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  1. I can't wait for the newly released studio version of Wichita Lineman.
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    GN'R dropping a new single on Friday the 13th in the midst of the new plague is logically the most GN'R thing they could do.
  3. Axl has literally had at least one, if not two or three, album(s) worth of material recorded for a two decades. Unreleased songs like Going Down were on the alt setlist 9 years ago and never got played. All of this means nothing. None of it means anything if it isn't released, and there is zero indication of anything actually being released, other than Fernando's bullshit comment on Reddit and Slash's non-committal comments. It's fine to be optimistic that something MIGHT get released. MIGHT. But there's no more concrete evidence that we are getting anything than there has been since CD was released. Every point you've raised is exactly as relevant now as when DJ Ashba was saying these exact same things 10 years ago.
  4. I'm well aware. But the ones that do so strongly... whew. You've got to be deaf and blind to act like the people annoyed by having one album in 30 years and getting treated like assholes by the "management" are the ones that have the problem and not the band. It's not 2010 or 2011 anymore, it's 2020. Axl is 58 years old. Chinese was released almost 12 years ago. It's been 4 years since the reunion. Stop kissing their fucking ass and making excuses. "Well WHAT IF they released an album next month?" Then we'd all be fucking ecstatic? But they aren't. They refuse to talk about it. And their manager won't even fess up to the claims he made on his public Reddit account under his name - which he also won't deny, basically proving it is him. Just... how?
  5. Imagine so staunchly and blindly defending this band in 2020.
  6. So, I thought this was kinda interesting. I was listening to the Pittsburgh '02 show last night. During SCOM, a few seconds after the first "where do we go now"... I swear that I can hear part of the Circus Maximus intro in the background. Something being sprinkled in by Pitman. I listened to it a few more times, and unless my ears are deceiving me, I can still clearly hear it. Makes you wonder how many parts of the Village songs could've just been hiding in the background all along.
  7. Nah, I recall him sounding really strong in Atlantic City the show before. I think it was more him wanting to redeem himself from the horrid Chicago 2012 show that was streamed where he was sick a few days prior.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    Slash has mentioned before he has ideas specifically for GN'R that he stores away.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    I listened to bits and pieces, but Jungle in particular was the strongest he's sounded on it since 2017 to me. Maybe one of his strongest since 2016. He sounded like Axl has consistently sounded the last couple years. Which is to say, mid-tour form vs. Berlin '18 form, which he usually sounds closer to on the first show after a few months.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    There are two things that give me any small ounce of optimism about new music this year. The first being, I just don't see how they could possibly think another stadium tour would sell well in the US with how much they have toured the market since 2016 with no new incentive to go. An arena tour would be one thing, but stadiums? I think there has to be SOMETHING planned for it. If it's not new music, it would either need a major setlist revamp or Adler/Izzy. The second is, I really don't fully believe everything Slash says in interviews. He was steadfastly denying the reunion happening, and that there had been any personal reconciliation with Axl until it finally happened. Obviously there were probably NDAs in place to prevent anyone from talking about it, but still, he's been just as cagey with the new music talk. My belief right now is that they've been recording, and if the record isn't done, it's close to done. Axl's voice being not totally horrifying on the last two shows coming back from a layoff also makes me believe he's been singing off-tour.
  11. Slash already confirmed shows around March a few months ago. Probably Europe/Asia again.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, I'm still not sold on the idea that Axl even knows anything about this. Axl may have been the one that put Team Brazil in a management position, but there is a long history of Beta and Fernando colluding behind Axl's back to shield him from things. Izzy's supposed extortion in 2006. E-mailing back-and-forth with Goldstein, which supposedly got Beta kicked out of the house for a few weeks after Axl found out. I also don't think it's a coincidence that since they took over, Axl seems completely zonked out on whatever happy pills he's being plied with. I think this is firmly a Beta and Fernando mission. I just can't understand why now, and why the jumping point was Saskatoon leaking. Nothing happened when Ritz '87 came about just a year or so prior. Obviously Mofo was doing this for years, but on a much smaller scale. It's not like it's just videos of Axl sounding bad being erased; it's everything. It's obviously directed as a way to punish the hardcore fanbase, but... why now?
  13. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    There is, they just aren't posting it.
  14. Jesus, I hope so. Because I believe he's a blithering imbecile.
  15. Locomotive and (essentially) a new GN'R album in the same month. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.