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  1. Haha. I love that clip so much, and the Tokyo vids in general. They’re so utterly ridiculous, and yet beautiful at the same time. Lived on those damn things through the whole 90s waiting on Guns news...
  2. Actually, seems Moby fired himself at the end of the day. Thought Guns was too big a gig to be the first rock album he ever produced...
  3. From a public perception POV? Absolutely. Duff was there for the massive UYI vids, supporting World Tour, VRs success, and now again for NITL. Toss in the columns, successful books, model wife, musician daughter, connection to the Seattle scene, etc., and his public profile is much larger than Izzy’s (who is more of a “loner hero” to diehards/critics- seemingly by choice)... Another way of looking at it is was it a bigger deal to the general public/media when Izzy played with Chinese-era Guns or Duff? I would certainly say the latter (Duff)...
  4. I’d say a decent/good rock keyboardist that smartly capitalized on a monumental break...
  5. Dizzy’s in the RNHOF, played on UYI I & II, and on two of the more important/iconic hard rock tours (UYI & NITL) of the last 30 years. That is absolutely ace for 99.9% of the hustling musicians in the world- but by all means let’s pretend like he cries himself to sleep every night...
  6. Hadn’t ever truly focused on the fact that Moby was entering his Play-era when the Guns opportunity came along. Guy was on fire at the time. 18 and Hotel were great too. Would have been interesting as hell IMHO (and perhaps wildly successful) had he produced the ‘99 version of Chinese... BTW- I love Axl, Moby, & Eminem!
  7. An Axl/Slash/Duff album in 95-96 would have unquestionably been considered a Guns effort by the vast majority of the public (just as TSI?, and “SFTD” were for that matter). Don’t see why it would be any different today... Incidentally, I view Chinese as a Guns album in the same way Halloween III is part of the Halloween franchise (guess that makes Slash Michael Myers). An alternate universe take on a familiar theme. It’s like on their way to the their next album Axl/Guns took a 15 year detour to Bucketheadland...
  8. MGM Grand 727 from UYI Tour - Today!

    That was actually really cool. So obsessed with everything to do with the UYI-era, and Tour. That plane is true rock n’ roll history. Kind of thing IMHO the RNRHOF should scoop up for pennies on the dollar (even just the cabin/“bar” area as a display, etc.). Not too many legendary RnR “relics” out there any more (at least from the late 60s-early 90s “golden era”)- but that is definitely one of ‘em...
  9. Could have been worse. Some clown (predictably from St. Louis) hating on Guns. Whatever.
  10. MGM Grand 727 from UYI Tour - Today!

    Teddy Zig-Zagg steps out of the lavatory: “Hey! We still on tour?!?!”...
  11. Pulling for NITL Line-up w/some Bucket/Brain + that “Stevie Ray Vaughan-style” Finck solo sprinkled in...
  12. Cool. Look forward to listening. The whole Guns v. Nirvana thing is endlessly fascinating to me. Had Kurt acted that way toward Axl/Guns even 6 months earlier it probably would have been career suicide (same label, Guns Geffen’s “Golden Child”, etc.). How did Kurt know to kick the door in instead of bow in reverence/gratitude? Always felt someone at the label let him know that despite all their success- Guns was barely a band any more by ‘92...
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I think the upside to ‘06 was Axl was much more locked-in/committed. Bucket n’ Brain added an interesting/mysterious vibe to the band- but everything else about ‘02 was shakier...
  14. Yep. I was at the 2nd Giants Stadium show as a high schooler, and remember being pretty excited about seeing Faith No More. From the moment they got onstage though Patton acted like a giant bag of dicks, and the whole show was trash. Worst attitudes ever. Basically, only remember Patton saying something about wanting to dig Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse up, and make love to it, and a shitstorm of boos. Total train wreck.😂