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  1. Pics? Edit- Nvm wasn't loading It's okay I guess. Probably won't buy
  2. No opener. Expect them on 7:45-8:15 or so.
  3. Problem is that they're charging the same prices as the stadium tour. So if you're in the pit, the ticket that got you Chris Stapleton or the Struts or Alice in Chains now gets you nothing additional. It's a valid criticism if GnR doesn't change/add their set.
  4. Sail away Sweet sister intro

    Always thought it was funny that Axl sang it a bunch, but Queen never performed it.
  5. Depends, but generally yes. It can be risky, but do research into when they stop sales. Could be smart to wait until the opener is on.
  6. Lol, they fuckin rule. Tryna see them tomorrow night, but none of my friends are game.
  7. stubhub is probably the safest. Only once did I run into an issue (Hershey), and all it took was one phonecall to resolve. Ended up getting into the show for free. I will say NYC shows will always be pricey. Wait as long as you can to buy the tickets would be my strategy.
  8. Got it during the Nightrain presale. There are some on stubhub, but they seem pretty high.
  9. Venue Name Change: Capital One Arena The Phone Booth has become....The Wallet?
  10. According to an email sent out by Ticketmaster, ZZ Top will open all three MSG shows.
  11. Anyone get a chance to go into the park? SkyRush 10/10!
  12. Resemblance to Marnie is uncanny! Eighth row back with Gunsfanoldie.