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  1. Try Redbreast 12 or 15. And if you're into peaty whisky try Connemara 12. Very different kind of peat than the Scottish ones though. Also, I'm looking for some Bourbon tips. I love stuff like Pappy, Booker's, Weller 12 or Blanton's Straight From The Barrel. But most of that is fairly expensive here. Any bourbon that comes close to those in quality but at a much lower price? Not that big a fan of Bulleit. I do think Buffalo Trace is decent and Knob Creek is ok too.
  2. Your favourite live albums

    To name a few...
  3. Stop setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment.
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    I can never really get into Cave. But Death Is Not The End is pure magic and prompted me to listen to this again. Still, most of his music doesn't work for me somehow.
  5. What Albums Are You Looking Forward To?

    I love and will blindly buy every Dylan Bootleg Series they put out. Not really looking forward to this as much because I don't really like this period other than Gotta Serve Somebody. But they might surprise me like they did with Another Self-Portrait. So far this series has never disappointed!
  6. American Horror Story:Cult

    I think the wife is interesting. Maybe the new neighbors too. I liked Billie Lourd in Scream Queens for being over the top, but I have no clue how she'll be in this. So far Evan Peters character is a little annoying and Sarah Paulson's is really fucking annoying. Plus I hated Twisty the first time around.
  7. American Horror Story:Cult

    Just watched the first episode... It was a bit of a let-down. I hoped for something more...intriguing I guess.
  8. MyGNR

    Far worse.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Work or future endeavor? They all retweeted it.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Why are they all leaving all of a sudden? Also, where are they going? Ps. Or is this the greatest work in WhatCulture/WCPW history?
  11. MyGNR

    In reality I think he just really liked the ad-money. Income without effort. It's still very high in searches so it's a fair lot of revenue. Even though it's shit.
  12. Absolutely. The blues usually works even better for older artists. It adds a certain level of credibility and experience and all. There's a lot of good young blues guys out there, but it just works better stripped down to an acoustic guitar and an old weathered voice. Keith of all people should know that.
  13. The title track on Crosseyed Heart is all the reason the world needs for a Keith Richards blues album.
  14. I've seen Chuck Berry once, in 2009. He played a 1 hour and 15 minute show, which I've heard is quite long for him. The venue held about 1000 people. Objectively it was one of the sloppiest shows I've ever been to. But in all honesty the sheer joy he showed playing with his daughter and son made sure I left the venue completely happy and satisfied. He was great with the fans too, signed a girl's guitar, pulled people onto the stage, sat down afterwards to sign stuff and greet people. Fantastic night.... but technically shit.