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  1. Yeah, quick song is so cool. I had Evader mix for me my favourite guitar solo takes (5,11, and 16) on Axl’s scream on take 2, it’s super cool! Is the Robin’s solo of this version identical to take 2, just modified in the studio to a Lower key and distorted? Also, u can hear Axl’s take 2 vocals (lowered) that are missing from this version.
  2. In all honesty, of all the leaks w/vocals, this is the one I regularly listen to. It's a cool song and very GnR'. Mixed, mastered and some more lead guitars and this is a hit!
  3. Can’t stop listening to Mustache, I’d love to hear Axl rasp on that. Sounds like a beast of a song.
  4. Last few sentences, “You’ve got me stuck in a game, of ____ and doubt”
  5. I can make out some, about half. They are there, but muffled.
  6. Anyone got lyrics to this, in particular last part?
  7. I can’t stop listening to the entire disc. Take 19 is my favourite, they’re all different and all good. My wife says, they’re all the same, 🤣
  8. So new album in 6, that means single in 3?
  9. D-Tune is wicked cool. Was humming guide vocals (lol) and this song with an awesome solo is A+. Circus Maximus is also really cool. Love the intro that kicks in with drums. hope to see them all done in the future.
  10. Who's the Mac Daddy?

    That’s what I thought as well. Awful song tho...
  11. Newest Atlas just doesn't sound right to me, just overproduced and the layers don't work for me. Solo seems to be re-done, is that Bumble?