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  1. I wish I would’ve had that confidence 7 months ago and I’d saved a lot of money and gotten a pretty neat turn table. It seems I always make the wrong decisions when it comes to purchasing GNR stuff.
  2. Damn! That’s cool. I should’ve waited. I bought mine in June for full price like a fool. I wasn’t sure if it would sell out so I jumped. Lesson learned
  3. Is the turntable that comes from the Canadian deal GNR themed or is it just a standard turntable?
  4. Boxscore

    That’s awesome! Glad they’re back!
  5. Cool video as always. Thanks man I enjoy these!
  6. Not sure what this is or where you found it, but it sucks! I don't hear anything that sounds like it was GNR influenced.
  7. During the piñata, the whole band was there. Also, for years on this forum, many argued that Axl was guns n roses. Not sure where you lie on that one.
  8. I disagree. 90% of axl,s tweets in the last two years have been politically driven. Bringing a piñata of the president on stage to beat open during a concert doesn't put them in that catagory?
  9. He's been crying about Trump Twitter for while now, not just the fires. He won't talk about anything to the public except anti-tromp stuff. I was just saying what people want to hear from him isn't his political views, it's his music. As someone else said, it doesnt seem genuine. Everybody hates trump, so what.
  10. I dig it, however when he made this statement, it was live, not behind a keyboard. Also it wasn't about politics. In general I'm not a big fan of celebrities putting their opinions out there for the masses about politics. Some people will vote or not vote just based off of that. Which is really sad to me. I'll leave you with this little ditty…… Axl, do you have anything in common with iron maiden? Axl-I hope not, I mean they're nice guys, but it's like political organizations, where your band is like a political thing and I hope to never be like that.
  11. I’m just saying that all he talks about on twitter anymore is politics. It’s like who cares. I love Axl for his music, couldn’t care less about his thoughts on politics. I know he has the right, that’s cool, I just wish he would use Twitter for updates about music, not his thoughts on the president. And to someone earlier, I’m not a trump supporter, I dislike all politicians!
  12. it looks like Axl now has something in common with trump, someone should take his phone away from him too! I’ve always respected the fact Axl didn’t get too involved with politics, but now wtf man. You don’t like trump, that’s cool, but why do you need to tell everyone? What everyone wants to hear from you, you refuse to give them..... new music