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  1. Punk Interview with Duff and more

    Wife has Alzheimer’s. Has been going through a lot of personal stuff, hence the weight gain. Regardless, still the fucking man. He created an image and a persona that continues to make millions today. Tricked the press to play along at his own game for over 40 years. John Lyndon is a genius and legend.
  2. Punk Interview with Duff and more

    Johnny is more punk than anyone on that stage. Referring to him as a “dick” is a compliment. Duff sold out with his “punk as fuck” merchandise and his Tenderness abomination. 99% go soft and sell out during old age but Johnny Rotten will always be Johnny Rotten.
  3. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    Surprised no one mentioned You Could Be Mine. Totally random and awesome.
  4. Full interview is out. Nice little tidbit on the new Guns album too.
  5. Don’t worry about hearing Axl sing a new song. It will be Duff singing his major hit ,Tenderness...........