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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It's called a helix piercing.
  2. Just because one buckles under the pressure of an annoying individual or group, it does not mean it's non-consensual. At the end of the day it is still their decision and more importantly they were in a position to make a decision. A non-consensual encounter is when the ability make that decision is not presented or when a negative response is negated or ignored. One would think that one would have the presence of mind and self respect to not have sex with another just on the biases that they were being annoying and the individual in question needed a place to stay. It's certainly not something someone should be charged with a criminal offence for imo.
  3. But the legal definition of rape varies from country to country.
  4. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    But he was after dem boyz...
  5. The Winds of Winter Snow in Europe 2018

    So I spent my day building a blanket fort with my nephew...
  6. Yeah, I went down that Wiki rabbit hole and... yeah. USA is fucked. This just adds to me resolve of never visiting that country. But alas, if I remain in academia I will probably have to attend an ACS or Nature conference at some point... Never mind the impact it would have on quality of education...
  7. What's this 'Dickey Amendment' thing all bout? CDC can't research gun violence? How the fuck did that ever pass?
  8. I don't know why, but I find this to be really creepy...
  9. Yeah, and then he might shoot up a school!
  10. I think that it's widely accepted that these crimes are committed by mostly men. When you hear about a mass shooting, no one stops to ask what the gender of the shooter is. People just assume that it was a man. The same goes for other violent crimes such as murder, mugging, robbery and rape. By simply compartmentalising it to a male-only problem and using terms like blaming it on toxic masculinity (which seems like just a new way to collectively call all men assholes) doesn't really move the conversation forward. Instead, it tends to make people feel isolated and more angry. I guess what I'm saying is, yeah sure point it out. And I absolutely agree with you. But do you have any suggestions as to how this problem could be mitigated from a gender perspective without making men feel like they are being demonised? (PS: Please don't feel like I'm having a go at you. I'm just so exhausted by everything that's going on politically right now and idk...)
  11. 14 Years (lyrics)

    I think its, "Yeah, it's been another-". But since Izzy has a habit of 'eating his words' (i.e. mumbling/lack of enunciation) it sounds like "nada". Then again it could be, "Yeah, it's been nadda!", meaning that the time spent has been nothing / meant nothing / has been non productive. Basically a waste of time. This also makes sense considering the context of the whole song.
  12. what's up with all these sex scandals?

    That's old news. It's been out in the open for decades... Books have been written on it ffs!