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  1. The official 'Rock the Rock' looney tunes video has now been released.
  2. Maybe Guns n Roses could ask him to sing on their next album. Seriously though he must have recorded this pretty quickly, but why? Sounds cool anyway, let's hope it gets released as a single.
  3. https://www.nme.com/news/eminem-christine-queens-uk-charts-2384501 Number 4 on UK charts - not too bad! It sounds pretty much like the other albums to me, but some excellent guitar solos on there.
  4. It's pretty obvious that Axl doesn't like the process of recording in the studio and the band can make more money from touring. They haven't worked on anything new yet judging from the recent interviews going round. I would say the best bet is for them to re-record some of the old stuff like crash diet, maybe a couple of covers from the tour and release an album with like 10 songs on it.
  5. Is Bjork the new lead singer? I'm confused. When's the new album out?