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  1. True Story Behind Yesterdays!

    Enjoy these videos man, thanks!
  2. I’ve only been to shows in the states, 9 of new GNR and 9 times on NITL. I’d say Pittsburgh was the rowdyest on NITL. Axl even said that the audience participation on KOHD was louder that he’s heard anywhere. Two nights later he told philly how Pittsburgh was super loud. As far as over all, the Hammerstein shows were truly the die-hards. Everybody was crowd surfing up front. That shit just doesn’t happen anymore!
  3. It would be cool to have guns play the halftime show this year when the Steelers win the Super Bowl. If guns and the Steelers were there, I could possibly justify the several thousand dollars for a ticket.
  4. It looks like my experience was kinda unique. Then again, I met him in 2013 when the audience wasn’t nearly what it is now.
  5. He was really cool towards me. I saw him standing outside after a show talking to Fernando. I asked if I could get a picture and Fernando told me to leave and that I couldn’t be there, dizzy told him to hang on and said yeah man come on over. He made sure I got a good picture, and asked how I liked the show. He even asked me where I was from and had a few minute conversation about some of his travels through my city. Seemed like a down to earth guy.
  6. It’s just for all the punks in the press that wanna start shit by printing lies instead of the things they said!
  7. Ain’t Going Down

    It will be the lead off single on the UYI box set that will inevitably get released in the next few years. This song is to UYI as shadow of your love to AFD
  8. Guns n' Roses genius explained

    That’s cool. I didn’t realize Izzy had that much to do with it.
  9. Guns n' Roses genius explained

    No doubt he played a role, but according to Slash, Axl deserves the credit.
  10. Guns n' Roses genius explained

    I’m not Sure it was Izzy who wanted to make a song out of the riff, pretty sure that was Axl. Slash and Steven had both said that Axl was the one who said play that circus thing again.
  11. Me either. Does anybody know anything about it?
  12. It ranks at or near the top for me. I also dig the 16’ philly one. Orlando swamp was cool, both foxborro ones, and as an under appreciated one, I’d say Pittsburgh. It’s quite simple, but very cool and easy to make sense that’s its Pittsburgh with the molten steel. My least favorite from all the NA shows was Hershey and DC 17’. I felt they could’ve done something really cool for Hershey, but it was just a chocolate bar. I was expecting a skeleton riding a roller coaster or something. The DC and the whole Illuminati thing I felt was cheap.
  13. The future for Guns?

    I was talking more about Aerosmith in the 90’s, when they did get a grip and nine lives. They headlined Woodstock 94’ and just seemed to be very popular with the mainstream. It seemed everything they did from 93-98 worked well for the masses. Steven Tyler was 50 when I don’t wanna miss a thing was released so yeah they were a bit younger than GNR at this point.
  14. The future for Guns?

    Usually, but not always the case. Aerosmith had a very successful album with get a grip 20 years after their debut. Aerosmith also scored their first number 1 hit 25 years into their career. It can be done, just isn’t likely.
  15. Was it even on Spotify before? I could never find it in the US