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  1. Corey Taylor is now also a bastard who doesn't have respect at all
  2. Don't give up yet. Sooner than soon and so on....
  3. Yes, this is what I believe also. Jarmo also was very sure we would get something in the winter And we didn't even have this pandemic yet
  4. Jarmo believes no new music this year cause what's happening in da world
  5. Whats wrong with these "artists"? Do they have any shame at all? "Bon Jovi confirms new album in october"
  6. What do you think? Are they going to use term "All new show" again for new dates?
  7. I can see now how the hype begins: Amazon or Best Buy leaks it all with their mystery listing. Guns N' Roses - Guns N' Roses (Release date: sooner than soon)
  8. What was the point of that video they posted? I almost thought it was leading to somekind of announcement. edit: but again it was exactly the same bullshit as usual. It only needed a caption "About to drop some more..." or something like that. Then it would have been perfect
  9. But seriously. Without the fan glasses on. Do you think that it is really that bad thing (business wisely or something else) to release something new now? Would it really ruin the tour with longer timespan between these two? Give us something new while we enjoy our summers mostly at home. Then give us something new again when the tour is near. I bet they got material enough to do such a thing...
  10. Complaints, complaints! Did you know we got new photo of Frank today from their official social media?! Be thankful!
  11. Is there any official word they really are doing that anniversary?
  12. Will there be a boxset? New album and UYI-boxset in 2021! So new album will be postponed again because of the anniversary ?
  13. If they can do something in november, (Latin America?) Perhaps something new then?
  14. From the Slash camp, as far as they are aware, everything has been put back a year, there will be an album with a year of touring with Guns, then Slash will return to his own projects. I got told to ask GN'R management for any 'detail' on that, as if eh
  15. How reliable is that one "insider" from gnrevolution who told that all gnr plans including new music has been pushed forward at least one year from now?
  16. Not releasing new music is called respect for what is happening around the globe + plus you can't get enough money from it these days Am I right, Axl & Fernando?
  17. NITL live videos on youtube

    Wait this statement is real? If I remember correct, I used the riots as a parody few weeks ago
  18. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    And maybe it is already written but they havent figured out how to publish it
  19. Album was supposed to be announced this week but because of the riots....?
  20. They should really just release something that we could get rid off these shitty fakes...
  21. Can we lock this until something happens with new stuff?