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  1. Was it even on Spotify before? I could never find it in the US
  2. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    Also, isn’t there some footage out there from this rehearsal where Axl was wearing a red jersey? Maybe USC?
  3. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    I’ve been wanting to see this just because of the whole mystique that surrounded the band during this time. Seeing the few clips where Axl was bitching at someone about not being able to read lips and the whole freak show mask thing with buckethead is just appealing to me. I figure this has lost most of its value now that the reunion has happened, so hopefully it gets released.
  4. Any idea on how many locked n loaded sets have been sold? Does anybody have low or high number on their COA?
  5. The fact that AFD hit number 1 in summer of 88' I think they realized they could take their time. Why rush out another full album and take away from the success of AFD. Personally, I think the move to put out GNR lies when they did was brilliant. Just enough to keep them going. The buildup to the illusions was awesome! They sold a ton of those in the first 24 hours. I think it was because the fans were so hungry for it. Had they put it out in 89' who knows how it would've gone over. Although, I totally agree it would've been cool to get more music from the original band.
  6. I would say they are similar to the stones as far as popularity goes. I see kids all the time wearing gnr shirts around town. Reminds me of junior high when a bunch of kids would wear the stones or zeppelin shirts and have no idea who they were or anything about their music. GNR is also getting much more play on the classic rock stations. I think that currently guns is that household name like the stones. As far as output, you can’t compare, but as I’ve always said, quality over quantity, I’d take guns top 15 tracks over the stones any day.
  7. New Nightrain Membership Items

    Lol. You forgot savage af
  8. The dude in the bottom right corner cracks me up from 2:38 onward lol. RNR!
  9. I agree. I’m hoping that with all the positivity that is currently surrounding the the band, that they will finally give us something new.
  10. Sweet child, Jungle, paradise city, and shadow of your love are all on the the top rock chart. I know there’s not a lot of competition out there these days, but I still think it’s pretty damn cool to see them back on the charts.
  11. How bad did the CD tour do?

    What I remember about the shows I saw. 02’ Pittsburgh was only about 1/2 full, but there was a pretty good snow storm that night. 06’ Hammerstein was sold out 06’ Cleveland seemed to be about 3/4 full. 11’ Orlando was pretty full but the upper deck was closed off. Still a pretty big arena 11’ Wilkes-barre was about 3/4 full but it’s a pretty small place 11’ Youngstown was mostly full small arena 12’ silver spring was full 13’ Brooklyn bowl was obviously full, only 500 capacity 14’ Bethlehem was full i think that the 02’ tour suffered because there wasn’t an album and the vma debacle turned a lot of the interest away. Compile that with the riot in Vancouver, I think a lot of people were just tired of it. 06’ Axl seemed to be back, good sound, fresh look and a promise that the album was coming. by 2011 I think it became clear they were just going to rehash the past and play the hits and people were upset that it was just Axl and a bunch of session players. This is when I think the general American public just didn’t care anymore. This was also during a time where Axl received zero positive press. The general consensus was that Axl was an asshole who broke up the band. I as well as many of you know that not to be entirely the case, but the public definitely disagreed. Me personally, I was all for the new GNR, I’d love to hear more of the rumored industrial stuff from the late 90’s. But when DJ showed up and it seemed that they were just going to keep on doing the same stuff, I was ready to get Slash back.
  12. Trump Using "Sweet Child O Mine" at Rally In Montana

    It sounds to me that’s its just something CBSN added to the segment. Nothing to do with the actual rally.
  13. The book is definitely awesome! I’m glad I decided to drop the loot to get this. My sister has a cassette player that I’m goimg to pick up later this week. Is the cassette version of don’t cry something different than what we’ve already heard?
  14. Yeah man that is concerning. I just ordered mine on Thursday and it showed up for me today in Maryland.
  15. Dude that’s badass! It was hidden too good lol. Yeah and the tattooes are in with some of the pictures. It’s all here. This is like Christmas morning when I was a kid! Thanks for the reply, I was getting pretty mad about the thought of missing out on the tape. Now I just need to find a cassette player.