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  1. Buckethead speaks!

    This, he seems to be on track on everything to live. At some point maybe the Buckethead persona took control over Brian. Brian seems like a really nice and emotional guy. On the emotional side, you can feel the pain in that interview, but i his music as well. He can translate that to the music like a master. One of the greatest.
  2. Buckethead speaks!

    thanks, very very insightful. He sounds like Slash!(talking obviously)
  3. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    that better was fucking awesome
  4. Another thing to notice on TSI, the Zodiac alphabet(FUCK EM ALL) thing.
  5. add 2 more: Shadow of your love and Going Down
  6. that's linda.. but is that the ghost of Johnny Ramone????
  7. 11/30/16 Mexico City, MX - Palacio de los Deportes

    Ha, no.. at least not in this lifetime.
  8. 11/30/16 Mexico City, MX - Palacio de los Deportes

    At the end of the long video, he's throwing pieces of trump to the audience with Fernando. Even Axl say his name.
  9. Yeah, it's sad cos CD songs have a lot of potential for great videos, especially the "epic" songs. But yeah, Kirk is right. The other night i was checking all the old demos, stuff i have from 1999-2007. Good times, what was keeping us here checking everyday the forum was the new music. Well at least that was my case.
  10. Are you talking about the Better video right? Good move by Axl not allowing that shit to come out.
  11. but this is the last one released : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkUjq-73YAI
  12. They sound the same cos there's only one Axl Rose. I don't think he re-record most of the vocals. The demos contains the same vocals as the album release. Except for RIAD.