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  1. Please someone close the thread before Fernando reads it jk No offense, it would be a great idea if GNR had some frequent creative output and worked as a real band, you know...
  2. 1m in 3 days for an old song w/ lyric video is great indeed. Now imagine what a brand new song featuring a clip with Axl/Slash or Axl/Angus could do.
  3. I mean that at this point they've let everyone know about the box set while the countdown is still there so... one can hope eh?
  4. Please does anyone have the link for the promo video that shows the box content? It's not avaliable for me anymore.
  5. Don't wanna sound pessimist either, but I think we're gonna have more nostalgia thing. Seems like they're just buying time so the reunion can still sound fresh as they release something. (even if just repacking old stuff) Nonetheless, my optimistic and deluded fan side is thinking that they're using the appetite graphic elements to create hype and promote a new single among the box set.
  6. If this video surfaced I'd probably shit myself
  7. My guess is that there's dots only when the posters are located in, since one user spoted a poster in São Paulo, and the only dot in Brazil is where São Paulo is.
  8. If they've had been into recording, we'd known by now. By the time when Axl started rehearsing with them for the tour, there were instant photos and lots of info. I think they might be just have meetings at each ones house, at the most.
  9. If Vai says so, who am I to disagree? Axl/DC FTW!
  10. Fun story!! Our guy seems a little pissed on the photo
  11. Yep, I also wonder what's Axl thinking, and if he's been consulted about this Slash's move, dunno, what do you guys think? We know for sure the redhead mellowed a bit, but early 2000's Axl may have faced this SMKC comeback as treason
  12. I'm all in for Axl/DC. IMHO, GNR have lost a big oportunity by chosing to not release anything by now. Unless they drop a single when the tour start over, this band will get older and less appealing to general public. Axl please, release a single at least.
  13. Just Another Sunday

    This. I don't know where the hell was Axl's mind when he didn't put that song on AFD. On topic: Just Another Sunday sucks big time