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  1. RTB produced Madagascar leaked?

    Still waiting to hear this myself.
  2. RTB produced Madagascar leaked?

    Just woke up to this. Can someone please shoot me a PM? Thanks!
  3. And the award for highest grossing tour of all time goes to............
  4. The it's so easy video is not from Detroit. It's from MSG first night.
  5. From day one, Axl was always the most erratic out of the members as far as performances go. However, that being said, name one band with a frontman who sings the way he does, that's constantly putting on 3 plus hour shows almost every night. You can't because that band does not exist. That alone is a testament to Axl's vocal ability.
  6. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    Well, now that was beyond awesome.
  7. 10/23/17 - Hartford, CT - XL Center

    Just a TAD bit harsh there buddy....
  8. To each their own I guess.TWAT is near impossible live, and I was there the first time it was played at Hammerstein. It's a difficult song to play on all fronts. I prefer Slash because 99% of CD was waaaaaaay overproduced. I enjoy the more bluesy, stripped down versions Slash plays. Robins TIL solo completely sucked on the album, again my opinion. Just a mishmash of noise. Robin also butchered the old songs (don't get me started on Ashba) and Bumble never fit. I'm looking forward to if and when Slash plays on whatever material Axl has been holding back.
  9. Slash's take on Robins solo makes the song great. Actually, Slash's take on all the CD solos make the songs more enjoyable. He was always the missing piece of the puzzle. There's a difference with just playing guitar and playing with emotion. Every single "lead" guitarist post Slash (with the exception of Richard) has lacked the emotion that made the original songs great. Just my two cents.
  10. That was an awesome performance by Axl. Full rasp in the end how it's supposed to be.
  11. Me too! Also found it funny how Slash had the wrong guitar and changed it 20 seconds in. I was sitting stage right. Wonderful experience. Will be honest though I was a little bit bummed that I didn't hear McBob do an intro.
  12. check again. Upper right arm
  13. Axl had a black patch on his right upper arm. Looked like a nicotine patch. Anyone else catch that?