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  1. Rest assured, Axl does have an open letter to the fans and a special plague edition of Appetite in the works. They’ll be arriving any day now in the spring of 2028.
  2. Mine hasn’t changed much. Being too young to have lived through the original era, I never really had either of them high up on a pedestal or any grandiose expectations of them changing the entire direction of the band again if they came back. My disillusionment and disappointment with Axl on the other hand between the Chinese Democracy era and now has grown immeasurably. Looking back on classic GNR, the stories, the videos, everything about them, it was Axl and Axl alone who was responsible for making them “the most dangerous band in the world.” Sure, the rest of them were a bunch of semi- or fully dysfunctional drug addicts - but that’s neither unique nor particularly dangerous to anyone but themselves. Drugged out rockstars are a dime a dozen. It was Axl that was unique both within the band and among rockstars of the era, because he was basically at war with everyone and everything. The critics, the media, the fans, the bandmates, the management, other bands, the women in his life - anyone he crossed paths with, he might explode in spectacular fashion against them, seemingly out of nowhere, without regard for the consequences, at times even to the point of unleashing physical violence. That was what was dangerous about GNR. Axl was hardly the first guy to wage a one-man war against the world, but this was the first time you had a highly talented, world famous rock band tethered to such a personality. And well into the Chinese Democracy era, even past the release of the album for a time, Axl remained a compelling figure because this hadn’t changed. Axl was still at war with everything, no longer as a Napoleonic conqueror but instead as Colonel Kurtz in the jungle. You may still love Axl as a musician (indeed I do), but that mystique he once had is dead now, and it’s dead because Axl is now at peace with the world. He let go of his old grudges. He stopped exploring new musical directions. He shows up on time and turns in predictable performances. He doesn’t pick fights anymore. He gives friendly interviews to the media. He holds conventional liberal political opinions. He never says anything that would offend mainstream sensibilities. He doesn’t even sue anybody these days, the lazy rich man’s way of war. Axl is a 100% tamed monster these days, and while that’s probably great for his own emotional well-being (indeed he’s probably never been happier or more comfortable than he is now), from a dramatic standpoint there’s no thrill or adventure to him anymore. All that’s left is his performance as a musician, and with his diminishing vocal abilities and refusal to take any new creative risks, it all adds up to a very boring and familiar figure, the aged out, washed up musical has-been. A long way to fall in just a few years for such a legendary artist, and an especially grave disappointment for those of us who were invested in Axl’s creative vision from the era of Chinese Democracy.
  3. Pull up P.R.L. and go to the bit that starts at 1:08 Now listen to this: Also that effect you hear at 0:28 in P.R.L.? Used right here at 2:18 for teleportation sounds Clearly Axl is saving P.R.L. and probably all rest of the new music for the soundtrack of Timesplitters 4 (which, like all the locker material, has also been abandoned in development hell).
  4. The last two minutes of Coma > Locomotive > the rest of Coma
  5. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    (The singer also flashed his first ear-to-ear grin of the night during “Welcome to the Jungle,” when a fan in the pit passed him a blue jersey with “Sunnyvale” on the front and “Ricky 420” on the back. That’s a little bit of an inside joke, by the way; a nod to a long-running Canadian mockumentary series titled “Trailer Park Boys” that Rose has in the past professed his affection for). One of you maniacs in the front row should write an unreleased song name on a t-shirt and throw it to him. Hard School, Atlas Shrugged, Soul Monster, The General.
  6. Is this the same version of Elvis we already had leaked? Any quality difference?
  7. Slash: defined the sound of the band Izzy: wrote the best songs Gilby: who? Buckethead: god Bumblefoot: technical genius, lacking in soul Paul: wrote a few good songs Robin: erratic but respectable Fortus: reliable workman Ashba: fuck off
  8. Chinese Democracy: 1. Chinese Democracy (the rough version) 2. Better (with the live intro and “now you know I know better”) 3. State of Grace (all polished up with finished vocals) 4. Shackler’s Revenge 5. There Was A Time (like the rough version but with Buckethead’s solo) 6. Atlas Shrugged 7. Scraped (with the drum intro) 8. Perhaps 9. Oh My God 10. I.R.S. 11. Catcher in the Rye (May’s version) 12. This I Love (with the vocals from the remix) 13. Street of Dreams 14. Prostitute (more like the rough version but with the solos from the final one) Sequel Album: 1. Riad (rough mix version) 2. Eye on You 3. Zodiac (vocals along the lines of Shackler’s) 4. Oklahoma 5. If The World 6. Sorry 7. Seven (whatever the hell that sounds like) 8. The General 9. Going Down (the Bumblefoot version, not the acoustic one) 10. Quick Song (with some upbeat lyrics) 11. Hard School 12. Soul Monster (with some epic vocals) 13. Madagascar (the rough version, chop the movie quotes and just play the solo instead) 14. Silkworms (the synth version plus chorus and some of the guitar from the other version)
  9. That’s all the stuff we have in the locker. The locker is not a complete collection of everything GNR worked on. Far from it.
  10. Got a few cool things going on but it's definitely my least favorite of the leaks so far.
  11. I would love to hear Perhaps extended by another minute or so. The chorus around “you’re all alone” is too sweet to hear just twice, I’m always wishing for more at the end.
  12. Which song is the best is pretty debatable, and my answer might change depending on what kind of mood I’m in. But I think May’s contributions are definitely the strongest on Catcher, it’s got the best solo by far and those beautiful notes in the outro, don’t think anything he put on the other tracks quite measures up to them.
  13. Great intro, great outro, great scream in the middle. Nothing too special about the rest of it. I give it a listen every once in a while but not one of my regular ones.
  14. Ditch Madagascar and throw in The Blues. I'd also cut Sorry for Oh My God. Wasn't a leak, just a (good) fan remix.
  15. When do you think you can tell me How you think I can [unintelligible] All that I know is that I [unintelligible] [unintelligible]
  16. Copyright Strikes....

    Possibly the shitshow performances like the Bridge School one.
  17. Prague 2010 is the gold standard for that, even got the yowling at the opening sounding right. Good luck finding it again though after the YouTube copyright holocaust.
  18. Fuck ‘em. Badly in need of a third verse though. Shouldn’t be that hard to scrape some more nonsense together. “Licking trash out of the sewer you’ve got scabies on your arse, demon spawn infested gypsy, isn’t that a farce?” Musically, they should’ve taken it further in the direction of something danceable to play in a dirty, disgusting warehouse club party. Really aggressive, bass-heavy EDM with some funky space-age guitar work to stand out from your average dance track. Instead it’s kind of just making a leap halfway there and not really landing on target, while turning off most who enjoy hard rock songs.
  19. It’s a decent song on its own, ranked against the ones on CD I’d probably put it in something like 7th or 8th place. Above Chinese, Riad, Sorry, Scraped, and Madagascar, below everything else. Fuck whoever came up with that November Rain nonsense though. That really dialed everyone’s expectations into the stratosphere. Thought it’d be something on par with TWAT and instead it’s somewhere between Madagascar and IRS.
  20. Where's Evader? I want to hear him mash this up with the Bumblefoot version and put the chorus back in.