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  1. Cos that's only for the rich. This kind of stuff is cool for Kiss i guess. If i have to spend that kind of money it better be new music.
  2. "Con sus riffs dignos de Aerosmith o los Stones y sus letras de rabia incoherente y apatía generacional, los Guns N' Roses se convirtieron en la mejor y más influyente banda de hard rock desde fines de los ochenta. El debut de 1987, Appetite for Destruction, los catapultó al estrellato mundial, pero excesos y peleas rápidamente minaron el futuro del grupo. Durante los noventa solo fueron capaces de lanzar un único disco de material inédito, el desordenado y brillante Use Your Illusion (1991). Tras la partida del carismático guitarrista Slash, el cantante Alex Rose tardó casi quince años en completar Chinese Democracy, finalmente aparecido en 2008. Con varios cambios en la formación, el siempre popular conjunto mantuvo su errática existencia, caracterizada por giras intermitentes y rumores de nuevas grabaciones." This is from Itunes in Spanish.
  3. I want to listen to rest of the CD era more than anything, i don't care who plays on the songs. Could be Ashba soloing a keytar i dont care. Just release those songs already.
  4. Ghost

    It's on Spotify.
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody trailer released (film due Nov)

    This, i think it is Brian voice. If not, the actor is spot on.
  6. Ghost

  7. Ghost

    Pro Memoria sounds fucking awesome. Instant hit in my mind. Ghost has to be the best band out there. If you are in the strip, they play the Roxy tonight for 6.66 dollars per ticket.
  8. Can we dream of You Could Be Mine from the Appetite sessions?
  9. Ghost!, now that's a proper opener.
  10. That's The General. That leak is Jackie Chan.
  11. This guy is amazing. Take a look at his youtube channel. Madagascar is spot on.
  12. i have no idea too. I want this since i finished thw witcher 3.
  13. you need to get Mothergoose next.
  14. Just saw the thing, a great movie. But not a great Star Wars movie. I feel they disrespected every one of my heroes.