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  1. That’s my favorite era of GnR. It was nothing like the old band, it was something totally new but it felt magical. Unfortunately I think between Axls shenanigans and Bucketheads shenanigans the band couldn’t hold it together. Robin likely wanted to be the lead guitarist but was overshadowed by buckethead so he had some resentment to him. I definitely think that Tommy was leading the band when Axl was AWOL and he likely let things go on that lead to the departure of buckethead. ultimately though the sound and appearance were too much of a jump from old GnR for the general public to handle. If the lineup was under a different name, perhaps it would’ve been more popular
  2. It’s not the first time a Rocker made a camo in a Looney Toons show. Back when Duck Dodgers was on tv Dave Mustaine was in an episode. its cool because this isn’t the typically thing you would expect from Axl. But you can’t take this for more than it is. It’s a short song written for a kids show and there’s probably no reason to expect it to be anything more. But it’s cool to hear how Axls voice sounds in the studio now a days.
  3. It wouldn’t have happened. Bumblefoot and Ashba were both out, leaving Axl without a guitarist. i suppose at the point the obvious solution would’ve been Robin returning to the reins. But who knows if that would’ve happened. Any 2016 release would’ve been delayed by the lack of a lead guitarist.
  4. I know the local radio morning shows, which is the biggest in the area, says he’s one of the worst interviews they ever did. I never heard the interview and I don’t know the back story I just know something went wrong, and they’re usually very respectful. But I’ve always liked Dizzy and I’ve always thought he seemed nice
  5. Alice in Chains - New Album "Rainier Fog"

    I’m a huge fan of Cantrell and the current AIC lineup. I love the new songs, especially Never Fade
  6. Tool has gotten the same comparisons. I believe it’s been over 10 years since their last album
  7. I think Axl was saving some of the better stuff for the next album once he saw CD was going to tank. I remember an interview around 2002 where he said the songs the band was playing at the time weren’t considered the big guns.
  8. I wonder why Jackie chan hasn’t leaked. We know that’s out there somewhere
  9. Atleast in the early 2000s he had power. He had no rasp but he still had power behind his vocals. Lately his voice is absolutely awful. He either needs to work with a vocal coach or figure out a different way to perform the songs. His nasally voice, like he used on seeker is still strong, and so is his deep voice. I’m sure he could rework most songs to usethose vocals. Sure it wouldn’t be what fans are used to, but personally I’d rather hear Sweet Child O Mine sung in a deeper voice than hear it sung by Mickey Mouse
  10. 2001 and 2002 is my favorite. He had a ton of energy and he wanted to prove to the world that he was back. His vocals had no rasp but they were pretty powerful, and overall his vocals were consistant. Plus he was more willing to do interviews and big events. (Rio 2001, the VMAs, NBA interview, several radio interviews.) sure, he seemed certifiable insane, but that was kinda cool honestly.
  11. I’m pretty sure most of the band wanted Finck to be the sole lead guitarist. Buckethead, and later Bumblefoot, stood in the way of that.
  12. I would love to see this band take on OMG
  13. I didn’t hear the banter when WAAF first played it Friday. So I’m assuming it’s a radio edit
  14. Matth and Nick played it on WAAF last Friday. I have t heard it since but I don’t listen to the radio much
  15. Whats next for ac/dc?

    Idc what Axl does as long as we get new music with his vocals. ACDC is arguably one of the most popular rock band ever... GnR is also up there. This AC/DC thing has the potential to make Axl more than the founder of GnR, it could give him a legacy as a singer for two huge bands. Not to mention as much as people might be against new AC/DC material with Axl on it, curiosity is going to win out and people are going to want to listen.