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  1. GNR Interview on June 11

    I think he will post who the interview is with tomorrow mate
  2. GNR Interview on June 11

    All he told me is he will know at 4 tomorrow
  3. GNR Interview on June 11

    The interview is tomorrow at 4pm. I'd say it's with slash
  4. Be great if we got a remaster of jungle live era. From the promo. Shit audio
  5. Best Version of KOHD.

    Have to be the poplars it has 12 million views on my channel.
  6. Looks like they are all HD now apart from Bad Apples
  7. Alan Niven bootlegs

    Had them for a while mate. Nothing to get excited about I just thought I'd share them so we have the full set of 7 Paradise #1 is 10.27.87 Paradise, Boston, MA date on Paradise #2 part 1 is the last bit of the same show #1 ends with KOHD, #2 starts with You’re Crazy so Paradise #1 parts 1 & 2 + Paradise #2 part1 = full show
  8. Yep taken down manually like I thought it would be the link was only shared here. From another fake account
  9. On my second channel unlisted. Lets see if it gets taken down manual like my other channel.
  10. you could be mine

  11. International Federation of the Phonographic this time
  12. Alan Niven bootlegs

    Ill have all 7 uploaded soon image upload free image uploader
  13. I have re-upload it and should stay up