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  1. Only 4 years ago but if he can get back to this again it would be mega! Seriously they're putting every other rock band to shame here.
  2. I don't know man. If you only go back to glastonbury in 2013 he was still moving about on stage close to his old self and playing pretty well at the ripe old age of 70. Maybe something happened him health wise in the last couple of years. Indeed someone already mentioned that his fingers look riddled with arteritis. No idea how the guy can move his fingers at all.
  3. Meh, listened to beast of burden there from Munich and the beginning is completely out of key. Its not like its the occasional bum note or drunken overenthusiastic sloppiness it's just a pure inability to really play the guitar well......which is really sad to see. I'd hate to see him go the way of Chuck Berry. Gotta say the rest of them sound amazing. Mick Jagger is a total machine.
  4. Jesus Keith sounds rubbish in that SFTD video. Much as I love him might be worth packing it in after this tour.
  5. Except that's impossibe. You can't have a giant "corporation" that is GNR with no kind of in-between management handling things.
  6. fortus wearing a cast on his leg too apparently
  7. Never care if I never hear this song in any form again. It's so oveplayed for me it's lost any kind of appeal unfortunately.
  8. Slash Appreciation Time

    It's 5 o clock somewhere is pure blues filth. Love it!
  9. Slash Appreciation Time

    Absolutey agree with this however I do think it's come at a loss of that blues sloppiness pre VR he was known for. I really liked that aspect of his sound. But no doubt that now he's a much better player technically.
  10. Saw some clips. Crowd looked into it. Don't understand the big deal that's being made of it.
  11. The GNR anything thread

    Except most of it was being blown on late fees and extravagant over the top after show parties.
  12. Is it just me, I don't hear her playing anything!!? Stealing a living up there. Her backing vocals are good i guess.
  13. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    "Slane, a band that needs no introduction but fuckin get's one anyway...."