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  1. Outside of the people on here who even knows or cares about this box set, there was a buzz about it last year but I am sure 99% of the people saw the $999.99 price tag and laughed and I am pretty have not thought about it since than. If they really have thousands of these unsold I am pretty sure they are going to have to do some promotion to help move them at the new lower rate
  2. saw him a month ago in Madison WI, and I honestly think I had a better time than most of the NITL shows I went to, as Izzy said Steven was the "feel" of the band, and going to a rock concert it is all about a "feel" so yea also paid an extra $100 and I got to meet him before the show, got to stand in front of the stage so yea I am sure that helps, but besides that it was an awesome show that I would definitely see again and again and as far as after the show, I was able to get a Set list at the end of the show that Steven signed while he was on the stage, and after the show the other band members came out and hung out at the side but I am pretty sure Steven did not come out after the show.
  3. would love to know how many of these they sold, no chance in hell I was buying it at $1,000, however when it was "marked down" to $699 I immediately jumped on it, got it, looked at the contents once and it has essentially been sitting in that big heavy box in my den for the last 8 months, I am still guessing there are about 4-5,000 of these things sitting around a warehouse somewhere, wouldn't surprise me in the next year or so you see them get desperate to get rid of them and they are going to be selling for about $199
  4. I saw him in Madison WI in 2012 I think and after the show there was a good amount of people waiting and his manager or someone told everyone to form a line and Slash would sign 1 thing per person
  5. sounds like damage control, sorry but One in a Million was not from a "racist and homophobic" stand point, those were Axl's feelings which I am pretty sure he admitted to, just say "yea we were fucked up then and definitely regret writing those things:"
  6. I saw him and his new band a few days ago in Milwaukee and they were awesome, highly recommend seeing them if they are around, honestly think I might have had more fun at that show than the 8 GNR NITL shows I saw over the last few years
  7. I saw him in Cleveland the night before the HOF and I thought it was a good show, though not sure if it is a similar thing he is doing now
  8. anyone a member? I am going through some old stuff and I came across this, I remember I signed up for it for 1 year and I am pretty sure I was supposed to get a Newsletter every 4 months and I got this 1 newsletter and I never heard back from them, kind of makes sense if you look at the timeline as this was dated from May 9, 1996 and Slash left in October and maybe the band went into a disarray and they stopped sending them and making them, anyone know if they made any after this Volume 1 issue 3? anyone have any of the previous 2 Newsletters? it is odd though I received this in May 1996, and looking at the "Language of Fear" thing it talks about a contest and the entries have to be received by February 1995 and the discography says compiled November 1994 and Sympathy for the Devil was released in December 94 so I am guessing they just sent me an old copy.