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  1. Only if Young Lust (Pink Floyd) is in the tracklist
  2. Since 0:29 mark, after the drum fill, frank is out of time (or slash?), and Axl is not singing yet. And after every drum fill, the band (or frank) lose the tempo again...
  3. Great! Now not only Axl is out of time, Frank too!
  4. The bass slide at 1.32 is BADASS, I hope they add that break in GNR shows
  5. Fly GNAIR

    GNAir and Flygnair aren't registered as trademark yet. That's strange, considering WAR Tequila and Stay of execution, both registered with anticipation (and never released). The domain (flygnair.com) is registered since May 1st
  6. Fly GNAIR

    what kind of leak is this???
  7. fuck Axl, you only have one job! Learn the damn song
  8. For me, it's the same 2013 version without Bumble guitars. Also, its mono
  9. https://vimeo.com/72864173 The old version of Going down was removed only a few days back after 5 years. What's happening???
  10. but...after so many years, probably that stuff passed through dozens of hands. If that leaked today, I don't know if you can blame the original company
  11. I miss the "what can I do?" line from silkworms