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  1. Kingdom Come CoD WWII
  2. Ghost

    Year Zero He Is Ritual Monstrance Clock Cirice Rats Square Hammer Secular Haze Death Knell Prime Mover
  3. Scraped has the best vibes on that album. I.R.S too. Just great vibes. I'm all about the vibes.
  4. Well I'm not seeing a difference between the last tour and the 2010 and 2012 tour. The money involved and the crowd size maybe. What we're seeing now is a elongation of the neverending Chinese Democracy tour. You see it as a true friendship reunion. I see it as a cooperative partnership. When the time will come when a new album will be under the radar, bet that we will begin to see through the veil again. Between CDII and all the musicians involved and Team Brazil right in the middle of it, I don't see them release whatever they want whenever they want unless it is shit music. The creative direction of that band is very fragile and it's a mess.
  5. They've performed eight ChiDem songs in the last tour, and setlist-wise it has everything to do with the ChiDem era, it's the same show.
  6. Ghost

  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Davis is backing off two massive claims he made in recent weeks, including that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has told people he witnessed President Donald Trump being informed of Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer before it happened. "I should have been more clear - including with you - that I could not independently confirm what happened," Davis said, adding: "I regret my error." Davis also backed off his claim that Cohen has information suggesting that Trump knew in advance about Russian hacking of Democrats' emails in 2016. "I am not sure," he said. "There's a possibility that is the case. But I am not sure." The first of these claims was put forward anonymously, initially in a story which CNN is standing by. The Post also reported it - though unlike CNN it didn't report Cohen as saying Trump knew the information was coming from Russians - and cited Davis as an unnamed source. The second claim was made publicly by Davis on TV. https://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Michael-Cohen-s-lawyer-has-done-real-damage-to-13185791.php
  8. Mass Shooting at Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville

    David Katz is a jewish name though.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    NBC/WSJ poll: Trump approval 'remarkably stable' after a stormy week of bad news