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  1. http://brainandmelissamusic.com/
  2. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    John Bonham
  3. Best concerts by year

    Tokyo 2007 Kansas City 2013 Vegas 2014 (the 6th and 7th of June) L.A. 2017
  4. Judas Priest 'Firepower' (March 2018)

    "Firepower" track listing: 01. Firepower 02. Lightning Strike 03. Evil Never Dies 04. Never The Heroes 05. Necromancer 06. Children of the Sun 07. Guardians 08. Rising From Ruins 09. Flame Thrower 10. Spectre 11. Traitors Gate 12. No Surrender 13. Lone Wolf 14. Sea Of Red
  5. Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails

  6. It's here. Full video :
  7. where's Pitman?

    I miss Pitman. I miss Pitman in Guns N' Roses. It's been awhile like two years since the lawsuit that we haven't got any news from him. I hope he's good.
  8. Lots of talk on social media and different forums but also there have been other 'rumors' circulating that make this one worthwhile.
  9. As discussed in the social media thread, the clues are hiding in plain sight. There is too much evidence to not talk about it right now. How would you react to such news? Would you support this decision? Clue #1 : Clue #2 : + djashba It will be worth the wait, I promise! 😉👍🏻 Clue #3 : Clue #4 : Clue #5 : Clue #6 :