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  1. Bang. None of this is about the music or the love of playing in front of their fans. GNR is a brand now. A product. It's fucking Starbucks. It is 1000% about making money and that is IT. Period. Done. The actual brand they are closest to if you are a watch person is Rolex. They both have a 'Fuck you. We don't need your business, you worthless piece of garbage. If you don't want to buy it don't, there are a million behind you that will. Have a nice day! Again, fuck you.' attitude about how they operate. The difference is that Rolex still is what they always have been. Incredibly well made, high resale value, still cool and badass, etc. etc. I was MORE than OK with Axl treating me like the piece of garbage I am when he was actually 'Axl fucking Rose'. They came out at 11:30 or midnight, played until 2AM, kicked ass and called it a night. If anything I liked it. It was sawdust and sweat and rock and roll and shit. It's one of the primary reasons I fell in love with this band. Axl Rose's complete lack of giving a fuck about anything was intoxicating to me. Now, it's fucking Disneyland. None of these performances are real. They sit in separate dressing rooms before the shows with their own people, take the stage together, grab their checks and walk off into separate limos. I would bet that Axl and Slash don't say a single word to each other the entire day of any shows. It's all just a big stage production of again, "Come see Axl, Slash, and Duff play all your childhood GNR favorites!" Maybe that is fine and good enough for some of you, but it sure as fuck isn't for me.
  2. Quick side tangent. I was at the bar outside the venue by the sports book like an hour before the show Saturday and was bullshitting with the guys next to me. Turns out they were friends/roommates with members of Dirty Honey, the opening act. One of my 1st questions/comments was 'Wow, it must be incredible for a new unheard of band to be able to meet and spend some time with rock icons, huh?' I should have known the response before I even heard it, but in the least surprising answer ever they told me, 'Oh, yeah. They don't get to meet GNR. They were just told when/where to show up and given a few tickets for their friends.' I mean, not even being willing to meet your fucking opening act? Seriously? Give me a break. That has nothing to do with being old. It just means you think you are better than everyone else and are a ruthless cockface.
  3. Not to derail this thread, but there are still plenty of bands that might be older than they used to be but stick to some level of legitimacy of what they once were. Again, Pearl Jam is one. Yeah, Eddie is not swinging from the light fixtures anymore, but he still drinks 2 bottles of wine every show and more importantly, is SOOOO into every show. It's not an act. It's not to rake in as much cash as he possibly can. He legitimately fucking LOVES IT, and everyone can see that and reacts to it. It's why they have a cult like following of fans that follow them everywhere they go. It's not the age. It's the obvious lack of giving a fuck. It's the blatant level of there is zero chance we would would be doing this if we weren't getting paid a bazillion dollars to do so. It's the show being a completely scripted 'get em in, squeeze em for every fucking nickel we can get out of em, you should feel honored we even play for you losers, get em out' nature of these shows that has finally gotten me to this level of frustration with this band.
  4. Ya, that was me. Also, even if it's always been the case (and I would need some kind of proof of that, as it's hard for me to imagine some jackass back stage at The Troubadour or Whiskey A Go Go picking up the mic stand when he tossed it back in 1987), at least that was organic and unplanned. I had a seat with a good overall view of the entire stage on Saturday, and it hit me for the 1st time on this tour just HOW scripted these whole shows are. Every movement that everyone makes the entire show is completely choreographed. Nothing is random. Everything that happens from the second that the 1st note of It's So Easy is played to the mic toss at the end of Paradise City is planned and scripted. Coming from a band that used to take the stage at midnight fucked up on booze and drugs that represented young angst and grit, that fucking sucks. It is the literal antithesis of what they are supposed to be. They are a novelty act now, and that is when I personally exit stage left.
  5. Uhh...yeah. So am I, of the people at the show in freaking Oklahoma that got to see it. That was basically the cherry on the shit sandwich for me. These fuckers play the one song I wanna hear more than any others (outside of Bad Obsession and One in A Million, not cause I am a terrible person BTW, just cause witnessing it would be the most amazing concert moment ever) at show a month before playing in Vegas, and then proceed to not play it again. Infuriating to me. I lost my mind when I realized it wasn't gonna be played Saturday night. That was LITERALLY all I wanted to hear.
  6. BTW, I think my favorite microcosm of what this band once was and what they have become now is watching Axl throw the mic stand with 'fire and rage', only to watch some pathetic lackey run over from behind the stage and set it back up for him....X's like 5 or 6 times per show he does it. It's just such a perfect analogy of how this band has become nothing more than a novelty act of what they used to be. It's just sad at this point. I honestly hope they wrap it up, take the bazillion dollars they made on this tour, and never play again. It's what needs to happen at this point.
  7. You are not wrong. Cognitive dissonance I guess. It's just so hard to find true north with this fucking band. For years all I (we) wanted was a tour....any tour, and we got that with Bumblefoot and Buckethead and whatever and that was cool. Then the DJ Ashba era, which was also cool, but not really "Guns N' Roses". Then the big 3 get back together which is clearly what I (we) all wanted, and the 1st 2 shows in Vegas a few years ago were fucking magic. That was definitely the highlight for me. Few more local shows (Metlife and Prudential Center) of the same show and the air started to let out of the balloon. I was hoping this show on Saturday got me going again, but it did the exact opposite. I actually found myself bored as fuck the second half of the show on Saturday, which saddens me as these shows used to be one of the things that got my juices going more than anything, but it's pretty clear those days are over for me now. Going to see Pearl Jam still gets me going every time, and I am just gonna focus on seeing every show they play around the planet until either they stop touring or I also lose the excitement of seeing them.
  8. I would club a baby seal to hear Bad Obsession. Fuck, I would kill a kitten just to hear Move to the City or some shit at this point.
  9. Palomino's. It's a 15 minute from the strip, but so, sooooo worth the ride. We both know what the end game is here, but I need a little taste of 'I actually think this chick likes me' to be into it at all, and you get none of that at Rhino's and the other places on/near the strip. There are certainly some brass tax, "Pay up for the goods" professional types at Palomino's, but there are usually just as many or more cool chicks that will just sit and bullshit with you with no assurance you will give them a dime types, and I fucking love that shit. I will give you $20 if you grab my arm and give me the 'you want a good time sweetheart' treatment and not one penny more. I will give you hundreds if you treat me like a person and not just a dollar sign. This chick was a perfect 10 on the stripper scale. If I lived in Vegas I would sign up to be her sugar daddy within 20 minutes of landing at McCarran. I miss her already!
  10. I'm not sure I cared before this show. But something about this one was just very 'straw that broke the camel's back' for me. I think it was the combo of a $500 ticket, paying more attention to the stage handlers buzzing around in this completely choreographed way like they do at Broadway plays which I never really watched before, and the fact that they played Locomotive at a show in fucking Oklahoma, but not Vegas where people flew in from all over and spent crazy amounts of money for. They are a novelty act now, which I think became crystal clear to me about 1/2 way through this show for me. They are 'Axl, Slash, and Duff playing all your childhood favorites!' and not a rock and roll band playing for their more hardore fans. It's their prerogative if that is what they want to do, but unless anything changes in terms of new music or what the show is, I am personally done. Going to see GNR is like banging a stripper. Fucking glorious the 1st few times, and then very quickly it turns into same ol, same ol boring wham, bam, thank you ma'am. At this point I can't even get off anymore.
  11. They need to drop the whole notion that these are traditional "concerts" and be honest that they are 100% pre-scripted choreographed Broadway play-esque stage shows. If they did that I would be OK with what they have done on this tour. Example, while I was seething that I paid like $500 to see the exact same fucking show I have seen like 5 times on this stupid tour (sans hearing Dead Horse, which was cool) the guy next to me was freaking out that he was hearing Axl and Slash play his favorite songs live for the 1st time. Clearly....CLEARLY that is the crowd that they are selling themselves to, and they give a fuck about repeat customers looking for anything new.
  12. I would pay $5k to sit in the worst seat in the house to hear random selection from the Spaghetti Incident. Do it!
  13. Yes. GNR is a goddamn broadway play.
  14. Just fucking play ANYTHING from the other half of the catalog for fucks sakee. Play Chinese Democracy front to back, drop the mic, and call it a night. I don't care. Anything different.
  15. Congrats Axl. You've monetized your shit to the absolute highest degree possible and told any real fans to fuck off. Same shit again. My whole row is either empty or sitting on their asses.
  16. So, I just bought 2 VIP tickets for this show for $550, total. Not exactly sure how that is remotely possible.
  17. Also going. Think I got the last 3 'cheap' tickets on TM when they went on sale. Can't wait...