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  1. Depends entirely on the festival how much they announce beforehand.
  2. It is. I'm part of the problem... Not as much as I used to be, but still.
  3. Concert goers are funny though. The vast majority bitch and complain and then just cough up the money anyway. Not really making a statement...
  4. I agree with everything you said in that post. I'm not sure how it works in other countries, but over here a fair lot of festivals have started offering early bird tickets at discount prices. After a predetermined amount of time passes the regular prices apply. As long as later discounts don't go below the early bird ticketprices, I think it's a very fair system. I've only seen it at festival though. Never at regular concerts.
  5. The must have album of 2017

    Yeah... that might be a fake account. Notice how it's not verified and has that double n at the end? Not to mention the poor grammar?
  6. This is really the downside of the internet. People spot a bootleg and think they can "make it better" by adding shit they haven't properly researched. People keep putting together their own bootleg and fake shit gets mixed in with the real stuff. I'll take the classic more trustworthy boots any time. Stuff like Mates and Rumbo Tapes. Or stuff like The Story Vol. 1 and 2 or Unreleased Tracks vol 1 through 6. Any uneducated tit can put stuff on YouTube and pretend it's real.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I thought it was pretty fucking flawed. AJ/Brock was good and it did have moments where I started hoping AJ would actually get the win, but in the end the predictable happened. I also liked the way they booked Asuka. Thought the rest of the women's SS match was a mess. The men's SS was all about the game. I really don't get it. Instead of putting an actual spotlight on Nak, Joe, Roode and Balor they were way too focused on the HHH-Strowman story. Shane chasing off KO and Sami was ridiculous too. Uso's-Bar was good. Miz-Corbin exceeded the really low expectations, but meh. Shield-New Day should've been better and in the women's match I'm mostly just glad Charlotte went over. It wasn't a bad PPV, but it should've been better and made more sense booking-wise.
  8. Nirvana "The Fourth Album" (fanmade)

    So it's basically a best of With The Lights Out? Or a best of Outcesticide (Blue Moon)? Come to think of it, isn't Sliver already a best of With The Lights Out?
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It really did.
  10. RIP Malcolm Young

    So sad to hear! We all knew it was coming for a while now, but still. I consider myself lucky to have seen him live. Absolute legend!
  11. Last full album you listened to?

    Got the office to myself, so I declared Stones day.
  12. other bands' appetite

    I'm thinking about The Beatles' now. Which seems a lot more difficult. Commercially Sgt Pepper's would be the obvious pick, but in reality I'd say Rubber Soul was a much more defining album for them as a band. But then again, Help was pretty much already a grand reaction to the full beatle-mania. Which was already in full swing by the time of Hard Day's Night and Beatles For Sale. So you could make a case for any of these albums. Appetite is a peculiar thing. It's the defining GnR album, but it's also their debut. And their break through, the one they blew up with. But it's not their biggest in terms of popularity at the time. I'd say that's still UYI, the band was a much bigger thing then. The only other album I can think of that shares all these characteristics is probably Pearl Jam's Ten. And maybe Oasis' Definitely Maybe.
  13. other bands' appetite

    You're actually wrong. The Stones' defining album is Aftermath. Don't get me wrong, Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Exile On Main St. and Sticky Fingers are some of the best albums ever made. But Aftermath is the Stones coming into their own. That was their defining record, and everything else is built on it.
  14. Not going unless something changes. It was awesome, I enjoyed myself a lot, it was great to fincally see the two people that got me into rock music together on stage, but now it's time for something new. It's starting to feel cash-grabby now. And, depite that it was really good, it wasn't that good that I need to go again asap. Ps. Is the last poll option for people who like Dizzy Reed, or is it meant to be read as "I'm Dizzy Reed so I pretty much have to go".
  15. The vocals have something U2'ish in them, but they also sort of remind me of Joe Bonamassa's Dust Bowl. It's a good vibe though, I'm digging it! Edit: The U2'ish vibe for me might be from Bullet In The Blue Sky