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  1. It's a collection of songs that could've been great but were ruined by horrible over-over-over-production and re-re-re-recording. The songs are essentially good, but the finally released product lacks direction and focus because way too many worked on it over a way too long period. As an album it's a bloated mess that doesn't gel together and it's too long (mind you, the UYI's suffer from this problem too). In my opinion every song we've heard demo's of from the 1998-2004 era were better in it's demo form. Much leaner. Also, I never got the deal about Better. The Blues, CD, Catcher, TWAT, Prostitute and Madagascar are all way better songs imo. Ultimately the album is a perfect reflection of the 10+ year road towards it - messy and all over the place.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    So... I guess Mania is shaping up... Based on the rumors it'd be something like
  3. Slayer Announces Farewell Tour

    I've always hated Slayer. Still do. Kerry King especially. Glad they're finally calling it quit's. After losing Hanneman and kicking out Lombardo this is the right call.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    That's a horrible plan. Mixed tag matches in WWE are alwways horrible. Sounds like a waste of Rousey's debut.
  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I read somewhere that Meltzer had said they're considering Ronda & a partner vs. Steph and Tripls H. Which, imo, is a horrible idea. Just go with Ronda-Charlotte and Asuka-Bliss.
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Asuka won't win - Ronda will. And hopefully she'll challenge Charlotte. Asuka will hopefully challenge Bliss anyway, leading to Ronda-Asuka down the line. Maybe at SS or the next WM. Agreed on Nak. Or is that just wishful thinking? Is it still an outside option that Balor wins (with help of Gallows and Anderson) and challenges Brock? Or maybe AJ? I'd be ok with that... They might just go with something meh, like Ziggler. If Bryan is facing anyone, it should be Miz. But I heard a rumor they're planning Braun-Miz. Also, Brock retains by pinning Kane. As for NJPW, This has to be the beginning of the end of the whole BC angle, right? I mostly don't get the Bucks siding with Cody. But whatever. Omega-Cody at the next big event?
  7. Your concerts in 2018

    Tried to get U2 tickets today, which went shit. They also announced Elton John in 2019. Tickets going on sale in 2 weeks or so. Definitely going to try for those.
  8. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    Pouring sugar in your coffee is a horrible act of blasphemy.
  9. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    I was noticably moody, had headaches and had very little energy when I hadn't had my coffee at that time. I imagine it's worse when you do it for a longer periode of time.
  10. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    At one point I eaily drank 10 cups a day at work alone. And that was before we got the horrible sludge machines we have now. I cut back to a max of 3 a day and I feel a lot better. Now I can easily skip coffee for a day without getting a serious headache.
  11. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Holy hell, RAW was horrible!
  12. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    Big fan of coffee and tea. They're the whisky among non-alcoholic drinks really. Tea - surprise me. I love really black Yunnon tea. It's very earthy in flavour. I also love Chai Spice. I'm not sure about the English word for it, but one local tea store has the best Rooibos tea I've ever had. It's called "Niet te pruimen". Great mixture of cinamon, prunes, rosepetals, papaya and heaven knows what else. But I try a lot anyway. There's an old church nearby that houses a tea company. They get a lot of herbs from their own garden and you can go there for high tea or lunch. Their tea card has over 250 types of tea which are all for sale in their store. There's even a small museum. Great scones too... I'm getting hungry now. As far as coffee goes, I can't say I'm as much of an experienced connoisseur. I love it simple. A good espresso. I know I like Konga from Etheopia and Manhelding from Sumatra. But I wouldn't really know how they compare to a lot of others. I just know I like these bags at the local coffee shop. And despite this being The Netherlands I mean an actual COFFEE shop. Anyway - anything is better than the hateful sludge that drips out of our coffee machines at work. And to think I work in IT..... Google Maps screenshot of the tea place, I mean, how nice does this look?
  13. cranberries singer dead

    Musicians have been dying ever since there were musicians. It happens a lot. It's not recent. Look up your history and stop acting so dramatic. Yes, it's very sad and all, but it's not like musicians dying is a new thing.
  14. Your concerts in 2018

    So far just seeing Pokey LaFarge next month. Missed out on Pearl Jam tickets. Still considering GnR, Iron Maiden and Roger Waters. But I've seen them all before, so nothing is a must at this point. Billy Joel has also announced some European dates. If a Dutch date pops up I'll definitely try and get tickets for that.
  15. Gardening

    I really want to make a joke about pubic hair in this thread.