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  1. On this episode of Westwood One's Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - new interviews with Tobias from Ghost and Nothing More's Jonny Hawkins. Spell-caster Alan Niven co-hosts. And we offer a full explanation of the unsubstantiated claims that Guns N' Roses have recorded a new song (T-Rex's Children Of The Revolution). Guns N' Roses - Children Of The Revolution update at approx. 44minutes 55 seconds. LINK: https://omny.fm/shows/rock-talk-with-mitch-lafon/ghost-and-nothing-more
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if slash's going into the studio now he doesn't have any shows till January. He can't site around doing nothing. He was in there at the same time last year
  3. I was talking to someone in the know today. I was telling them about the rumours that Susan's posted on Instagram and they said "Nobody cares about a live record. A live record doesn’t give you another tour cycle. They need another tour cycle "
  4. Setlist It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live and Let Die Slither Rocket Queen Shadow Of Your Love You Could Be Mine You Can't Put Your Arms/Attitude Civil War Yesterdays Coma Slash Guitar Solo Sweet Child O' Mine Wichita Lineman Used To Love Her Wish You Were Here November Rain Black Hole Sun Only Women Bleed/Knockin' on Heaven's Door Nightrain Encore: Patience Madagascar Don't Cry The Seeker Paradise City
  5. I do mate, I just wish they wouldnt change the order sometimes
  6. Yep I agree. I need a break from posting the same setlist show after
  7. Just more dates. New tour I guess to do with the announcement in January. Who knows what to believe at this stage
  8. No one knows it just rumoured more tour dates for the 2nd half of next year
  9. The rumour is there's going to be a announcement and more tour dates next year.
  10. I have heard there's over 100 unheard songs they are probably not complete from a good source. But I just don't think they have had enough time for Axl to put it together to release it in 2019 hope am wrong mate.
  11. The GH with a couple of reworked tracks rumour has been around since 2016. So either GH with a few reworked songs or live show Bluray/audio with some reworked songs bonus disc. T-Rex cover is pretty much a definite at some stage in 2019. I just thinks its too early for a whole album.
  12. Both http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/215060-081916-los-angeles-ca-dodger-stadium/?do=findComment&comment=4250466