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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    At some point would be awesome if the AFD 5 did a brief run of shows in some place like London (so you can broadcast back into the US at a reasonable hour) around New Year’s for a TON of $$$. Play Appetite in full. Put it on PPV (or equivalent), and offer it as a bd/cd. Print money. If they’re gonna get maximum $$$ for the “novelty” of having the 5 of them up there... that seems the only approach that might actually work IMHO. Don’t have high hopes for any kind of full-blown AFD 5 Tour though. I think the wheels would come off quick...
  2. Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis update

    Cool! Definitely remember/appreciate Teddy’s post-Guns work with Gilby in the late 90s. Think he turned up in the Guns “Behind The Music” in the early/mid 00s too. Had kind of lost track of him since then. Glad he’s still out there. Seems like a fun, light-hearted dude. Enjoy the show!
  3. Significant band locations in LA?

    If you need to be close (relatively) to LA for your career, but want fuck all to do with anybody- Malibu is as about as perfect as it gets...
  4. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Yep. Sure that’s part of it. Seemed like such a big deal at the time, and sort of sent the UYI-era out with an aura of “failure” or un-coolness. Looking back though- I think they merely slipped from being unquestioned “king of the hill”- to a Top 5/Top 10 band- particularly once international markets were taken into consideration (as was mentioned). Also strikes me how “quick” the grunge thing came and went. I remember sitting around with friends in our college dorm the day No Code came out (1996)... and all of us being like... “ummm.... ok. So what’s next?” (which is no knock on No Code- some decent stuff there- but not the head bangin’, arena rockin’, even your girlfriends would like, etc. type music that had been coming out of Seattle...).
  5. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Absolutely. Terrible times personally, and obviously Axl has all the latitude in the world to walk away from it. I think Matt & Gilby may complicate matters too. Emphasizing that era tends to elevate their standing- and Axl has always seemed much more a “champion” of the Appetite, and even most of the Chinese-era guys... At any rate, just a shame IMHO b/c there is so much quality, heartfelt material in the UYI-era- both musically and visually. Much to be proud of. Just awkward that their time at the very pinnacle of pop culture is almost avoided. Hopefully better for everybody someday...
  6. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Definitely take Axl at his word- but nonetheless still strange to me. Always think of that era as very “Axl driven”- and in many ways that’s a compliment. Maybe they went all “Physical Graffiti” an album too early as some claim- but it also got them to full-blown blockbuster/stadium-level before the implosion. Kind of thing that served them well when RNRHOF came up. Also- from a popular perception POV I think “NR” (both song & video) goes down as Axl’s high point artistically... Oh well... it’s definitely my favorite era (can’t help I was in high school at the time)... so as much as we can have please! Lol.
  7. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    So many people make such a big deal about what Guns “could have been”. Frankly, at times, I find it downright miraculous they made it as far as they did...
  8. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    Get better Popcorn!
  9. Yep. Though I guess they played a few stadium shows in the Appetite-era (Stones, etc.)- I just tended to not think of Steven as a “stadium”-level player. I’m sure some of the band’s quotes from the early 90s about Matt taking them from a “garage band” to a stadium act colored my perception as well. So imagine my surprise to see him step out onto the Dodger Stadium stage, and absolutely own the house for a couple songs. It was awesome. I’m in the camp that understands/gives a pass on Guns not wanting to hitch themselves to Steven day-in-day-out over the long haul. Too much $$$ at stake. So I “get” Frank being there, and as a Chinese-era supporter am happy for Frank that he’s still involved. That said- there’s no denying that Steven is an electric performer- capable of giving a massive crowd a kick in the pants though. Was very cool that he got out there- and I hope somehow it can happen again...
  10. I used to be in the “Steven’s not all that” camp- but having seen him at Dodger Stadium 3 years ago- there is an irrefutable energy, and uniqueness to what he does that is quintessential Guns. That doesn’t mean Guns hasn’t had “better” drummers on the stool (it has)- just that there is a certain something to Steven that absolutely can’t be dismissed IMHO. Kind of guy where you could go to 100 concerts and still not see/hear anything like what he brings...
  11. I believe back in the Dj/Bumble-era Richard was rumored to be a big contributor (writing & performing) to the “2nd Half of Chinese”. Wonder if that still holds. If so- he actually would have a pretty good idea what he’s talking about...
  12. Difference is Gilby sued them (seems fine these days, but sure remembered), and the Axl/Matt relationship has been “strained” at times...
  13. Would love an Illusions box set. Not holding my breath though. Ultimately, that era is more famous (infamous?) for the UYI Tour. Hopefully, we get something in that direction (documentary, pro shot, etc.) at least- though can’t imagine Axl (or Slash n’ Duff at the end of the day) is really jonesing to put a bunch of stuff with Matt & Gilby out there...
  14. Actually, would be interesting to see Melissa interviewed on this. Obviously, not as an original creator of the music- but as a female artist/performer who’s in Guns these days. She could be their “ace in the hole” on this stuff IMHO...
  15. AXL Honorable Mention: Slash, Duff, Dizzy n’ Dj