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  1. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I’d really love to see a new guns album in this line, Axl could bring some 70’s influences, acoustic and piano stuff and get Slash out of the confort zone. I think it’d be very well received.
  2. Estranged Patience Civil War Nightrain Coma Oh My God
  3. So the GNR, Alexisonfire and Bullet For My Valentine highlights "episode" will be streamed Saturday 30 Jun 5:00pm Saved you a click
  4. Thats the kind of thing that reminds me why I'm such a big fan of this band. (at these days without much perspective) The outro is incredible indeed! Axl's piano skills at it's best. Also great to notice how he managed the lyrics through times, I'd love to see some piano version from the Illusions sessions simmilar to this.
  5. Civil War was great! Axl strong as fuck, also noticed that the crowd was really into it, not so many phones. I think this is the best video of a 2018 GNR gig I saw this year. Keep it up Axl
  6. Not available in my country
  7. Axl's vocal range in 2001 was incredible, the switching between chest and head voice was so smooth, it seems very clear to me why Street of Dreams* isn't played anymore. *highlight of the show IMO.
  8. The vocals and the drums are pretty much the same. I've only noticed a better mix, the instruments are clearer, voice too.
  9. We are getting now the same that's occurred from 2011 on, Axl prepared himself for the 2009/10 world tour and was sharp as hell, then relapsed and you all know the rest. That's his problem, incredibly talented but the laziest dude of the music industry. He should definitely give Ron Anderson a call, he was his vocal coach during the 2016 run and helped our guy deliver his best in ages.
  10. Please someone close the thread before Fernando reads it jk No offense, it would be a great idea if GNR had some frequent creative output and worked as a real band, you know...
  11. 1m in 3 days for an old song w/ lyric video is great indeed. Now imagine what a brand new song featuring a clip with Axl/Slash or Axl/Angus could do.
  12. I mean that at this point they've let everyone know about the box set while the countdown is still there so... one can hope eh?