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  1. i have no idea too. I want this since i finished thw witcher 3.
  2. you need to get Mothergoose next.
  3. Just saw the thing, a great movie. But not a great Star Wars movie. I feel they disrespected every one of my heroes.
  4. Kingsman 1 & 2

    Just saw 1 and 2, FUCKIN AMAZING.
  5. The Eric Cartman routine is for fun or you are really like that all the time? Anyway, some of your comments are gold.
  6. GNR Live Key

    TWAT is in Eb to my ears. At least i played in that tuning. Everything else i agree.
  7. but this is the alt. booklet. I believe most of the lyrics are correct, if not all.
  8. Buckethead speaks!

    This, he seems to be on track on everything to live. At some point maybe the Buckethead persona took control over Brian. Brian seems like a really nice and emotional guy. On the emotional side, you can feel the pain in that interview, but i his music as well. He can translate that to the music like a master. One of the greatest.
  9. Buckethead speaks!

    thanks, very very insightful. He sounds like Slash!(talking obviously)
  10. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    that better was fucking awesome
  11. Another thing to notice on TSI, the Zodiac alphabet(FUCK EM ALL) thing.