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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Problem is it brings even more of the song into his weak mid range where he struggles. Low stuff is easy, high stuff has deteriorated big time recently but on things like soyl he can still get it out. But songs like Scom, ycbm that require strong mid voice he just struggling with and has done for some time and he can't do it any way other than the weak higher pitched head voice that sounds like the Mickey voice we know. The reason AcDc sounded so good even compared to 2016 Guns shows was there was only a limited time he had to drop out of that stronger high pitched raspy head voice. Whereas Guns songs move from mixed to head many times a song (just take jungle live, opens higher, drops lower in the middle then back higher, but it's right at the point where it's at its weakest connection where he could also force it out on chest voice as well, and indeed these days that's usually what he does instead).
  2. I think he was fine, his rasp is still mega ropey at times and it clearly takes alot out of him, but overall that wasn't a bad performance, compared to some other shockers in the past.
  3. He slightly ran out of steam, but he managed it well enough and it didn't sound to jarring. Good effort from everyone so far!!
  4. Damn that what I was thinking as well!
  5. Axl is fine tonight, as someone else said he is giving a lot of effort. not sure he is going to be able to keep it up all show, but I suppose he can go all out given most of the tour is already gone.
  6. I think for younger people it really is a minimal risk, especially for children. Its really the older generation where it is a genuine risk. I think what is worrying people is there is no cure, with the flu at least you can reduce your risk of catching it. Its the fear of the unknown that worries people I suppose! I wouldn't cancel GnR SA tour yet, not enough cases down there and given the places they are going to are fairly warm, I think that would be ok. However Europe may still be in that peak period come May-June when GnR are coming over, hopefully on the downward trend though! My best guess, the Euro leg is cancelled.
  7. Agreed, however it is worth noting that out of the global case closed, the figure has hoovered around 6% now for the last 7-10 days and really hasn't shifted all that much. Each country will be different of course but the fact we've now had 70,000 cases closed, and we are still sitting at 6% is more than a little worrying, especially as 70,000 is a statistically quite large number, certainly large enough to start to make some basic assumptions. One of them being South Korea is a heck of an anomaly on the global stage, as is Germany. Worth also noting that SK has A huge amount of active cases still (I think they only offically have 330 cases which are regarded as closed) and it maybe there may end up being an increase in that mortality rates there. Also, Europe isn't doing anything near as much as China did to shut it down, its a good start, but China literally locked everything down, stopped people from leaving their house. You can still fly out of Italy to quite a few countries, still go to work, still travel to a limited extent for reasons. BIG differences to China, which had an utter 0 tolerence to that.
  8. So China is finally lifting some of the lockdown restrictions on Wuhan/Hubei , so that has roughly taken 45 days. That is with one of the harshest crackdowns we've ever seen and huge measures by a near dictorship state to swing it around. Europe is only doing China Lite at the moment, so its probably safe to assume its going to take longer than that and it is suspected that alot of other countries may have to put in similar restrictions in the next few weeks. I suspect at least the first half of the leg has to be doubtful right now, may as well reschedule the whole Euro tour for next year at this point.
  9. I think there is still very much debate about that, there is definately an incubation period though, that is 100% proven fact (though the time is unknown). I agree it may not be a large driver, but I'd have thought the one place that may be questionable is at a concert and public transport. I mean the fact the virus is still spreading as it is must mean something. Sorry for the edit, here is a link to a BBC report about it: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51800707
  10. I think the problem is those 30-40 year olds (I fit into that range, just!) then go and see their parents/grand parents and could pass it on before they show any symptoms, or travel on transport with people who are at risk, etc. Everything works in concert and there is nothing in isolation. It is real difficult though to call, I suppose in the end it comes down to economy vs lives and what you think is more important to your current situation.
  11. Just a reminder, this is at LEAST 3-6X worse than the VERY worst normal flu outbreaks (and that is based on south Korea's numbers, which look the best given they have tested huge numbers of people now). If things keep going at this rate, it will easily outkill any normal flu season, probably by multiple of times come the end of this thing. Also, way to early to judge what this will do in terms of total numbers...its like claiming a normal flu season will be weaker than normal on 31st October. Anyway, as GnR, I suspect at least the 1st half of this EU tour is looking highly at risk now, hopefully we will be on the downward swing by that time, but I suspect any ban on large gatherings likely will still be in place in May, though hopefully we will be looking at this through the read mirror.
  12. I've just listened to the 2nd Mexico show from that 1st leg, have to say on some songs Axl really did sound great and fresh. He was also quite inventive, his phrasing during Heavens door was interesting, as he improvs quite frequently in those early shows, which makes Heavens door sound quite interesting at times, especially compared to now, more varied. Agreed about that Nightrain, its electric, maybe only Houston and one of the other early shows (I can remember, the 1st or 2nd from the US 16 leg?) competes.
  13. It can't help, BUT his voice in early 2017 still had that crisp and sharp sound to it, listen to Jungle from London 2017. Yes he isn't using as much rasp, but the core of his voice is still there, he still has a decent enough sound. Compare it to now, his upper range is totally shot and sounds soooooo airy and weak. Whilst ACDC can't help, I suspect the 140 odd shows since ACDC probably has just caused some wear and tear combined with him just getting older. Indeed you can hear his voice get more tired and stretched from the back half of 2017 through to now. You can only go to that well so many times before it runs dry...
  14. Well with Axl you can never say never 100%, though I get your point. I never thought I'd hear Axl sing with such power, conviction and range as he did in those ACDC gigs, especially back on say the SA leg of the 2014 tour where I genuinely wondered if he was just shot. That has got to be one of the greatest vocal comebacks I've seen (and yes, he did have good shows towards the end of the LV 2014 run, but those ACDC gigs, especially the early ones, are leagues above any performances Axl has given with GnR since 2010, even the amazing Houston isn't comparable to the best of hose ACDC gigs sadly. Freddie Mercury also did something like that, the shows in 1979 got weaker and weaker, and by the Japanese leg, they were utterly atrocious. Fast forward about 9 months and he gives literally the best live performances of his career. Funny how sometimes these things work out.
  15. If anything his voice in terms of pure ability may have been a little worse than say 2011-2012, but he was using absolutely all of it alot of the time and it really showed, even on the GnR shows (the Axl DC shows were probably some of the greatest live singing he will ever or has ever done, IMO alongside say 1988, parts of 1993 and maybe 2010) He did sing some songs in a less taxing way, but when he turned it on, it really was both strong and raspy. In 2011-2014 the rasp was often fairly thin sounding, it didn't have the chest connection that he often had in 2016. Maybe he is paying for that now though?