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  1. Any info on "The Plague" or "New Work Tune" they're the only two demos I've never heard of before.
  2. I was really excited to hear a polished version of "Just Another Sunday", it has always been my favorite of the unreleased demos. I had no idea there was a riff between the Gnr Camp and Arkeen estate.
  3. 08/30/17 - Edmonton, AB - Commonwealth Stadium

    I don't get how anyone can complain about the setlist. If someone told me 3 years ago that Axl, Slash and Duff were gonna do a reunion tour, play for 3+ hours a night including all their hits, Chinese songs and even the deepest of deep cuts "Coma" and then throw some covers in there I would be ecstatic. Sure there are plenty of other songs I would like to see them do but appreciate what we have right now because it is fucking awesome.