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  1. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Hotter than hell here! I'm parked in 3rd base garage, anyone else? Got a few beverages for the wait after the show. Lol
  2. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Marlins Park is really lousy with providing information. I was there at the All-Star Game a few weeks ago, some garages opened at 11:30 AM and others opened 90 minutes before gates. Parking is $35, they sell most in advance. I'll be in one of the garages between 4:30-5:00 until around 7 PM (not gonna bother with Simpson).
  3. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Cheapest seats from Ticketmaster are now $135 including fees (there's a few scattered singles at $55 though). Not bad for a Tuesday night in the middle of summer in Miami. Can't believe I've been holding onto my tickets since last year!
  4. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    It's a term originated when drivers would play a game whereby they speed directly at each other, and whomever swerves out of the way to safety first is the loser. If neither car swerves, the head on collision makes them both losers. LOL In this instance, you've got people waiting to buy with the hope that prices will be lowered before the show. And you've got the box office (and Ticketmaster) waiting to reduce prices with the hope that people will buy them at the currently inflated prices. Eventually either the buyers will give in and pay the higher prices, or Ticketmaster will lower the prices. I've waited until day of concert to buy tickets in the past, sometimes I saved a lot of money and sometimes it cost me. Hard to predict.
  5. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    There's a different setup for this show, looks like the two separate pit areas are on the sides and there's no center stage pit. But the ticket site doesn't show the stage being extended forward between the pits, so not sure what's happening with all that front and center area?
  6. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Yup, I'll be staying in my seat the whole time. Well as I thought the middle and upper level seats are almost completely sold out, no more $35 seats as the in-the-door price is now $50. No more pit tickets, but still a ton of back section floor seats for $270. It's a game of chicken at this point.
  7. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Here's an up-to-the-minute pic .... probably 75% of seats sold, and there will likely be a strong walkup crowd for those who refuse to pay the Ticketmaster fees. I think they want all the cheap ($35-$55) seats sold so that people are forced to buy the expensive seats to get in. Don't think it will work, though ... I expect huge price reductions for floor and lower bowl.
  8. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    There's been a price surge for pit tickets. Only Slash's side is still available, and they are selling for $360.
  9. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    So right about the traffic. I went to Marlins Park last Sunday and Tuesday for the All-Star Game, even getting to Miami by 4:00 PM and still it took forever to drive the short distance from I-95 to the parking garage. Sure enough, I got stuck at that drawbridge. This is why so many people refuse to see the Marlins, horrible location to reach and very limited parking. Is there some kind of noise ordinance for weeknights? I'm wondering if that's the reason for the earlier start time. Or maybe they've got a second opener?
  10. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Thanks, looking forward to it. Never been to a concert in a baseball park before.
  11. GnR and NWA- The tour that almost was

    Lenny my friend, rap evolved from rock! Why do you think so many rappers - pre and post Run DMC - have been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame? What did Run DMC call themselves? Did they refer to themselves as the "King of Rap"? Noooo! They referred to themselves as the "King of ROCK". In fact, their 2nd studio album - recorded in 1984, long before Walk This Way - was titled "King of ROCK" and included heavy guitar riffs in most of the songs. THAT album reached #12 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts. So tell me again how mixing rock and rap is not respected in the hip hop community? Are you familiar at all with Soul Train? If you aren't, trust me when I say there's no chance Walk This Way would have won Soul Train's Best Rap Single Award without the support of the Hip Hop Community. So while the mixture of established rock and rap acts certainly helped Hip Hop/Rap go mainstream, you're very much mistaken to think the mixing of rock and rap wasn't respected in the hip hop community. Because without the support of the Hip Hop Community, there's no chance albums like King of Rock and songs like Walk This Way would have climbed the Hip Hop charts and won Soul Train Best Rap Single awards.
  12. GnR and NWA- The tour that almost was

    For now I'll address Walk This Way. It wasn't just Run DMC sampling the original song, it also included new recording of Tyler's vocals and Perry's guitar therefore it was a true collaboration. As for the impact on the hip hop community? The new version was on Raising Hell, which was Run DMC's album ... it wasn't on Aerosmith's album. It was DMC's first single that went Gold. Along with Licensed To Ill, it helped create a whole new genre called rap rock (Magnificent Seven didn't have the impact, especially in the US). It won Run DMC the Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap Single. It was the first Hip Hop song to hit Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was basically THE song that made Run DMC mainstream stars. The song made Hip Hop music commercially viable, which up to that point had been looked at as a fad by many critics. C'mon mate. I know you think very highly of NWA and never cared much for GNR, but this notion of yours that NWA would somehow have lost respect in the hip hop community if they had done a couple shows with GNR is pure bollocks.
  13. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    Yeah I'm leaving West Palm around 4PM that day, dreading that drive to Marlins Park. Scheduling on a Tuesday definitely didn't help ticket sales, it was so much better in Orlando because it was a Friday. Ah well, che sarà. I've got one pit ticket on Slash's side, and a lower level pair behind home plate. Not sure if I will go alone and use the pit ticket, or take a girl and use the pair.
  14. GnR and NWA- The tour that almost was

    Like Run DMC lost credibility teaming up with Aerosmith? Cypress Hill with Pearl Jam? Public Enemy with Anthrax?
  15. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    I can kinda understand going with him as an opener for Colorado and Arkansas ... but Miami? It's like management figured "Florida is far south, so all Floridians must like country music." Ummm ... no. Probably 70% of Floridians have Northern roots, or roots in other countries. I got AIC and The Cult as GNR openers the past couples shows I attended, no complaints about them. But this Simpson guy? What a major letdown. The thing I don't get is why a hard rock band would have a mellow country singer as the opener. Fans of GNR, for the most part, are not country music fans. An opener for a rock band is supposed to get the fans primed and pumped for the main event. I can't see that happening in Miami, not with that crowd. Deftones Live Royal Blood Our Lady Peace ZZ Top Lenny Kravitz AIC The Cult Sebastian Bach Tyler Bryant Wolfmother Billy Talent The Struts They all make sense. My favorite of all the GNR openers I've seen in recent years, The Pretty Reckless ... great performance, perfect match. Here's a sample of what a Simpson hit song is like, try to stay awake!