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  1. Or Axl was joking about it being named Jackie Chan in the first place and we never knew the real title.
  2. Think About You is fucking great. I'd probably go for So Fine being worse than My World, except I dig the shit out of the live version. But studio-wise... yeah, I'd take My World first.
  3. ChiDem Live Performances

    It works when Axl wants it to work.
  4. The Leak History

    Thing is, the account isn't new. It's almost a year old, and has posted on other non-GN'R related subreddits. And seems very similar to Fernando's verbiage when he was posting on here. I'd be much more skeptical if it had just popped up in the last month or two.
  5. The Leak History

    A mentally ill troll that keeps hounding all the forums pretending to be someone important, when he literally just copy/pasted all of it from another forum.
  6. The Leak History

    Ask yourself, what could Fernando possibly be doing that prevents him from spending all day staring at his phone... his biggest contribution as manager is toy trucks and laundry bags.
  7. Axl and TB’s thoughts/actions on leaks?

    "Downloading motherfuckers."
  8. Axl in the US army

    It's probably for the best for everyone that never happened. Young Axl with a gun and free reign to kill. Fucker probably would've ended up on some black ops seal team by the time he was done racking 'em up.
  9. That would be fake. There are no snippets of The General circulating. Only a near-inaudible cell phone recording from an after party it was played at in 2010.
  10. Essentially, yes. Nothing is done out in public view. Kinda like that massive nude celeb photo leak years ago with Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of others. There's a black market for this type of shit that is constantly people trading what they're hoarding to someone else hoarding something different. The only time anything really gets out is when one of these people get screwed over in a trade, and then that person gets pissed off and leaks what they have to plummet the value of shit. If the storage locker discs didn't get in to so many people's hands so quick, you could bet your ass this stuff likely wouldn't have seen the light of day for a long, long time.
  11. Only partially true. The actual full version of the song wasn't on the discs. The instrumental supposedly is under the name 'Prom Violence'. But yeah, if that is actually in the hands of anyone, I wouldn't expect it to leak anytime soon. That's about the only thing that would still be valuable, since it'd be far less circulated and likely to get out.
  12. We need a new GITR dedicated entirely to Bob Ezrin and Jimmy Iovine. "This is for all the NuGuns fans who stuck with us, through all the fucking shit!"
  13. He truly wasn't lying. He had big guns for CDII. I'm about to make a banner like that Brazilian chick. We now believe even more.
  14. Oh, but... he swears multiple "sources" verified it! Of course, by multiple sources, he probably means his reflection in the mirror and toaster.
  15. A number of people on literally the biggest troll forum there is.