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  1. European Leg

    Check out the frontpage gunsnroses.com What does that mean? "Special guest"
  2. I sure hope you ain't fooling us! Could mean European-tour! Although, Im not interested at all if it's another nostalgia tour. Been there, done that. One very cool christmas gift would be, if Fernandos story in Reddit were true. Guns N' Roses, can you surprise us?
  3. There was a "strong rumor" about consert in Italy next summer, wich could hint an European Tour? Has anyone heard about this or can we call it BS? And if they tour, is it Not In this Lifetime again or some sort of Illusion tour? I bet here in Finland many will get good laughs if there is another nostalgia tour coming up =)
  4. Fortus says before christmas, that there is a very big change for a new Guns N' Roses song before touring in march. When the time goes by, Slash gives an interview, where he shares the same old info of band doing some recording. Hoping, that they can share something for the fans in the near future. Band plays the same setlist again in this next mini-tour. And the cycle will continue over and over again...
  5. So, how was "Hard School" live?