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  1. Thanks so much for replying. You've been a great help.
  2. Could someone please help, friends have bought golden circle early entry to Nijmegen & I'd like to go over to the concert. Do I need to pick a side - Duff/Slash or simply get the gc early entry? I need a ticket so I'm with them.
  3. Yes at the end of the song he went off at security for hassling a 5yr old little girl. Possibly she was on an adult's shoulders & was blocking the view behind. People there said she looked older than 5yrs.
  4. They were refused police escort but it did take them an hour to get there as it was Valentines Day & the city is packed that night. Together with streets closed off for the concert they couldn't get through either. Axl wanted to walk from the car which might be 10-15 mins but his security said no. I think he would have been ok to do it as the fans were all at the show & he probably wouldn't be recognised or bump into anyone walking down the blocked off road. They could have gotten him there so much earlier & let management go in the car.