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  1. Your negativity is overwhelming
  2. Axl in the highest of moods....all we can ask for really.
  3. TBH they usually do show some. But don't be suprised if Team Brazil say nono
  4. I am convinced Axl does KOHD for so long to reserve his voice for a bit
  5. TBH The fact that you can get a live portal (which works embedded within the forum) stream is absolutely amazing me, we've come so far from the days of 2002
  6. To be fair that wasn't bad at all, big ups Slither
  7. Been their done that at London 2017 and planning on doing it on Saturday
  8. Yh srs, harcore fans tilted by casuals and their bladders
  9. Ye honestly the majority of the show so far has been 2017 quality, im becoming less anxious
  10. How the fuck do you know? It could go either way
  11. Your expectations are too high
  12. Fuckin' hell he's doing alright!!!!
  13. Rasp on Brownstone I shit you not