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  1. Very cool memento. Thanks for sharing! They were indeed trying to rebuild buzz for the band in ‘96. I specifically remember a DJ coming on after playing “Don’t Cry” in the Spring of ‘96, and making mention of Guns allegedly being back in the studio. Just made it even more of a “knee to the nuts” when Slash’s departure was announced that fall though...
  2. You dress as Axl for Halloween... 29 years straight.
  3. Awesome! Best of the 90s “solo” albums/side projects by far IMHO. Kind of if Guns had gone in a “Black Crowes” direction post-Illusions...
  4. The Case Against Woke Axl Rose

    Axl was once Independent/Libertarian (IMHO), and has changed over time to being Liberal. Big deal. We’re all entitled to our own political journeys in life. Don’t see why Axl is any different...
  5. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    Libertad outtake?
  6. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    I think Axl/Bucket/Brain etc. could have been funky/creative enough to actually work in the 2000s, and make people be less concerned w/Slash & Duff’s absence. That said- nothing can save you if play sketchily at the VMAs, miss shows, have tours canceled, and still don’t get your record out. Plus, a year or two later the ex-Gunners had a very successful commercial comeback with VR. Frankly, it’s utterly amazing IMHO that Axl/Guns were able to “resurrect” things (at least by Chinese Guns standards) between 2006-2014 to the degree they did...
  7. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Yep. Saw them in ‘02 too. It was exciting for the reason you raise- but once they started catching crap for the ‘02 VMAs, and Vancouver almost all of the good vibes with the general public were suddenly gone, and everything became foreboding IMHO. I remember the Monday after the Philly riot weekend- my boss- who had Clear Channel (CC) contacts- basically telling me Guns was over, and CC would break Axl’s “legs” (legally & financially) before he ever took a stage again. Bleak days...