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  1. I agree with @Blackstar's theory on the "feud" between Alan and Axl. I'd just like to add one thing that Alan did that I found particularly fuck up; he tried to hand Axl lyrics for their new song when Axl was struggling to come up with some. Most people here would be okay with that I guess but I find the idea of the band's manager writing material for the band to be repulsive. How is that any different from all the manufactured pop songs? Ugh...
  2. Geniuses, Lennon needs your help!

    That's unfortunate... For the resit in March - start doing one mock exam a day, 3 weeks before the exam. That should give you enough time to revise and it'll still be fresh in your mind.
  3. You might as well call yourself Bart Simpson.
  4. Books/Reading Thread

    Reading Mindhunter and Journey into Darkness by John E Douglas again cuz I just finished watching the Netflix series.
  5. Just finished watching Mindhunter and I freaking loved it. There are some obvious embellishments over the story it's based on and the first episode is a little clunky but then it really sets into the atmosphere and draws you in. Dude that plays Ed Kemper deserves all the awards - it's seriously eerie how closely his speech and mannerisms mirrored that of the real thing. Can't wait for the next season.
  6. Geniuses, Lennon needs your help!

    Can you give any specific examples of problems you need help with? Key to a mathematics exam is "practice, practice, PRACTICE!". If you have example papers or past exam papers, do those again and again till you get used to those types of problems and you will find that you are quicker at getting through them. As far as mixing variables up and getting confused is concerned - don't try to skip or combine multiple steps and write everything down. I don't know what the mark scheme for your course is like but in my experience even if you don't complete the problem you might still score some points for demonstration of theory.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    ... I'm starting to think that this was a deliberate troll. Fuckin teasing us with slaxl drama... bet it was Duff's idea n all...
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Saw this comparison on tumblr, popped into the thread and lo n' behold it's being discussed here.... http://lizwontcry.tumblr.com/post/168233844524/this-picture-gnr-just-posted-reminded-me-of-a
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I haven't had time to keep up with the forum for the past week but wow..... the SALT!!! The SMKC think doesn't bother me for some reason. I mean, it was kinda expected? And while my opinions on Myles as a singer/frontman is a little "meh", I think throwing him under the bus for this is unfair. Still hoping for that Angus/Axl collab.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    As much as I love CD, the biggest issue I have with it is Axl's vocals. It works on some songs but not others. I have loved Madagascar and The Blues since I heard it back in 2002 because his vocals fit the songs imo. TWAT is another one where the vocals fit and that Buckethead solo is fucking euphoric! In other songs I feel that the vocals don't match the intensity of the music. Like, I adore melody and instrumental arrangement of TIL and Prostitute but the vocals on it are a total miss for me. A few years ago when CD was available on Rock Band, I made alt mixes for some of the songs (particularly TIL and Prostitute) and that is the version I almost exclusively listen to now. The only CD songs I cannot get into are I.R.S and ITW. Side note: Have any of you checked out the covers Gareth Rhodes (axl77) has done of some CD songs on YT? They're quite good...
  11. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    These are examples of sexual assault and goes beyond the definition of harassment imo. It can have more serious legal repercussions and those that do such stupid and shitty behaviour deserve what's coming to them.
  12. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    When I say "repeatedly" it doesn't mean that it has to be at sepperate occasions. For example; if someone comes up to you and starts making lewd/teasing remarks but you're not into it - so you ignore it and hope they take a hint. They continue to do it, then you might think "okay, they think they're being real funny" - so you confront them and make it clear that this is not on, cut it out. If they still presist then they're being an asshole and the situation slides into harassment territory. I feel like some benefit of doubt should be given as there are too many idiots about that mouthoff without a second thought. Sir, that is sexist!
  13. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    Maybe this discussion would be a tad more helpful if people on both sides of the argument defined what defines sexual harassment to them? To me it is when an individual repeatedly displayed behavior of a sexual nature designed to intimidated, degraded or humiliated (despite being clearly told to cut it out) and thus creates a hostile environment.
  14. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    I think the solution is pretty simple. Men should adopt the same attitude towards women. If a chick hits on, touches or makes eyes at you - accuse them of sexual harassment. That might just snap people out of this automatic victim mentality and then maybe the real criminal wrongdoings could be given the attention it deserves.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I read this word, immidiatly thought of this vid and had to post it. I'll fuck off now...