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  1. My only complaint was that you did not go into his bongo technique on "Welcome to the Jungle." In all seriousness, however, great interview. I was not the biggest fan of his solo album, but I'll give that cover a listen!
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    As a Floyd fanatic of almost 20 years, I would suggest (and I mean this in complete sincerity; not being a smart ass) starting with their "best of" collection called Echoes. Unlike a lot of bands, you can tell a lot of thought went into the compilation. All the songs are mixed so that they segue into each other, and it showcases both the catchy and experimental sides of Pink Floyd without delving too deep into some of the more esoteric (but still amazing) material that may seem off-putting for people just getting into the band. If you were to choose an album that represents each "era" of the band, I would say Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Syd-Barrett/psychedelic era), Dark Side of the Moon (the classic era), and The Division Bell (post Roger Waters era).
  3. I do not think people necessarily care about the band's performance/musical choices. No matter how well Axl did at the rehearsal, we know how he sounded at the final event. Instead, I think most people see it as a look at: (a) what Axl acts like when he decides to rehearse, (b) how he interacts with band mates, and (c) seeing how the weird collection of guys that was the 2002 band acted and interacted with each other when they weren't playing a show. If I remember correctly, Axl has the whole band do some sort of "huddle" at the end.
  4. My guess would be we hear the following guitarists on this version: Paul Tobias Robin Finck (the solo starting at 2:18 with the weird bends is 100% his style) Richard Fortus (a lot of Fernandes Sustainer / Sustainiac parts in there, which has always been a Fortus contribution) Shredding is definitely Buckethead. I can see why people say it isn't. It seems a little restrained for him, but I would imagine it was a "placedholder" until a final solo was recorded.
  5. There was also the Appetite for Democracy release in 2014.