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  1. I don’t necessarily expect them to act normally, because it absolutely isn’t a normal situation. But if individuals are expected to have a savings and emergency funds, so should these companies. I’m fine with them “rescheduling” or offering credit to mitigate refunds, that’s to be expected.
  2. I appreciate the heads up. I’m outside the US and that’s bullshit. We'll see what happens but I have no problem disputing that charge if they won’t refund.
  3. Had an STP show get refunded and it was absolutely seamless. TM for all it's bullshit is pretty simple and fair. It’s my DC to London flight I’m more concerned about. Feel like they may try and force credit on me or delay the refund.
  4. Same for Glass Animals’ recent release. It gets released when they want it to.
  5. 07/16/20 - Washington, DC - Nationals Park

    Definitely going to the show, just playing the waiting game with tickets. The only wrinkle is that it appears to be hard tickets only. edit: just found out I won tickets!
  6. Did PJ have Platinum tickets?
  7. Sister lives in Wrigleyville and she has an ad on her metro stop. DC market has it on TV and on video billboards outside Capital One Arena. It’s a hard push.
  8. You’re undoubtedly doing some amount of damage to your ears, but it’s frustrating because I haven’t found plugs that don’t ruin the concert experience.
  9. I believe that’s a descriptor. No mention on any ticketing site.
  10. There will be tickets readily available if you wait. It may not be the best seat, but there will be something for you.
  11. Gordon, you’re completely wrong. Where are you looking?
  12. Holy shit your rent is $250?! Got a spare room?
  13. My only concern with buying last second is that for Nats park it appears to be only hard tickets. Makes it a bit more complicated for people reselling theirs at a loss.
  14. No worries, you don’t want to get your guy in trouble. In the meantime let’s throw around some baseless speculation: The Struts, Highly Suspect, Cage the Elephant, Alice In Chains, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Bring Me the Horizon