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  1. I honestly think Axl (who we all know makes the decisions) is just fucking with people at this point, 5 years ago no one actually thought they would ever see Slash and Axl on the stage again, now he is saying you can all go and fuck yourselves
  2. nowadays at a concert everyone is standing there filming the show and taking pictures, is Axl just like fuck it, I wish he would start beating people up again, it is so fucking annoying going to a concert and every asshole is standing there with their fucking arms in the air filming it and it obstructs your view
  3. If they are able to take off the croses on the boxes and sell those than yea I can see them destroying the boxes, but the croses have some value and I can't imagine them destroying them, if you ever see them just sell the crosses than yea I am sure they are going with the destroy the boxes route
  4. oh yea, they are doing the arenas, as said they really enforced it, at the seats they had placards telling you about the no camera thing, the security guards would come over to the people during the show with their little lights and flash it at you if they suspected you were using it, I even heard about some people getting kicked out for using it
  5. if there is an emergency they have designated areas you can go to where they will open it and you can use it basically every every comedian nowadays has the green pouch thing (yonder pouch) they make you put your phone in, comedians have alot more to lose than musical acts because if a person videotapes their set and puts it on youtube people are not going to be interested in seeing them if they know what the jokes are going to be
  6. it wouldn't be impossible, do what Tool did and make sure the security is adamant about and is going to kick out anyone who is going to whip out their phone, and if they do not want to be militant about it they could at least make an announcement before the show to be respectful of the people around you, I am sure it would cut down a good amount of the people who will use it
  7. well it should, Bands and the Venues need to discourage people from filming the shows, I saw Tool a few weeks ago and they essentially ban people from using their cell phones until the final song of the show, they needed to make it the entire show
  8. I am guessing Axl is not sitting on that bus, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a private jet that takes him back to California after each gig especially if there are like 2 or 3 days off in between, I know that is a popular thing among big time artists nowadays where they basically jet in the day of and jet out after a gig, the air is their highway, I am actually surprised to hear Duff doing the bus thing
  9. Setlist for 2020

    that is never going to happen, if they ever go to the standard 20 song set list you can forget about hear alot of those songs ever again, I am guessing it is going to be a standard "greatest hits"/cover thing any maybe have a rotation for 1 or 2 "deep cuts"(DTJ,Coma, Locomotive, Dead Horse, Out to Get Me , My Michelle etc.) every show
  10. Setlist for 2020

    I fear the day GNR becomes (or goes back) to being the Rolling Stones, Metallica and others who do their standard 18 -20 song setlist and call it a night, we have been spoiled with these 25-30 song set lists, yea there are alot of covers and songs alot of people do not want to hear, but their shows always seem epic and I do not think anyone goes away disappointed
  11. Another couple of hours, if they have another tour I am guessing it is going to have a different name Maybe they will be like Bob Dylan and have a "never ending tour" and just call it NITL
  12. Can not imagine how annoying it would be to sit next to or in front of that woman who is singing along in her awful voice, I never understand why people sing along at concerts, you are only annoying the people around you and you are obviously not able to hear the vocals yourself if you are singing along
  13. I am guessing it was the front man of GNR who's idea that was, I doubt anything in GNR is done without his approval but who knows maybe TB did do it and post it without telling him, what is really sad is if Slash and Duff knew about it and saw it and are ok with it, anything for a big paycheck I guess
  14. I'll wager my first born against a nickel they are going to open with Its So Easy and close with Paradise City
  15. I am not sure if this was mentioned, but on their Twitter page when they made the post to celebrate the 1 billion views they posted a short clip from the video, and guess what? they cut out fucking Steven Adler and Izzy from it and inserted newer live clips of Axl, Slash and Duff in their place, how fucking lame, if I had to take a guess who's idea this was, well yea.. https://mobile.twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/1184160818046406657
  16. I am surprised Axl does not have 2 bathrooms and everyone else has 1 or has to share
  17. Usually they sell out and I i like to get a Litho from all the shows i go to so I got one before the show but I had a pit and I did not want to hold it the whole show so I folded it until it was able to fit on my pocket than after the show I am looking at the merch table and of course there is a whole stack of them still unsold, wonder what they do with the unsold ones
  18. I got one of those crappy lithos, Also going to fold the hell out of it and hope it fits in my pocket as I do not want to stand the whole show holding it, maybe after the show get a new one, have a feeling it is not going to be a hot seller
  19. Coming in from Madison WI to see the show, really hope they keep Locomotive on the Set List
  20. you think this September-October tour could be the last one for a long time? I am about 7 1/2 hours away from the closest city (Lincoln NE) and sadly I am thinking about making the trip, if I knew for sure I would not be seeing them again for perhaps ever or a couple of years I would say making this trip is a no-brainer, but yea I am really not sure at this point, as it gets closer I could see myself saying F it and making the drive, anyone traveling from afar to catch them on this mini-mid-west tour?
  21. Outside of the people on here who even knows or cares about this box set, there was a buzz about it last year but I am sure 99% of the people saw the $999.99 price tag and laughed and I am pretty have not thought about it since than. If they really have thousands of these unsold I am pretty sure they are going to have to do some promotion to help move them at the new lower rate
  22. saw him a month ago in Madison WI, and I honestly think I had a better time than most of the NITL shows I went to, as Izzy said Steven was the "feel" of the band, and going to a rock concert it is all about a "feel" so yea also paid an extra $100 and I got to meet him before the show, got to stand in front of the stage so yea I am sure that helps, but besides that it was an awesome show that I would definitely see again and again and as far as after the show, I was able to get a Set list at the end of the show that Steven signed while he was on the stage, and after the show the other band members came out and hung out at the side but I am pretty sure Steven did not come out after the show.
  23. would love to know how many of these they sold, no chance in hell I was buying it at $1,000, however when it was "marked down" to $699 I immediately jumped on it, got it, looked at the contents once and it has essentially been sitting in that big heavy box in my den for the last 8 months, I am still guessing there are about 4-5,000 of these things sitting around a warehouse somewhere, wouldn't surprise me in the next year or so you see them get desperate to get rid of them and they are going to be selling for about $199
  24. I saw him in Madison WI in 2012 I think and after the show there was a good amount of people waiting and his manager or someone told everyone to form a line and Slash would sign 1 thing per person
  25. sounds like damage control, sorry but One in a Million was not from a "racist and homophobic" stand point, those were Axl's feelings which I am pretty sure he admitted to, just say "yea we were fucked up then and definitely regret writing those things:"