably heard these throughout the years and have been annoyed by them, they usually cut the beginning and end, and cut up the solo. Now the more interesting stuff Its So Easy (clean version) SCOM (new remix) this full length, not an edit SCOM (remix/radio edit) Mr Brownstone (Alt mix) Has anyone heard any of these? ISO was on YouTube for awhile (back off) and Brownstone is kind of common. But SCOM I have never heard, and since it has been remixed, I wouldn’t mind listening to the edit too. Are there any real differences? I know there was a thread about what is missing from the box set but that was mostly focused on demos and I wanted to give these some more attention.
  3. Looking to make a compilation of all rare officially released songs, and hoping you all can help me complete my list. Live in the Jungle ep Shadow of Your Love (two versions) Knockin on Heaven's Door (DOT soundtrack version) question: Does Adler play drums on this? Knockin on Heavens Door (Freddy Murcury tribute) Civil War (nobody's Child mix) Dont Cry Demo Live and Let Die (live) You're Crazy (alt acoustic version) Coma (live) Sympathy for the Devil Oh My God Sweet Child O Mine (big daddy version) What am I missing? And where can I find it? Hopefully with the reunion happening they revisit the old catalog and give these songs a proper home. Thanks for all your help!