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  1. Well with Axl you can never say never 100%, though I get your point. I never thought I'd hear Axl sing with such power, conviction and range as he did in those ACDC gigs, especially back on say the SA leg of the 2014 tour where I genuinely wondered if he was just shot. That has got to be one of the greatest vocal comebacks I've seen (and yes, he did have good shows towards the end of the LV 2014 run, but those ACDC gigs, especially the early ones, are leagues above any performances Axl has given with GnR since 2010, even the amazing Houston isn't comparable to the best of hose ACDC gigs sadly. Freddie Mercury also did something like that, the shows in 1979 got weaker and weaker, and by the Japanese leg, they were utterly atrocious. Fast forward about 9 months and he gives literally the best live performances of his career. Funny how sometimes these things work out.
  2. If anything his voice in terms of pure ability may have been a little worse than say 2011-2012, but he was using absolutely all of it alot of the time and it really showed, even on the GnR shows (the Axl DC shows were probably some of the greatest live singing he will ever or has ever done, IMO alongside say 1988, parts of 1993 and maybe 2010) He did sing some songs in a less taxing way, but when he turned it on, it really was both strong and raspy. In 2011-2014 the rasp was often fairly thin sounding, it didn't have the chest connection that he often had in 2016. Maybe he is paying for that now though?
  3. That little run in 2012 (up close and personal) was probably the most consistent spell Axl had in the entire 2011-2014 spell. Quite often he sounded at least good, and yes on some nights such as the Philly show, Atlantic city and the final HoB show, he sounded damn good. However I'd probably put the NA tour above that from 2016. The BIG difference is commitment from Axl. Too often it felt like he was kind of coasting and doing the bare minimum in songs. Ironically at places like Philly 2012, you can tell he has that same effort that he had in the NA leg in 2016. That effort sometimes makes a HUGE difference, especially with how he sounds. Philly 2016 probably isn't the greatest voice he had in the tour, but when he went for the higher notes they often sounded fierce. The same often could not be said, especially for most of 2012-2014 period outside of maybe UCAP 2012 NA leg and perhaps the final few Vegas shows. (and I've seen most of the performances at one point or another) Maybe 10 shows in 2 years that had the same level of dedication he had in every NITL show in the NA leg of the tour....not even including the other worldly display he had in the ACDC tour, that was a level above anything Axl has produced in terms of commitment (ever...what he managed to get out of his voice for those legs was outrageous). An example of the commitment from Axl would be the opening note of Welcome to the Jungle. Compare say London 2012 show, to any number of 2016 shows and you will hear a big difference in how hard he sings (Uses a fuller sounding voice), and how high he goes before coming down. Interestingly, he does a similar thing in Philly 2012 as he does in most 2016 shows. The very best opening screams in 2016 really have nothing in 2011-2014 that can compare in terms of sheer power, length and height of the notes Also nothing IMO beats out ta get me from Houston 2016 recently, his voice could easily be from Bucharest 2010 on that, indeed I think it was probably the best performance since 2010 IMO (as is the show, for both his commitement, effort and general raspy strength he had that show).
  4. Even back in the 90s his mid range was kinda a little iffy at times. I listened to one of those vocal coach reactions from one of the 90s shows and they said what is noticeable is how Axl didn't use a huge amount of note variety, it all kinda held within 3-4 notes of each other for large chunks of the song in that raspy head voice he used to have, only occasionally dipping into the raspy mid section. I tend to agree looking back now, but to be fair he didn't need to because he had the vocal chops back then to get away with it. Its only really in the early days of the band (say 86-88) and ironically 2010 (especially in Europe) that he had a cracking sounding mid range rasp with that classic blended head/chest mix (Street of dreams often featured that at the start of the song). At other times, its been a weakness for sure, though he often found ways around it. Problem is, I think his vocal chops in other parts of his voice have weakened to the point where it is proving hard for him to hide the naturally weaker parts of his voice and its getting increasingly restrictive and worn down/airy sounding.
  5. Yes, I said on the other thread his higher voice is SO airy sounding, it just seems to lack any real crispness that he once had. As I said on the other thread, its not about rasp, its about that sharp quality, and it just seems very lacking these days. Even if you compare it to say 2017, there is a big difference (try looking at some Jungles from Europe 2017 for example, his voice sounds far less strained, worn out and much more crisp, I was at the london gig and whilst it wasn't vintage, his voice still really carried well on Jungle) and his voice was hardly as good as it was in 2016 by that point either. The other thing is, I think he has actually lost range now as well, he is having to stretch to the limits to get notes that were previously reasonably comfortable for him. As iffy as his rasp has been at times in the past 10 years, he has always had the range to fall back on...now even that is getting increasingly limited at the top end.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    GnR are a nostalgia band, no point in taking any creative risks when your in year 4 of a mega tour that is STILL making them considerable money, and has made them by now probably something close to 3/4 of a billion. Why even bother when you could probably still go around touring and still probably easily enough sell out arenas in many places, and stadiums in others.