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  1. Myles is going on tour WITHOUT Slash.
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Back on topic http://teamrock.com/feature/2018-02-05/are-guns-n-roses-making-a-new-album-some-people-think-so
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    Getting a little bit off topic here....
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    There has been no recent Pumpkins tour and no recent divorces with band members. Pumpkins also are not a “ permanent A list” band and haven’t received any recent concert money. Besides, Billy has been preoccupied with reforming the NWA (not the rap band). The article is referencing GnR. Again like I stated previously, if it actually happens is another topic altogether.
  5. GnR Bowling Alley Tour 2018

    Litho shirts were going to be hot sellers anyway. It would not have been a smart business move to invest the same amount of money for the standard bullet with different city shirts and the waaaaaaaay more popular and cooler litho shirts.

    Hell of a lot easier (and cheaper) for them to produce the shirts this way. The back of the shirts were screen printed in bulk and they just added the image on the front for each city. You have no idea what it would have cost to have each city have its own screen printed shirt. Each color gets its own screen. Some shirts would have needed 5-6 different screens. It’s pure economics.
  8. Rumor of a new album???

    They are a billion percent referring to Guns. Anyone who doesn’t notice that is blind, dumb or both. However...... Whether it’s true or not is a completely different story.
  9. Does Axl know he acted like a diva?

    David Lee Roth was the man who started the trend of specific riders. It’s not about how many drinks are there that he doesn’t drink, food he doesn’t eat but a way for the band to know that promoters are looking at every detail and paying attention to everything.
  10. GnR will only tour with Slash moving forward. I think that’s been cemented, especially with promoters. Who plays on the album(s) is a whole different story.
  11. I think the next album is going to feature a lot of people. I don’t think Slash will be rewriting other people’s parts. My 2 cents is DJ is in LA recording parts to the new album which will feature him, robin, Slash and maybe even Bucket. Guns n Roses is more of an entity than a band at this point, has been for quite some time and I think it will be that way moving forward