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  1. With all these leaks coming out recently, think we’ll ever get the 2002 vma rehearsals? The one where buckethead is wearing the super weird mask without the kfc
  2. The reason I thought it might be legit is because I found it where the other recent leaks were. Yeah that’s the one I saw
  3. Just saw a 1 minute clip of what is alleged to be the idles of March. Definitely Axl and it’s not something I’ve ever heard. Anybody confirm?
  4. Is the idles of March leak legit?
  5. I thought Oklahoma is what became twat. I remember Axl saying it started when he was in Oklahoma court for the Erin/Steph fiasco. Apparently it was around the time of the Oklahoma City city bombing. Not sure on this, but I think I read it somewhere. Anybody?
  6. Ive been saying this for years. Totally agree it would’ve been massive. I think they could’ve still made relevant music then too.
  7. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be more professional, they should be, but this is who they are, it won’t change. The audience doesn’t HAVE to pay for anything. Most people know they start slow, by going to the first show, that’s the risk you take. If you’re in the woods and come across a rattlesnake and decide to pick it up, then it bites you, is it the snakes fault? I don’t think so, you knew what it was when you picked it up.
  8. Why is everybody hitting the panic button? The first few shows are always a bit rough for Axl. He’ll get there. It would be nice if he showed up polished, but it is the way it is. It’s not like it’s something new for him to off on the first show. In addition to him being bad, apparently there was also legitimate PA issues. If it’s still this bad in a month, I’ll join you in pushing the button. Until then, chill man.
  9. Favorite GNR Concert

    AFD- Fox late show UYI- tough one, probably Paris CD era- Hammerstein ballroom NITL- Philly 16’ Overall- Hammerstein ballroom. Been to 20 shows, old and new, for me nothing compares to the excitement of the first Hammerstein show in 06’ not even night one in Vegas. The crazy thing is all the excitement and it was just Axl. Too bad the reunion didn’t happen then. The world was ready for it, they could’ve still created new music and been relevant then. I’ve always thought of GNR at that time like Aerosmith in the mid 90’s. Classic band reaching their commercial peak 20 years after their debut. In 06’, the gunners were still in their 40’s, just like Aerosmith was during get a grip. Oh my, what could’ve been!
  10. New Steven Adler Interview!

    True. Good point.
  11. New Steven Adler Interview!

    When it says Steven Adler from the legendary Guns N’ Roses.
  12. New Steven Adler Interview!

    I think the main difference is that GNR are still GNR. Adler is using the GNR name to capitalize. Kinda the same as when nuguns were doing their thing. At least now, Axl, Slash, and Duff are all members. The imagery they have been using is nostalgic, but also iconic, plus they are promoting themselves, as GNR. Adler is clinging to that imagery and isn’t a part of guns anymore, but he’s promoting it like he is
  13. How would you describe GN'R's sound?

    I don’t think you need a whole sentence, one word really sums it up; AWESOME!
  14. I see what you’re saying, I just think that now Slash is back, its worth more and they should get more money. I’m just hesitant to call it a cash grab, each their own. I was one of those guys who helped keep the machine afloat. During that time, I was spending money simply to see Axl sing the songs. The other guys (some of them) were cool, and good players, but it didn’t matter to me. Same with Slash and Myles Kennedy, for me it’s about seeing Slash. I feel that them being together automatically calls for much higher prices and bigger venues, which was evident throughout the tour. I think that at the end of the day, everybody is looking to get what they can.
  15. Have people become so entitled that they think everything should be how they want it? Really, who cares about Izzy? The right reasons? Who decides what reasons are right? I doubt GNR started out thinking, man, it would be great to make music for free, and maybe we can get part time jobs to pay our bills while we go satisfy the masses lol. I don’t get it. I mean the whole merchandise thing, I agree has gotten to be a little over the top. But touring? For over 20 years everybody bitched about them not doing anything, they finally do and people still bitch because it’s expensive? I do electrical work for a living. In some counties, the demand is higher, therefore I make more money there. In other places, there’s much more competition so I make a little less. When I first opened my business, I had several workers. There was originally 4 of us. There is 5 of us now, but 3 of my original employees are gone now. Would what I’m doing be considered a cash grab? I mean, I have what the customer wants, they pay me, the service is still the same. I’m happy. I’ve never entertained the idea of going out and performing my craft for free. Why would I expect a band or anyone else to?