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  1. Why did Dio hate Vivian Campbell so much?

    Vivian wanted more. The whole line-up wanted more. Holy Diver is a classic. Then they left and consequently Dio's popularity shrank. Then Vivian joined Def Leppard, I presume he made lots of money. Dio grew with a bitter heart. Look at his relationship with Ritchie Blackmore. Also, keep in mind Vivian was only twenty years old at the time. The whole devil schtick tired him out. The 80's were good for heavy metal, all he wanted was fame, money and girls.
  2. Dj Ashba/bumblefoot Best Solos of Chinese Democracy Songs

    Bumblefoot and Dj were in the band for only one reason, to duplicate guitar solos from past members. Obviously, Bumblefoot was great on things that he wrote. I said that with Catcher In The Rye in mind. I'd say he successfully erased the memory of Buckethead on I.R.S. and If the World during the 2010 tour. In a honest way, Dj Ashba was relatively good on Street of Dreams, This I Love, Sorry, Better and CD. The 'hit' songs. But he has never outperformed Robin Finck. I put Slash in the same box and I don't even mention There Was A Time.
  3. Hell

    The guitarist is one of the best heavy metal producer around and is currently playing with Judas Priest.
  4. Rambo: Last Blood

    Why not making Rambo Vs The Terminator instead of making another sequel?
  5. Rammstein

    RAMMSTEIN officially kicked off their 2019 European tour Monday night (May 27) at Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
  6. Rammstein

  7. Terminator - Dark Fate

    that trailer gave me no reason to care. It looks ugly.
  8. Rammstein

    I thought Weit Weg was one of the strongest track. This new album is very dark yet very bright sounding!
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Joe diGenova: This is very serious business. For the first time I believe some of these guys are going to prison… Let me tell you something, Horowitz has already concluded that the final three FISAs were completely illegal. He’s now on the brink of finding that the first FISA was completely illegal. Durham has already used a grand jury in Connecticut. They’ve already gotten documents. He’s already talked to the intel people. Laura Ingraham: How long has this been going on? Joe diGenova: Durham’s been working for a couple months.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    2006 Biden and President Trump agree on immigration policy based on this video unearthed by CNN's KFile. "Now, I know I'm not supposed to say it that bluntly, but they're the facts, they're the facts," said Biden. "And so everything else we do is in between here. Everything else we do is at the margins. And the reason why I add that parenthetically, why I believe the fence is needed, does not have anything to do with immigration as much as drugs. And let me tell you something, folks, people are driving across that border with tons, tons, hear me, tons of everything from byproducts for methamphetamine to cocaine to heroin and it's all coming up through corrupt Mexico." He also called for a crackdown on companies which hire "illegals," saying: "I voted for a fence, I voted, unlike most Democrats — and some of you won't like it — I voted for 700 miles of fence," adding "But, let me tell you, we can build a fence 40 stories high, unless you change the dynamic in Mexico and — and you will not like this, and — punish American employers who knowingly violate the law when, in fact, they hire illegals. Unless you do those two things, all the rest is window dressing."
  11. St. Anger won a Grammy award.
  12. Tool performed two new songs last night with vocals!