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  1. in re: Slash Like Mick Taylor, he does his best stuff when he's playing in a great song. Great songs are, in general, really rare and usually accidents. Still, here we are in 2020, and he is practically peerless - put him onstage next to any current or older electric blues player, and he will kill. I've seen NITL twice and he was fucking awesome both times. There was plenty of pointless noodling but he still fucking slayed it! Duff is Duff - he's always been a bit dispassionate. He's kinda the solid rock in the center of the Axl/Izzy/Slash chaos - he's still doing his thing as he always has, just adjusted for his age/experience. One way or another, this band has basically been a cash machine since Izzy left. Sometimes the price of admission gets you a killer, unforgettable performance. Sometimes you get to watch millionaires punch their time card. They have this in common with every band that's lasted more than 3 album cycles.
  2. Hmmmm we'll see how attendance this summer shapes that opinion. To be fair, they are in a weird spot business-wise: their stature kind of dictates that they release on the same scale as AC/DC, Metallica, RHCP, or Rolling Stones. With such limited space in the mainstream for rock n roll, they need a slam-dunk single for it to be worth it. If a new GN'R single were to come and go like solo Slash, Iron Maiden, or Dream Theater it would be huge disappointment for everyone. I still think they have either internally cancelled a release for this year, or still might release this summer. There's no other explanation as to why they would be playing the Super Bowl and booking a US stadium tour. Poor attendance this summer practically guarantees they will not be on the road next summer, and they certainly wouldn't release any 30th anni UYI packages alongside a new album. So, no new music this summer likely means nothing until 2022 at least.
  3. These conversations oftentimes ignore a really basic truth: Slash is a great guitarist and, as such, noodles around a lot to get to the great parts. Without the wanking, there would be no jizzing. And that's what everyone here likes, right? Jizz? But serioulsy, I agree with the OP. I have seen NITL twice (once in 2016, once in 2019) and was utterly floored by Slash both times. He certainly did do a lot of noodling, particularly in KOHD, but when he hit the big notes in Coma I thought the roof was gonna fucking fall in. He's an utterly insane, beautiful player who is nowhere near a rut. And besides, some people like the noodling!
  4. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    I was at the Palladium gig a few weeks ago, and he sounds better now than he did then. This is 100% the worst time of year for allergies in LA, Austin (allergy capital of the southwest), along with everywhere else they're playing. You can hear that he's got a cold/hay fever. Frank is no diff than Sorum IMO - he plays everything on the 1 w a 1/4 note feel. He's a got a lot more finesse than Sorum so I prefer him. Adler plays everything on the 2 with an 1/8 note feel which is what makes the AFD shit pop up and down. To quote James, Lars has never been drummer of the year. Those parts are really complicated, and I think he's playing great all things considered. Neil fucking Peart retired for this exact reason. At any rate, I think this GN'R tour is as good as it can be for a quick fe$tival run. Next year will be hopefully be amazing!