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  1. Formula 1 and GN'R. Now that's my tempo.
  2. FRANS N ROSES Videos

    We love ya Frans
  3. One of the greatest videos on the web
  4. P.S Does anyone know if Frans N' Roses will return?
  5. TBH it has been a piss take, 1 GN'R song in the space of 2 hours out of 3
  6. Mix was better than Coachella
  7. Ok but I was watching on Sky Go so there is a certain level of format compression regardless....Axl sounds good on this tune though
  8. Just captured It's So Easy MP3 via Audacity
  9. Shows on now, not GN'R yet, chances are they're on tomorrow Cant screen capture due to Sky Go detecting fuckery
  10. Looks like it's gonna be a WTTJ pro shot, hoping there's more where his voice is a little more premium (It's So Easy)