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  1. Get 1 $1000,- hookerbot or get 1000 $1,- hookerbots.
  2. It MIGHT be because it's a total cashgrab not worth its price. It looks good because of all the junk, but realistically you just want the music. The rest will just sit there in a box and you'll never use it or look at it anyway. And this barely offers anything the average bootlegger doesn't already have. They should at least include 1 or 2 live shows from the 80s. Or some more interesting material. This is nowhere near worth its price for me.
  3. It's not even on sugarfactory's agenda... Weird. I bet they'll have a cover band. Or Adler.
  4. For work I frequently have to go to The Hague or Amsterdam. And our main office is in Nieuwegein. It's just 2 to 2,5 hours. I don's consider it close, but I definitely don't consider it far away either. Randstad-people are strange. When I get there they mostly expect me to sing songs to their children of my distant travels.
  5. No. Welcome To The Jungle is the ultimate GnR opener. Chinese Democracy a close second.
  6. I probably loved Nijmegen 2006 the most. That had a certain mystique that was lacking the other times. Axl was a mythical creature on par with Bigfoot himself, Izzy was there and the band was on fire. I didn't like 2010 Arnhem that much. Set was good, voice was decent, crowd was meh, Ashba was almost as ennoyable as having a root canal without anesthetics while being on fire. Which resulted in me skipping 2012. Last year was pretty much coming full circle for me. I finally saw my first two Rock and Roll heroes together on stage and I was high-fiving 13 year old me who first saw them on TMF through the space-time continuum. But if I'm completely honest I also missed a bit of fire and passion. It was there sometimes (like with Angus) but it was missing at other times. So I'm skipping them this year. I've just seen them and it wasn't epic enough for me to go again this soon. I'm a satisfied man. Than what? It might be slightly better than being in a room that's on fire, but only just. I honestly think it's one of the worst concert venues in The Netherlands. Terrible acoustics, very little atmosphere and there's way too much light for an indoor venue. True, but I'd rather be in an outdoor venue with decent acoustics and a nice natural scene that's hard to get in and out of than in something that sounds like a bathroom and has the atmosphere of a morgue. Agreed. And where I was (normal entry just behind the pit) the crowd was great. I do agree that these days at a lot of concerts there are the typical "We're here to get fucking drunk and what band is playing tonight anyway?" groups and I hate them with a firey passion straight from the depths of hell itself. But at GnR there weren't many of those types near me. I tried to spot MB and you at the other side of the fence, but since I don't know what you two look like I didn't have that much to go on other than rough descriptions. Still, it was a fun game. I lost. I live in Groningen. I really don't get why people still pretend driving and hour more now and then to get to a concert is a long time. Especially us Dutch. You're not wrong though.
  7. It's not the music that's the worst part. It's the lyrics that ultimately ruin it. Piss-poor.
  8. I've always found that weird too. Artists I love are perfectly capable of making songs that I hate and artists I hate are perfectly capable of making songs that I love. "Liking" something only because <insert artist here> is on it isn't actually liking it. It's just having your head up someones ass.
  9. I've listened to it twice and I feel the same way.
  10. Last full album you listened to?

  11. Greta Van Fleet

    I instantly thought of Wolfmother too. They also got the Led Zeppelin comparison of doom. But to be perfectly honest I think these guys aren't that interesting either.
  12. Your concerts in 2018

    Saw Pearl Jam yesterday at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. These guys absolutely blew me away! I'm by no means a big PJ fan and other than Ten and a few other songs I'm not even that familiar with their stuff. But these guys were absolutely fucking brilliant. One of the best things I've seen in some time. Does anybody know where I can buy live recordings of their gigs? Is it through https://pearljam.com/shop/music/bootlegs ? And how long does it take before shows get put up there?
  13. Sad but true. Now they're merely a testament to what could have been had the album dropped somehwere between 1999 and 2002.
  14. Roxy soundboard **NO LINKS**

    Wait, what leaked? Audio only? Or video? Roxy as in Roxy 1986?
  15. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I think I also prefer this to the album version. The style if very If The World. And I like that.