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  1. I'm curious why hardschool and not atlas... unless they already had plans to do something with hardschool
  2. The short hair would look better with a beard or stache or something. Yeah, his voice is rough but hes 57 years old and it's not like he has a gentle way of singing... Honestly though... I dont care about his looks or his live voice, I care about new music and hardschool being on the setlist is progress towards that.
  3. Shit. Imagine having 3 albums of 18 songs by now... What does PRL stand for?
  4. How many new songs on the tape are left that have vocals? I know theres quick song but what else? Oklahoma? Eyes on you? Zodiac?
  5. State of grace Perhaps Atlas Hardschool Silkworms I've seriously been blasting state of grace every time I've been in my truck since it leaked. OMG was always one of my top 5 GnR songs and this just fits right in with it.
  6. It really sounds like an album closer. He had to have been saving it for CD2 Seriously though... if he has all these unheard songs just from 99... what else has been recorded in the last 20 years?
  7. State of grace is my favorite of the leaks but this songs 100% has the potential to be a hit. It also sounds like the most complete of the 4.
  8. I can't believe that out of all the songs tr hat have leaked, the possibly two best ones are ones we never even heard of.
  9. Around the time OMG was recorded, wasnt there a song recorded called "daddy can the devil do mommy and me" that was intended for the end of days soundtrack but never released? I wonder if that turned into this... it definitely sounds similar to Oh My God
  10. Woah. This song is way better than I expected from the clip. It makes me really wonder what else axl has buried that we haven't heard.
  11. It's very 90s sounding. I like it, I'd like to hear the robin/bucket version and clearer vocals
  12. I'm really hoping we get atlas in full soon. It really sounds like axl was making an effort to transition to a cleaner voice, which although im not a fan of it on the old songs, he makes it work pretty well on atlas and hardschool. I could see them playing atlas live, especially if a new album is on the horizon. We know that it was ready to be released on CD but was excluded due to time constraints.